Famous in Love – Prelude to a Diss

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By: Nicole Dintelman


Being an actress is hard y’all.


Last week on “Famous in Love” Paige (Bella Thorne) was trying to gain her footing and juggle college and the movie. When her parents were in town she promised her dad that she would continue to go to school while she filmed Locked, but so far it was proving to be more difficult than she ever thought. Paige managed to alienate Jake (Charlie DePew) even more after their kiss by not telling him when Alexis (Niki Koss) called so now he’s off in the desert somewhere working on his script and Cassie (Georgie Flores) is still working for a topless maid service.


Paige also got a little closer to Rainer (Carter Jenkins) while Jordan (Keith Powers) and Tangey (Pepi Sonuga) grew a little further apart. If you remember, we learned that Jordan is quite the player. Not only did he hook up with Rainer’s girlfriend Tangey in Chicago, but he’s also sleeping with Rainer’s mom Nina (Perrey Reeves), behind Rainer’s back. Jordan was being blackmailed by a woman named Brandy (Tanjareen Thomas), who turned out to be his mom, and Nina planted drugs in a bag of money she used to pay her and had her arrested! Finally, Alexis snuck off to the desert with Jake and we’re betting when Paige finds out she’s not going to be very happy.


Whew, do you feel caught up? We hope so! Let’s see what trouble our crew managed to get themselves into this week!


First day jitters.


It’s the first day of shooting and Paige is up with the chickens ready to work! She’s made breakfast for Cassie and even gets her first swag bag delivered to her door. It’s a beautiful bracelet with three diamonds. Cassie informs Paige that it is, in fact, the same bracelet that Beyonce gave Solange the day after the infamous elevator incident! Paige immediately gives the bracelet to Cassie and at first Cassie doesn’t want to accept it. Paige tells her that if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t have gone to the audition in the first place so she insists that she take it. Cassie originally was going to spend the day on set but tells Paige that she can’t go, after all, she has to “work.” Paige is disappointed, but jets off to set for her first day as August.


Jordan sticks to tradition and picks up Rainer for their first day. He always picks him up to give him a ride on their first day of any production. Paige is greeted by the set PA Adam (Tom Maden) when she arrives and he shows her around, which makes her head spin. Wyatt (Jason Antoon) makes the mistake of telling Paige that there are 281 people on the crew of the movie and its budget is over 200 million dollars, adding to her already worried brain. Paige calls Cassie who talks her off the ledge…for now.


Paige is the best person to play August…Right?


Jordan heads to Tangey’s recording studio to let her know that what happened in Chicago can’t ever happen again. He tells her that his friendship with Rainer comes first and their friendship is finally back on track. What’s the saying? Bro’s before, well you can finish it. Meanwhile, back at the Locked, set Paige is in hair and makeup and Rainer comes in with a gift for her. It’s a necklace with her first initial. Rainer tells her he thought she could wear it on their first date. Paige tells him that she can’t accept the gift and here comes Adam just in time to save her from further awkwardness.


Once Paige gets on set she learns that Alexis has called in sick and she’s now doing a scene with Jordan instead of the one she rehearsed for. They do a run through twice and Paige forgets the lines twice before Wyatt asks her what’s going on. She lets him know that she didn’t rehearse the lines for this scene and if she could just have a few minutes, even ten, that would be great. Wyatt was not a happy camper. Paige is brand new to the business so she didn’t know that when she gets to the set she should be looking for a new call sheet.

Mother knows best.


Tangey’s mother, Ida Turner (Vanessa Williams), is a full on momager. She’s overbearing and Tangey really can’t get a word in edgewise. Tangey is doing another spot on Conan and really wants to try out new music she’s been working on but Ida is not a fan of the idea and tells Tangey that she’s absolutely not going on National TV to perform new material. She also tells her to stay away from Jordan. Ida says that he’s trouble and she’s still trying to clean up the mess he left behind from their last encounter together. Poor Tangey, she just can’t seem to win.


