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By: Dustin Bradley


VH1’s “Daytime Divas” aired a nice episode this week. The drama was mainly relationships and the comedy was lacking, but it was still very enjoyable. We missed out on two comedy powerhouses, Mo (Tichina Arnold) and Anna (Kristen Johnson), this week. I need them back soon! Each week we break down this show by the storylines that each “diva” faces. Let’s do this! We will start with the head honco…

Maxine Robinson

Maxine (Vanessa Williams) seems to be showing her heart this week. She begins with Shawn (McKinley Freeman) and Nina (Camille Guaty) after their ultrasound, then to Kibby (Chloe Bridges) later on and finally to William (Norm Lewis).

After last week revealed that William knew Shawn’s secret, Maxine is very upset with him. So much so that she accepts new guest co-hosts, Cecile James’ (Eve) proposal to set her up on a date. Maxine does it to make William jealous, but none of the girls know that because none of the girls know that this relationship even exists. I need other people to find out about these two because it actually makes Maxine relatable and enjoyable, even if she might be or had been involved in the murder and cover-up of her late husband. More on that later.

So, Maxine goes on a dinner date with a very handsome man (Richard T. Jones) and they look to be hitting it off right away. Maxine is surprised that she can have fun with him, but he isnt William. After an uncomfortable limo ride at the end of the episode, I’m sure she will have broken it off with him immediately.

Maxine and/or Willam may be murderers or at least accomplices to the murder of Maxine’s ex. We missed out on Anna this week, but we didn’t miss Detective Stagliano (Jason Davis) whom Ana introduced to us last week. He seems to think that there maybe more evidence to find. So, buckle up for this continued mystery.

Kibby Ainsley

Kibby is “one year sober.” Except for the fact that she relapsed in the pilot. She’s having a lot of trouble with this because it has been a secret for the past month. Regardless, sober coach/hottie Julian (Scott Evans) persuades her to have a dry sober celebration party. Oh boy is it a mess. The catering is all over the place (so Heather takes over naturally), the line for the bathroom is so long that Cecile loses her spot in line three times because of the fellow girls and their naggy questions and Nina just wants a damn slider (mini hamburger).

Kibby starts to realize this episode that she may have feelings for Julian (Can you say CALLED IT?). And after drunk Heather (Fiona Gubelmann)  tries to hook-up with Julian, Kibby finally decides it time to tell him. It didn’t go as I expected it to go at all. Julian is a professional and turns her down even if he has feelings for her, too. He decides to quit. Although I doubt this is the last we see of him.

We got a beautiful moment between Max and Kibby where Kibby reveals her slip up and Maxine is understanding and tells her that as long as she continues her sobriety then it’s okay to have a “freelapse.” I like seeing the relationship between these two women. I like that Maxine genuinely cares about Kibby.

Nina Sandoval

Nina and Shawn are having major issues this week. After last week’s bombshell that she stole her Pulitzer Prize winning story, Shawn is having a hard time trusting her after this. And right when he puts it behind him, Nina has the audacity to ask him if he is gonna keep her secret. Shawn finally calls it quits. Get ready for relationship drama galore between these two.

Heather Flynn-Kellogg

Heather was a hot mess this episode. Apparently Brad (Rich McDonald) thinks it’s alright to go out with his new model girlfriend and when it ends up in the tabloids Heather is devastated because he skips couples therapy and continues to do so. Have they even announced their separation to the press? I don’t remember hearing that they did.

Like I said, she was a hot mess at Kibby’s sober party. It’s a sober party and she got wine drunk and tried to go down on Julian. Fun night. I see tension in the future between her and Kibby.



Join us next episode where Janet Mock, famed Trans activist, guest stars! It might be time for Heather and her child to get more coverage! Join us for a new episode to catch some CRAZY drama when “Daytime Divas” airs on VH1 on Monday at 10/9c!

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