Dead of Summer – The Devil Inside

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By: Yana Grebenyuk


The episode starts out with a flashback to Chicago in 1988. Jessie (Paulina Singer) is walking alone, reading to herself when she walks into a party. Her mother invited people over and she’s smoking weed, which upsets Jessie. She goes off to read on the stairs, where her mother finds her. They talk about how she has an interview for college and how excited her mother is for her. She then tells Jessie that she should relax for the night, pulling her back to their apartment where the party is still happening.


Present Day has Jessie talking to her mother, who brings up her court date. Amy (Elizabeth Lail) walks in and interrupts, which gives Jessie an out of having to talk to her mother. Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell) is outside talking to the other counsellors where she shares that she is closing camp. They have two days before the press finds out what happened so Deb wants to protect the kids. They have one day to gather everything and leave camp. Amy makes a little speech after about how their last day deserves to be special, instead of them just dwelling on all the bad that happened there.


As Jessie is walking near the lake, Amy catches up to her because she wants to thank her. The two girls talk about Garrett (Alberto Frezza), with Amy pointing out that Jessie cares for him and should do something before it’s too late. Suddenly, the moon passes over the sun and Jessie starts to hallucinate that she is alone at the lake but it’s even darker. Cricket (Amber Coney) appears behind her telling her not to turn because the creature is coming out of the lake. She reveals to Jessie that it’s not over, it’s only the beginning. The only way to end this would be for Jessie to bury Holyoke’s (Tony Todd) bones in the lake by sundown or else. Only she can do this, which is the last thing Jessie hears from Cricket before the eclipse ends. The moon starts to shift back and Jessie is back, without anyone noticing that she hallucinated.


Amy and Jessie are playing a game in the woods with the campers, with Amy blindfolding Jessie and saying she has to try to catch someone. She starts to hallucinate voices, which Amy notices and asks what’s wrong. Jessie doesn’t want to say and Amy promises her that she can be trusted. Jessie believes her and shares what Cricket told her in her hallucination about burying the bones. Amy doesn’t buy it, advising Jessie not to believe either because it very well could be Holyoke tricking her into doing something he wants instead.


Flashback to Jessie practicing for her interview when her mom walks in wearing a dress that she says is a gift for her. Jessie gets ready for work, asking her mother not to forget that she has to drive her to her interview the next morning. Her mother promises to be ready to take her earlier than necessary.


Amy walks into the tennis courts where Alex (Ronen Rubinstein) tells her that not all her memories have to be bad. He leaves and Amy shares with Joel (Eli Goree) what Jessie told her. She also tells him that the Tall Man must be tricking Jessie and that he should watch her to make sure she doesn’t do something she regrets.


Meanwhile, Jessie and Garrett are talking about what he did. He confides in her that the Sheriff may not have killed Cricket and Dave. He only killed him because he thought it was the end, but that may not be true. He also mentions that there shouldn’t have been an eclipse. According to his father’s notes, an eclipse signals a demon being born. This could mean that the demon found its vessel in Amy, so to end this they need to kill the vessel. Jessie says there has to be another way because killing Amy isn’t an option.


There’s a flashback to Jessie waiting for her mother to take her to the interview the next morning. Not only is her mother late, she doesn’t show up at all. Jessie rushes to get to the college herself and begs the interviewer for ten minutes, which he gives her.


Jessie tells Garrett what she found out about burying the bones, asking him to trust her. Garrett reveals that they found the skeleton in Damon’s car so it will be taken in with the bodies in the cave. Deb interrupts them, asking if everything okay. Garrett just brushes her off, telling her that he is just checking in on the camp. Deb shares that there was an eclipse in 1970 as well, which is making her remember things that she forgot or maybe didn’t want to think about. After she leaves, Garrett and Jessie plan for her to go to the morgue and take the skeleton back to camp while he creates a distraction.


Joel is looking for something when Alex finds him. Alex sees that Joel stole some gasoline and confronts him about it to which Joel answers that they have to end this. Joel thinks that they can stop him by burning his cabin because that’s where they first all saw him. Otherwise, he could follow them home like he did to Joel’s brother. Alex thinks it’s crazy so Joel tells him to stay out of the way. Joel goes to the cabin, throwing gasoline on it when he asks if the Tall Man has anything to say. The door opens and he goes in, only to get locked in there. It looks like someone is trying to show him something when a book falls and opens to a specific page.


