Daytime Divas – Shut It Down

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By: Dustin Bradley


VH1’s “Daytime Divas” aired a fantastic episode this week. The drama was through the roof and the storylines all took a nice turn. Mo (Tichina Arnold) was sadly absent this week, but I am sure that we haven’t seen the last of her! Each week we will break down this show by the storylines that each “diva” faces. Let’s do this! We will start with the head honco…


Maxine Robinson


Maxine (Vanessa Williams) is still on a warpath to destroy Anna (Kristen Johnson) and the writing of a tell-all about her. She managed to destroy Anna’s interview with SIA twice by playing some sneaky (and totally unrealistic that you’d think the things Maxine does would be harder to actually get away with) games, like stealing her backstage passes (and getting Leon [Niko Pepaj] to scalp them) and then switching up the address for the second interview. She even goes as far as meeting with the editor of the magazine/newspaper that she works for and convincing him that she is a problem.


Anna doesn’t see this as a big problem seeing as how that just means that she can blackmail Maxine into making her a co-host, giving her the perfect opportunity to get all the juicy tidbits and eventually expose Maxine for all of her wrongdoings including whatever happened to her late husband. In fact, we have a feeling that both her and her new man/doorman William (Norm Lewis) is involved with.


Speaking of the late Ted, we finally catch a glimpse of him this week. We are subjected to multiple flashbacks including the night he dies where it seems they got into a fight while he was in a drunken rage.


Heather Flynn-Kellog


Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) has an identity crisis related to the new guest co-host, Portia Camden (Tasha Smith). Portia is a lesbian, democratic, lifestyle guru that is the total opposite of Heather. And yet Portia shows Heather kindness and helps her start to stick up for herself.


So, things only get awkward and complicated when Heather starts to fantasize kissing her. And it’s only after having a talk with her pastor (who everyone thinks is super hot and is) does he help her realize that she isn’t in denial about her sexuality. She’s just in need of attention since her husband doesn’t give her any. Oh and he kisses her…like in reality.


Nina Sandoval


Nina (Camille Guaty) is pregnant and it is starting to show. She has a hiccup and faltatuence attack live on “The Lunch Hour” and after having some stomach issues she finally comes clean to the other co-hosts that she is pregnant. Maxine makes a joke that she can’t wait to exploit this for ratings. Too bad it may be because it seems that Shawn (McKinley Freeman) may have beat her to the punch, literally. I say that because he quite literally punches Nina’s husband Andrew (Ness Bautista) in the face at Heather’s party after he finds out that not only does Andrew know that Shawn is the father, but he intends to make sure that Nina stays with him. It’s then that the crowd gets out their phones and start recording. So, Maxine you may not get those ratings after all.


Kibby Ainsley


Kibby (Chloe Bridges) came face to face with one of her former co-stars who has been making a splash in the media talking crap about her. It seems Maddie Finn (Debby Ryan) is out to get Kibby. Playing all nice off-camera and flashing a fake apology only to completely try to make the audience of TLH and the world turn against Kibby because of the “PTSD” she gave her. It seems like Maddie may also blame Kibby for not being as famous as her seeing as how her spin-off got cancelled. We also learn (or what I suspect) that Kibby’s mom may have been sleeping with the producers all those years ago to keep her daughter in a job and relevant.


Kibby also still has some tension between her and sober coach, Julian (Scott Evans). Knowing this show I’m sure they will cross some very inappropriate patient-coach boundaries soon.


As I mentioned earlier, Mo was gone this week which made me sad because I really look forward to her comedy each week. Join us for a new episode to catch some CRAZY drama when “Daytime Divas” airs on VH1 on Monday at 10/9c!

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