Daytime Divas – Coma Bump

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By: Dustin Bradley

VH1’s “Daytime Divas” scored with another great episode last week. This week it got a little more dramatic with some crazy twists. And the seasons seems to be beginning to really heat up! Each week we will break down this show by the storylines that each “diva” faces. Let’s do this! We will start with the head honco…


Maxine Robinson


Maxine (Vanessa Williams) has made her grand return to “The Lunch Hour” after three days of calling the shots from home and trying to cause a train wreck for the other ladies. And boy did it help boost the ratings! So much so that the network president wants to capitalize on her coma and recovery and try to find a way to match the ratings from the past few days. There is even a moment where Mo (Tichina Arnold) switches come cue cards and causes Maxine to make a fool of herself by mixing up the questions for a guest, confusing her for Justin Timberlake.


The other big storyline this week was the spin of the truth about Maxine’s coma. After Mo threatens to take the truth to the internet and have the views turn against Maxine for lying about her “all- natural aging youthful look,” she decides to fix the situation by turning Mo’s snarky comments on air into a postive affirmation of not giving into the pressures of our sexist and ageist culture.


Also, fun surprise, it turns out she is hooking up with her doorman (played by the talented Norm Lewis)!


Mo Evans


Mo’s storyline took a step back this week. She mostly just did things to try and take down Maxine, which sadly still aren’t working. She convinced the network president to come supervise the show for a few days (just to get under Maxine’s skin), she tried blackmailing Maxine to her face and she has even started hooking up again with PA Leon (Niko Pepaj).


I’m hoping they give her more to do soon instead of catfight with Maxine because I actually like Mo and want to she her character do great things.


Nina Sandoval


Nina (Camille Guaty) is pregnant. And with Shawn’s (McKinley Freeman) baby. We know this because for the looks of her husband that we met this week, this seems to be some sort of arranged sham marriage to help both of their causes. So far I can only guess that the husband is gay and feels the need to have wife in order to make it in politics. We shall see what happens with them throughout the season.


Heather Flynn-Kellogg


We have learned a little bit more about Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) and her domestic abuse(?) this week. It turns out her husband does beat her, but it may not be his idea. Things seem strange to me because in moments Heather looks scared, but then there are moments like the end of the episode where it seems like this may not be what we have thought it was. I am hoping to get more definitive answers soon.


I also am very interested in the storyline about her transgender daughter. I would like to see it explored a little more. So far we know that Heather doesn’t seem to have a problem with it but her husband definitely does. I want to see how this plays out.


Kibby Ainsley


So , Kibby (Chloe Bridges) is still dealing with some major mama drama. It seems she has a little sister, Tandy (Cassady McClincy), who skips school and shows up at the studio asking for money on moms behalf because the lights are shut off. Kibby relents, but sets up a dinner with mommy dearest to try and talk some sense into her. She threatens to try and sue for custody, but mom is not having it claiming, “You can barely take care of yourself” and knows a drink over while Kibby starts to cry.


She also had some heartbreak. She found her girlfriend in bed with some guy. It causes her some distress so much so that she considers breaking her sobriety again before finding a quick AA meeting.


I really like Kibby and normally sobriety stories are a hit or miss with me, but I like this one. I’m hoping that she stays sober and we can find another interesting storyline for her.


I can’t wait to see what this week holds for us! Tune into “Daytime Divas” on VH1 Monday at 10pm/9c!

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