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Efren Ramirez – Day Dream Believer

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Q) Are there any current projects that you are working on or will be working on?

A) The last project I finished was Mr. And Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It was just amazing to work with them; come on you can’t beat Angelina Jolie. I play Jose Martinez and I guess I am the comedy relief. My next movie is with Burt Reynolds.

Q) How did you originally become involved in the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

A) Through casting, I was reading for the Alamo and I got a call back for both projects. I know The Alamo would be a butt-load of money and it would have been amazing, but I asked my father what I should do. He said, “Follow your heart,” and it turned out that in the script for Napoleon Dynamite there was a line that said, “Follow your heart, Pedro.” Napoleon Dynamite was just a small project because it was an independent film, but I didn’t care because I didn’t care how much they paid me because I wanted to do this. I just blew up into something amazing and enormous.

Q) What was it like getting to work with such a great cast?

A) I don’t even know where to begin! When you work on an independent project with such a great cast they became family. Once we’d go off the set and go to one of the producer’s house and play basketball or have dinner together. Those are the moments you want to cherish.

Q) With all of the hilarious aspects to the movie, how did you keep a straight face during the filming?

A) I have no idea! You do the work. There are some moments when you couldn’t help, but laugh; like the piñata scene. It was really funny. There was one moment when I forgot my lines because it was too funny with the whole Summer Wheatly thing going on.

Q) Did you have any idea that the movie would become such a success?

A) No, never. You go and you do your job and then when you’re done working on the set you go, “good luck.” Whatever happens let the chips fall where they may.

Q) What is your most memorable moment from filming Napoleon Dynamite?

A) I don’t know. There was a kickball moment, which I think was one of the funniest moments. I think the scene was taken out, but if you get the DVD you can see it. The entirety of the film, just any scene was great.

Q) Pedro baked a cake to get a girl to like him, when you’re interested in a girl what do you do to let her know?

A) I’d build her a cake. I think it is more creative when you do something from your heart. I’d sneak into her house and go to her room and decorate with a bunch of flowers.

Q) Pedro wasn’t too popular in high school, what were you like?

A) I was the guy who sat in the back, wore all black and wrote poetry and read poetry. I was very quiet and shy, except when I would go on stage. On stage I’d be pretty different. When I was in high school, I went to an all guys’ school. To do theater, I had to go to an all girls’ school and I was like, “What? I’m there!” It was a hobby before it became a profession.

Q) You used the money you earned from Napoleon Dynomite to buy your mother a house. Why was this so important to you?

A) I think family is important. I think it’s really important to care about your family and understand your family because it’s a part of understanding yourself.

Q) You started working in theater in elementary school. Do you think starting to act early is beneficial to an actor’s career?

A) I think it is beneficial to anybody. I had four brothers and my mom put us in theater in elementary school because she wanted to get rid of us. We were destroying the house and getting pretty crazy, but once we got into theater you just had to be creative. It’s such a wonderful thing. I’d advise any parent to let their kids be in theater, go into martial arts or go to museums; any thing to do with the arts is a wonderful thing for any person.

Q) You create music for Nocturnal Rampage. What kind of music is your favorite to create?

A) We have a few CDs and we’re working on our third album right now. Our first CD was more of house music, trance and techno. The second album became more movie underscoring and we actually scored a film. It became more eclectic.

Q) What was the idea behind Nocturnal Rampage and how was it established?

A) It was my partner and I, we’ve been friends for years. We were thinking about cars, nighttime and something rambunctious and came up with nocturnal. Somehow we put it together and formed Nocturnal Rampage. Since then, we’ve been the opening act and closing act and then we became the main act.

Q) Since you are a devoted music fan, what are some artists that really rock you?

A) I am getting into Depeche Mode and Bjork. I guess Fatboy Slim; I love his work. The Postal Service, my friends just introduced me to them and I love Radiohead.

Q) You are a fan of raves. What is it about them that you enjoy so much?

A) No one judges you. You go to a rave and everyone goes there to have a good time. It’s strange because raves can start at 9 o’clock and end at 8 o’ clock in the morning. At 5 o’clock there are about 700 people are jumping up and down to the music. People go there for the music, the vibe and the energy and I think that’s incredible. People use it as an outlet.

Q) What do you do in your spare time?

A) I am reading plays, going to school and reading books. I like to write and I am writing a screenplay right now. I’m finishing up my third album called “Influence.”

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) Follow your heart. If you follow your heart, all of your wildest dreams will come true. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

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