Jessie walks into the morgue to try to find the skeleton. When she finds it, she collects the remains into the bag only to hallucinate again. Damon (Andrew J. West) shows up behind her and tries to tell her something, but Jessie remembers Amy’s words about it not being real. She manages to get away before it gets worse.


Joel finds Jessie and tells her not to do it. He shares that the Tall Man wants to awaken the monster with his bones. Jessie says that the monster might already by alive in the vessel (a/k/a/ Amy). Joel doesn’t want to buy it so he plans a way to test it with Garrett and Jessie. They bring her into the cabin and mention the demon’s name then offer her a cross. That combination has to bring the demon out, but nothing happens and that’s when Alex bursts in angry that they would do this. He tells Amy that they don’t trust her, which causes Amy to leave upset with Deb watching from outside.


Jessie is back at the lake when she hallucinates Cricket again. Cricket says that the demon wants them to think it’s a trick, which makes Jessie ask if she is the actual trick. Cricket denies that and tells her not to look back when the demon emerges from the lake again. This time around Jessie doesn’t listen and sees the demon, with Cricket telling her that that’s what’s coming if she doesn’t bury the bones in the lake by sundown.


Flashback to Jessie coming home where her mother apologizes for not being there. Jessie says that if she stays on track, she will go to her dream school according to the interview. Her mother is very excited by the news and says they have to go out to celebrate.


Jessie is sitting by the lake when Drew (Zelda Williams) shows up, asking what’s in the bag. Drew says he can be trusted, but Jessie thinks she can’t trust anyone. Drew says he felt the same way until Jessie, she has to listen to herself and she will know what to do.


Alex is walking alone in the forest when Amy shows up to thank him for sticking up for her. Amy asks if Alex’s offer to explore is still on the table, which Alex agrees to. Deb confronts them, saying that the eclipse unlocked something and she thinks this must have happened in 1970 as well. Amy says she wants to pick which memories to have so she is going to Eagle Creek with Alex.


Jessie runs to throw the bones into the lake, with Joel trying to stop her but failing. The bones going into the lake makes Jessie and Joel go back in time. They see the night when the Tall Man was arrested. He tells the group of people to step forward, but not to enter, which they end up doing anyway. A man in a mask shows up behind Holyoke, telling him that when the people show up he will be the one to blame. That’s when other people in masks emerge from the lake into the campground. Jessie makes Joel see the memory through with her. They walk through camp into the cabin, which is what we saw in the pilot of the show.


Holyoke is playing the piano, but he turns around to talk to them. He explains that he had no choice but to show them what actually happened because they don’t know what they think they know. He tells them they have to work together.  He wants to save Amy, not kill her. In order for this to happen they have to make sure Amy is unharmed and they have to bring her to him. That’s when they are brought back to the present where they share what they know with Garrett.


Garrett doesn’t want to believe it, which is when Deb arrives to find out what’s going. She says she wants to help, sharing that Amy is at Eagle Creek with Alex. Garrett sees that that’s the place marked on the map, meaning someone might die there if they don’t make it in time. Meanwhile, Amy and Alex are at the creek when she starts kissing him. They are making out when Amy drops a knife, without Alex having a clue.


Flashback to Jessie and her mother going home after being in a club. Her mother reveals that she never thought Jessie would make it to college. They fight because her mother doesn’t want Jessie to leave her even though she pretended to be happy for her before. Her mother gets behind the wheel, even though she is drunk, to take them home. They get in a car accident and when the police show up Jessie’s mother makes them switch seats. Her mother has two priors so she can’t get arrested again, forcing Jessie to take the blame for what happened.


The group confronts Amy, who pulls out a knife against Alex’s throat. Joel talks her out of it and she is back to her old self. At least that’s what they think until she stabs Joel in the neck. Amy taunts them so Garrett shoots her, but she gets right back up. Just as she’s about to attack them, the Tall Man grabs her into his cabin.  Deb goes to look after the kids while Alex, Garrett and Jessie go into the cabin where Holyoke tells them, ”Let’s begin.”


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