Famous In Love: Top 10 Season One Moments

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By: Ashlee Dell’Arciprete

Freeform’s “Famous in Love” has been our new #1 go-to binge series. For those of you that have never seen it, the show centers on Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne), your average everyday college student, who gets the female leading role in a new book-to screen movie called with a devoted fan base. Think normal college girl meets The Hunger Games franchise. Paige auditioned for the role in the movie Locked through an open casting call and was picked out of ten thousand other girls. Paige’s life completely changes and she has spent the majority of the first season thus far trying to balance her new life while still keeping true to her old one and her friends, all while also being a student in college. It’s definitely a lot for one girl to handle and Paige finds many times that it’s not easy.


In just ten episodes, we were introduced to a diverse set of characters that each grew individually in just a short time. There were hookups, heartaches and new beginnings. In honor of the first season coming to an end, we took a look at the top ten moments so far that shocked us, made us cry and/or gave us heart eyes emoji’s:


When we found out about Jordan and Rainer’s mom

The first episode started with a bang with the drama between Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers) and Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins) after Rainer’s then girlfriend, Tangey Turner (Pepi Sonuga), cheated on him with Jordan. It was a total shock at the end of the Pilot to see Jordan arrive on a motorcycle to see who turned out to be Rainer’s MOM, Nina Devon (Perrey Reeves). Nina and Jordan have apparently been involved for years, but he’s around the same age as her son. But love is love I guess? And somehow, Rainer never even found out they were a thing. Barrett Hopper (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) threatened to expose their relationship towards the end of the season however, given the cliffhanger they may be safe after all.


Paige and Jake find out about Cassie’s ‘extracurricular activities’

Paige’s best friend, Cassie Perkins (Georgie Flores), is also a student at CMU and was unfortunately not given a role during the open casting call auditions for Locked. Paige struggles financially and is too proud to ask for help. Instead, she has been moonlighting as a topless maid and has been cleaning people’s houses – yikes. Eventually, Paige and Jake (Charlie DePew) find out and that’s when it gets super awkward. We wish she would have asked for help and could have avoided what she went through.


Jake and Paige kiss

What can a show be without a love triangle, right? Paige and Jake have been best friends for years and made up two of the three-amigos. In the Pilot, Paige and Jake realize they have some sort of feelings for one another and finally kiss and “rip the tags off. Unfortunately, it did not last long and Jake took a back seat as Paige started working on the movie with Rainer. We love the chemistry between them, but are very torn between Paige and Rainer or Paige and Jake.


The Ups and Downs of “Raige”
From the beginning of the season, we always felt a strong connection between Paige and Rainer (a/k/a “Raige). He was part of the reason behind her getting the part because they had instant chemistry on screen that seamlessly translated to off-screen. For the majority of the season it seemed as though Rainer was always vining for Paige and she wasn’t as eager to reciprocate. Slowly but surely, Paige seemed to have admitted her feelings about him to herself and we’re here for it.


Rainer throws Paige a surprise party

In Episode 5, Some Like it Not, Rainer tries to do something special for Paige’s 21st birthday. After all the chemistry they share, Paige has still not given into Rainer’s efforts to impress her. She even turned down a date offer from him. He tries to finally win her over by planning a big surprise party at his place with help from Cassie. Paige thinks she’s going to Rainer’s to work on their scene but, in fact, he has it all planned out. He tells he he’s going to give her a tour of his place and turns the light on and out pops a ton of people. Everyone at the party sings “Happy Birthday” to her and there’s even champagne and a huge 3-tiered cake. It was so sweet of Rainer to make her 21st birthday memorable.


Alan figures out he’s Rainer’s father

Alan Mills (Shawn Christian) is a hot-shot Hollywood film executive and Nina Devon’s new boss. Alan suspected he was Rainer’s dad and has been slowly putting the pieces together throughout the season. In Episode 8, Crazy Scripted Love, Alan even has one of Rainer’s hairbrushes DNA tested which confirmed that Rainer was his son. Nina finally admits to it when he shows up at her house and Alan demands that she tells Rainer herself or he will. He wants to be part of Rainer’s life now, but is it too late?


Rainer goes off the tracks

We discover from Episode 1 that Rainer has a history of a drinking problem. He spent time in rehab with Alexis Glenn (Niki Koss) and has been sober for over a year since. Rainer puts the pieces together that confirmed the suspicion he has had for a large portion of the season – that Alan is his father. Just like Rainer, Alan had a drinking problem along with many other characteristics that were there all along. When Nina confirmed that Alan is his father, Rainer felt heartbroken that she took away that part of his life that he could have had. He goes off the deep end and is drunk for the nearly the entire episode of Fifty Shades of Red and then some. I don’t know about you guys but my jaw was dropped during his tirade, especially when got out of the car taking him home after he punched the paps and he jumped into random fans’ cars. Given what he just found out, and that his Mom lied to him about it, we can’t really blame him.



Paige finds out about Jake and Alexis
Paige has been very busy filming the movie and has been out of the loop in her friend group. Paige finally learned about Alexis and Jake kind-of-dating and it definitely made her jealous.  We know Alexis loves to scheme so we’re afraid she was just with him to make Paige or her ex-girlfriend jealous. Yes, she did help him get Newcastle to buy his script, but that didn’t work out in his favor in the end so we hope she wasn’t just using him. After Paige found out it really bothered her and she even ratted on her to the director about her Alexis in Palm Springs.


Alexis outs herself to the public

After Alexis is kicked off Jake’s project, she finds out that the new person producing the film is none other than Rachel, her ex. Rachel felt guilty for what happened and shows up to Alexis’ apartment to make amends. They do a lot more than apologize and the next thing we see is an iPhone recording them as they enter her bedroom. It turns out Alexis orchestrated her own sex tape scandal to be able to publically come out, while also screwing Rachel over as a result.


Jake shows up at the press conference

If the season finale couldn’t have been crazier, Paige and her cast-mates hold a Locked panel to discuss the movie and clear things up about Rainer and his drinking problem. The films’ status may be in danger because of Rainer and it’s up to Paige to fix it. The people in charge want her to tell the world she and Rainer are dating, but just as she is about to JAKE walks in the room! We thought he had left for good and were pleasantly surprised that he returned. Jake tells Paige in the middle of the panel, mind you, that he has been in love with her forever. It melted our hearts. Rainer was also right next to Paige, which made it super awkward. Just as she’s about to answer – the episode ENDS.


 Final Thoughts

Week after week since the show has premiered we have been able to learn more about these characters and hear insight from the actors that play them through social media. “Famous In Love” has relied heavily on social media to promote the show. Some of you may have binged the entire season in one night, but week after week the cast has tweeted along when the show aired. Through the hashtag #FamousInLoveChat, fans of the show have been able to interact with the cast members. They answer fan questions, theories about the hookups and breakups and their thoughts on the show. Overall, “Famous in Love” had a great season that left us dying for more. “Famous in Love” was a success for Freeform and us as well. It still has not been confirmed for a Season Two yet, so let’s hope we get to find out the answers to the major cliffhangers of the finale.

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