Paige again calls Cassie after being yelled at by Wyatt on set. She wants to FaceTime with Cassie but Cassie tells her that it’s not working inside the “library.” Cassie is really topless in some rando’s house. It’s a client that Brody (Jason-Shane Scott) set her up with. We can already tell this client is a complete weirdo because he wants her to put on a French maid’s costume to clean and he confirms it when he drops his pants and offers her more money for some “extra services.” Cassie tells him that those are not services that she provides, but then thinks fast on her feet and notices the hot tub outside. She gets him to strip and go outside. Then. she locks him out of the house! Next, Cassie finishes her cleaning before leaving.

The next letter in line.


Rainer has a habit of giving all his girlfriends a necklace with their first initial on it. We guess that’s why Paige didn’t automatically accept his invitation for a date. Paige tells Cassie that Rainer asked her out and she turned him down simply because of this reason, but we’re thinking there may be more to this story. Tangey reports to set for a wardrobe fitting and runs into Rainer, which may have been awkward but Rainer has put all of their drama behind them. However, Tangey is upset because Jordan doesn’t want to go out with her because of Rainer.


Tangey runs into Jordan at craft services and again tells him that she wants to be more than friends, but he’s not willing to risk his friendship with Rainer. Paige is once again on set ready to do a scene when she gets a text alert for a cast member. It’s for Alexis and it’s the alert to tell her that she’s in Palm Springs with Jake. Not only did this upset Paige, but it also upset Wyatt who has a thing for Alexis. It also totally threw Paige off her game who had to act with a tennis ball on a stick. It sounds perfectly easy, but it wasn’t anything but for Paige.

Don’t piss off the director.


On her first day, Paige managed to forget her lines, set back production and run the film $25,000 over budget. Wyatt told Paige that if she doesn’t show up on the second day and deliver that she doesn’t need to come back. Paige receives a call from Nina once she’s gone home for the day and is told basically the same thing before Nina hangs up on her. Paige is heartbroken but she really needs to get it together before she loses everything she’s ever wanted.


On day two, Rainer surprises Jordan by telling him that if there is something between him and Tangey he should definitely go for it. Cassie is able to make day two and is in awe by Paige’s trailer. Cassie has also decided to start a Twitter war with Alexis since she’s decided to skip out on the movie and cause Paige problems at work. Suddenly, Cassie gets an urgent text from the University that she has to pay her tuition immediately or she will be dropped from her courses.

It’s time to deliver.


Paige decides that she has to get the Jake/Alexis thing out of her head so she can focus on the movie. She also has to put Rainer on the back burner because she can’t have any distractions, which she tells him when he comes to see her. Ida makes it back for Tangey’s spot on Conan and is being as overbearing as ever. Tangey shocks her mom and everyone else when she takes off her coat to reveal a fringed top, puts on a cowgirl hat, and sings a country song. Ida was not happy and she let Tangey know. Ida told Tangey that her experiment was over but Tangey told her they were doing things her way and she was fired.


Cassie pawned the bracelet Paige gave her for her tuition then headed back to set to watch Paige. Jordan saw Tangey’s spot on Conan and realized that the song was about their night together. He started to text her, but someone came in and he thought it might be Nina so he never sent the text. Cassie and Alexis were in a full on war on Twitter when Alexis Tweeted a picture of herself and Jake going to the beach. Cassie showed Paige and Paige said she couldn’t see anymore. She had to get her head in the game! She has to separate work and her personal life. That’s our girl, they cast you for a reason, Paige. Show them how it’s done!

It’s called acting.


Wyatt told Paige she had to deliver and that’s exactly what she did. Her scene was with Rainer and when the two of them are together it’s pure magic. They had to yell cut twice to get the two of them to stop kissing. Cassie even noticed that there were sparks and told Paige that she needed to pursue things with Rainer. Paige noticed that Cassie was not wearing the bracelet and Cassie told her she took it to be sized.


Rainer asked Paige if she felt what he felt when they kissed. She asked him what he felt and he said the chemistry and she told him that she was acting. Paige then told him that the day before she did a really moving scene with a tennis ball and she couldn’t wait for him to see it. Paige is definitely playing hard to get, but how long is a guy like Rainer going to wait for her? We’re guessing he can have any girl he wants so she had better make up her mind, and soon!
Join us next week for episode Some Like it Not to see what drama unfolds for Paige and the cast of “Famous in Love.”

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