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Q) Where do we pick up in season two of “Devious Maids” with Valentina?

A) We left off with her leaving to go to Africa after Remi in a dramatic way. Zoila made Remi leave without her. So, Valentina leaves on bad terms with Zoila. When Valentina returns from Africa, Zoila keeps trying to control her. It becomes a big problem in Zoila’s life. Valentina becomes a little more independent and decides she doesn’t want to be working with her mom anymore. She wants to lead her own life so she gets another job at another home. She still needs to save up money to go to fashion school, which is her ultimate goal. She gets a job at a new house and because of this she is surrounded by new people. With this, there is going to be a new boy in Valentina’s life and there is going to be a love triangle, which I’m excited about.

Q) Will we get to see Valentina working in the world of fashion at all this season?

A) I’m not sure how the season will end because we don’t get all the scripts in advance. As of right now, it takes a back burner when she decides to follow Remi to Africa (unfortunately, because I’d love to see that happen for the fashion side of her life). She has to wait on her dream. When we come back, too, we see that she has a little bit of a change of heart on that situation and starts prioritizing. She is no longer putting it on the back burner. It’s what she wants to do, but she needs a little bit more money. Unfortunately, we don’t see her yet meeting people in the fashion industry, going to any events or starting school. I don’t know if by the end of the season if we’ll see it or not, but I really hope that sooner or later we get to see that because it would be a really cool thing for Valentina.

Q) Why do you think the show feels like a guilty pleasure to so many viewers?

A) It’s kind of like a soap opera and they have addictive things to it that even guys who say they won’t watch it end up watching it with their girlfriends or their wives. I think there is something for everyone in it. I think people can relate to one or another character. There are different dreams and there is so many juicy things packed into each episode. All the characters are different from one another and there are hilarious and inappropriate one liners. It’s kind of a mystery and a comedy. At the end of each episode, you always want more. It leaves you hanging and you really want to come back.

Q) What was it like for you filming the “Talk Dirty” promo campaign with Jason Derulo?

A) It’s actually been really, really fun. I, personally, really like Jason Derulo. I’ve been a fan of Jason for years. I actually got to meet him last year when I was doing “Access Hollywood” in Los Angeles. He happened to be the other celebrity invited and I was freaking out, “Oh my God! Jason Derulo is here!” So, I met him then and then I did a cover for Jezebel Magazine in Atlanta and it happened to be that they had a party for the issue and the singer they had performing was Jason Derulo. I got to hang out with him again. When we were told that he was going to be the artist for our promo, I was so excited! Everyone reacted in a great, positive way. A makeup artist was recently telling me that she saw the “Devious Maids” video for “Talk Dirty” and she loved the song so much that it made her remember she needed to download the song and set her DVR for the show. A lot of people are really reacting to it. I think it has a perfect beat that is catchy and everyone loves. It is catching more people’s attention than last year. Last year we had Lady Gaga and it wasn’t as catchy as this one.

Q) You mentioned a new romantic interest for Valentina. Will fans find themselves rooting for one guy over another?

A) We’ve been tweeting some pictures behind the scenes. Some people have already seen what is going to happen and a lot of people are concerned about what is going to happen with Remi and Valentina. Remi and Valentina shippers are called “Vemi” and people have already been tweeting me, “What’s going to happen to Vemi?” As of right now, people haven’t met the new character so nobody really relates to him yet. I think once people start watching and once the episodes get going, I think it will be difficult to try to take sides because I think if the viewers relate to Valentina’s story than maybe they’ll understand where she is coming from with her choices. Then, there is the fact that the new boy is actually so sweet to her. This guy treats her like a princess and is not really playing with her feelings. So, there is no real reason for anyone to not like him in terms of how he treats her. But maybe there is more than meets the eye. There are going to have to be teams. The new character is named Ethan so there is going to have to be Team Ethan and Team Remi. We’ll see what happens.

Q) You have such great chemistry with Drew Van Acker. Is that something that has developed throughout the seasons?

A) It naturally definitely was a good chemistry. From the beginning, we got along. It was just normal for us though to work together. You’re Remi and Valentina so we have to make this work. We became friends once the show got picked up and we started filming in Atlanta. We all bonded because we were not in LA. We had so much time to hang out with the cast. We have fun working together and it’s really easy for us to have that chemistry on screen. It’s also really good with Colin Woodall who plays Ethan. He’s really fun. I think I’m sure the chemistry will be there with both of them and hopefully it will be hard for the fans to pick sides. I hope it will be a tough time picking one over the other.

Q) Since Valentina is a fashionista. What are some quick fashion tips you can share with fans?

A) I am not as much as fashionista as Valentina. It’s her life and she even knows how to draw and design. I’m not on that side of that. It’s more about “I like this and I’m going to put this together.” For me, a tip that I would give is to have that one piece that makes you feel really comfortable and that you feel good in. For me, it would be something like a good pair of leggings or skinny jeans that match pretty much anything whether it is a dark or light top. You can then wear that with flats, Converse, booties or heels and then you can change the look by putting a more formal top or casual top. Then, you have that one piece that you know is always going to be comfortable and you can multi-style it for a day time or evening look.

Q) The show has quite a fanbase online. How are you enjoying getting that instant feedback after shows?

A) I am actually loving it, mainly because the feedback is so positive. It’s not like we get all these hate tweets that it’s horrible and I don’t even know how to open Twitter! Everyone who tweets us is into the show, wants to see more and can’t wait to see more. It just feels good to see that people are loving the show and I am having a blast hearing from people all over the world tell me, “They are showing it now in Israel! They are showing it now in Norway!” Or they are saying, “I can’t wait for it to be shown in my country! Finally, it’s going to be shown in my country!” It’s extremely fun and almost unbelievable that it is being shown world wide. I feel like it’s a little bit of a mind blowing situation for me because first I’m apart of the show and then it’s not only here in the US, but it is everywhere! It’s huge!

Q) Is there anything else you would like to share with fans about Valentina this season?

A) I’m really excited for Valentina because I feel like she is growing up more as a person, learning who she is and trying to be more independent. I like that a lot. She’s open to exploring things and maybe a different guy. She’s been in love with Remi since she was really young. She’s trying to branch out and just live life. I kind of like to support that. Sometimes people don’t like to see characters move on. Sometimes they like them to stick to one thing and be that person forever. I think it’s awesome when we see a character trying new things, explore things, maybe make mistakes and do things that we may not necessarily like. It what makes the show good and the character more believable and alive. I think Valentina is doing that a lot more this season. And we’ll see her have moments where she is happy and sad, but no matter what there is always going to be that love for her mom. She’ll go back to Zoila, tell her she loves her and ask her for advice. No matter how wild she can get, she will always be a sweet, down to Earth girl and that’s why I’m having so much fun playing her. 

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