Fear The Walking Dead – Wrath and North

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By: Kelsey Juntwait


“Fear the Walking Dead” left viewers with their jaws dropped during its two-part finale this week. Let’s start with our resident lone-wolf, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), who’s determined to get back to American soil. The finale begins with her, a broken down truck and her trusty hammer. As she’s attempting to fix the truck, a few unexpected guests (infected) surprise her. She fends them off though and continues her journey north, sans truck. She finally reaches the fence that separates Mexican soil from American. As she crosses the gate, and gets over a hill, miles of desert stand in front of her. She treks on. That is until someone starts shooting at her. Ofelia pulls a knife, but the man stops her with his gun and welcomes her to America.

Nick (Frank Dillane) is up to his own trouble in La Colonia. Sneaking out of bed [which he is comfortably sharing with Luciana (Danay Garcia)] to sneak out with stolen Oxy to trade with the gang at the warehouse. Once they arrive, they find the gang loading up their trucks with supplies. Nick, immediately suspicious, tries to strike a deal with them, but the gang refuses and Nick knows this means trouble. He leaves to warn Alejandro (Paul Calderon) about the attack.

Luciana is less than thrilled that Nick lied and snuck out, as is Alejandro yet they listen to what Nick is saying and try to make a plan. While this discussion is happening, a patient unexpectedly turns and bites a chunk out of Alejandro before Nick gruesomely puts him down. Alejandro is shaken by the bite, something nobody expected. Nick starts clearing out his things, preparing to leave, and asks Luci to come with him. Nick knows that Alejandro was lying about the previous bite and gets him to admit that it wasn’t originally an infected that bit him. Nick tries to explain that they all need to leave, but they refuse. He sets off on his own, but before he gets far he sees something off in the distance…Helicopters.He rushes back to La Colonia to tell them, asking why Alejandro is risking everyone’s life for this. The scene cuts to the gang making their attack on the colony. It’s empty though. As the gang is celebrating victory, they hear a vehicle. Alejandro, in his last moments of consciousness, drives the bus out from separating the infected from the colony and becomes a hero in his final minutes. Nick, alongside Luci, is leading the people North. They’re all covered in infected blood. They reach the border and begin to celebrate. However, almost immediately, a group of men in army wear begin shooting at the crowd. Luci takes a bullet to the shoulder and the men knock Nick out.

Over in the hotel, Madison (Kim Dickens) is struggling with what she should say to Travis (Cliff Curtis). She wants him to understand that losing both Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) wasn’t his fault. Travis isn’t having it. Madison heads down to check on Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) who’s helping Andres (Raul Casso).

The “refugees” are growing, hoping for medical attention. This includes Brandon (Kelly Blatz) and Derek (Kenny Wormald). Madison heads over to check on them, not knowing who they are. They explain how they got their injuries in a car accident that flipped their truck multiple times, noting their driver is dead. The boys start making small talk about the driver (a 16 year old American) and Madison realizes they are talking about Chris. Madison, with the help of Strand (Colman Domingo), agrees that it’s best Travis doesn’t know. The hope of Chris being alive is the only thing holding Travis together at this point. She tells the boys that she’s taking them to a quieter room, which angers the other patients. This creates quite the stir so Travis looks out the window. He sees that it’s Brandon and Derek, runs downstairs, and begs to be told where he can find Chris. Travis drags the boys into a room. They promise to tell him about Chris if they fix their injuries. Andres does as they ask, but the boys think they can get more out of this. Travis twists Brandon’s damaged arm though and demands the whereabouts of Chris. The boys tell him he fell asleep at the wheel and died when he went through the window after crashing the truck.

Travis is devastated, asking where he can find Chris’ body. The boys’ story starts to falter from their original though and Travis figures out they’re lying. He locks himself in the room with them and physically beats the answer out of them about what actually happened to Chris. Chris’s leg suffered massive damage from the crash so Brandon and Derek took him out. This leads Travis into a bloody, mindless rage where he beats the two boys to death. Unfortunately, Oscar (Andres Londono) got tossed around in the bunch and is in desperate need of medical help. Elena (Karen Bethzabe), with the help of Hector and others, drag Travis away. Madison’s no-violence rule is coming back to bite her. She understands they want him gone, but Madison isn’t staying without him. She tells Elena that they’ll all go after they have one last night to collect their bearings.

That night, Andres is treating Oscar and things don’t look good. Sadly, Oscar dies during surgery. Hector wants immediate revenge. He and Andras burst into Travis’s room and begin beating him. Madison and Alicia are held back and a gun is placed at Travis’s head. Before Andres can shoot, Alicia whips out her butterfly knife and stabs him in the chest, at which point Strand comes in. Strand grabs the gun and tells Madison, Alicia and Travis to leave the hotel. Strand doesn’t go with them. They make it to the colony, but are greeted with death. They see the flashing lights of the bus and Alejandro at the wheel. Madison desperately asks about Nick and Alejandro is able to tell them that he’s alive and he went North.


Well, Season Two – that’s a wrap.

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