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By: Gladys Luna



Episode eight opens with Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) having breakfast together. A few moments later Jackson (Michael Campion) and Max (Elias Harger) join them. The older brother is ready to take his History test and he proves it when DJ asks him some questions and he answers correctly. The family share their banter routine when Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) arrives with her baby daughter Pamela (Madilynn Jefferson/McKenzie Jefferson) to pick up Steph since they have planned to spend the day together. Aunt and niece get ready to leave the house. When the latter asks Becky about their schedule for the day, she finds out that among the activities the woman has planned there’s an appointment for Stephanie to get a pelvic ultrasound. The young woman has confessed to Becky in the past that there is a slight chance she wants to try and get a second opinion cause maybe there is chance that she would become a mother. It is something Becky hasn’t taken it lightly. So, even though Steph is surprised about said visit she agrees to go.

Kimmy (Andrea Barber) and Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace) watch Ramona (Soni Nicole Bringas) rehearse for an school audition and, of course, Fernando couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without dancing which he does, exactly as his daughter. They are interrupted by a knock at the door and when it opens, it reveals to be no other than Joey (Dave Coulier) and his four kids named “The Gladstone Four” who, as usual, make quite of an entrance. Ramona and Max are left speechless by the sudden visit of the four little monsters, but Joey mistakes their silence with the excitement that causes for them to see them arrive. Joey asks his two boys to go and play upstairs with Max, but the kid refuses and blocks the stairs so they won’t pass. The other two decide to take the stairs placed in the other side of the house.

Max runs after them in order to stop them. Joey suggests his two girls play with Ramona but she excuses herself saying she has to rehearse. Then, Joey gets an idea and asks her to perform for his girls and they judge. Ramona unwillingly does it and the two little girls start to throw mean comments at her. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a scream coming from the kitchen. Kimmy and Joey walk over there and see Max wrapped in paper towel from head to toes. The man starts laughing hysterically at his kids’ shenanigans. Then, another scream is heard except, this time is coming from the living room where they find Ramona wrapped in the carpet while on the floor. Kimmy unwraps her immediately, but Joey keeps laughing. Kimmy decides to have a talk with him and tells him that he should set some boundaries. He comes clean and says he has spent a few days with them and he can’t stand them anymore. He has even considered the possibility to abandon them at a fire station. He jokingly says that one of the reasons why he had them was to have four more people to like him. Then, Kimmy says that if really love his kids he should do something about it.

Stephanie and Becky are at the doctor Elizabeth Chung´s office (Anzu Lawson) who assures Steph that she still has some viable eggs and although she can´t actually carry children, she can use a surrogate if she wants to. Stephanie and Becky get so excited at the news making them jump up and down out of excitement. DJ has decided to throw a party for Jackson now he has ended Summer School and she is pretty sure he has past his History test. Before the teenager arrives, Ramona and Fernando walk in saying that it is very likely for Ramona to enter the school since she made a terrific audition and for a moment the girl believes that Kimmy has thrown a party for her. Her mother lies saying she did, but DJ confesses that the party is actually for Jackson and shows them the cake she ordered for him. Before the news, Fernando and Kimmy decides to take their daughter to celebrate at Burger King. After a while, Jackson walks in saying that he believes he got an A and that the grades are available online for his mom to see. So, DJ does but then she finds out that her son seems to have failed the test. She decides to go straight to his school and find out what truly happened. Becky and Steph are at the backyard, watching over Pamela and Tommy (Dashiell Messitt/Fox Messitt) who are playing in a ball pool. Becky questions her niece about her thoughts on taking the doctor´s suggestions about becoming a mom, but Step confesses that she needs some time to think about it and asks for her sister’s secrecy while she figures out what to do.

The Gladstone Four are at Max’s room reading his diary while the kid is stick mid-way at his door still wrapped in paper. He tries to interrupt the kids while they read and they decide to put some tape on his mouth. In the meantime, at the other side of the door, Kimmy is helping Joey to gather his courage and ground his kids. He walks in the room but he fails to get all tough at them on his first attempt. Then, he goes again and tells them that if they keep behaving in the way they are, he wouldn’t take them to Disneyland. All of a sudden, he hears a sound which comes from Max but his kids quickly start to make a similar sound in order to muffle Max´s complains and tell Joey that this is a new secret language they have created that means they love him and the man totally buys it. They leave the room, while Max is still stick to the door.

At Jackson’s high school, DJ intercepts Mr. Byenberg (Mike Ostroski) and notes her concerns about Jackson´s test results. He tells her that she is actually right and her son had passed the test. Apparently, Jackson started to answer at the wrong line of the test making him fail, but as the teacher had seen the effort he had put in it. He decided to check the test again, realizing of the young man’s mistake. DJ is so happy about the news the teacher just delivered that she hugs him, but the man confesses that he is seeing someone, making the woman feel awkward about it.

Back at the Fuller’s, Joey, Kimmy and his kids are at the living room. The four kids are cleaning the house and get so excited when they find out that they are actually going to Disneyland, as they were promised. Max and Ramona show up with and lie, saying that Joey´s kids have taken some of her toys and swap their heads. The kids try to defend themselves, but Joey doesn’t believe it so he decides to cancel the trip to Disneyland and stay at the house instead making Ramona and Max to confess the truth. The two of them tried to get revenge on the other four kids and blame them for their messed up toys. Joey reconsiders his decision of taking his kids to Disneyland again.

DJ delivers the party hats at her family in order to “restart” Jackson´s party. She yells at her son and asks him to pretend to be surprised when he walks in. That is when Stephanie arrives and when she reads the “Congratulations, way to go” banner. She believes that Becky has told them about the baby thing. As she starts rambling about the situation, Becky shows her the cake that says “Congratulations Jackson” and Stephanie realizes that they actually didn’t know about the baby. DJ is excited about the news and Becky explains that, in order for that to happen, she will need a surrogate. But Stephanie makes it very clear that she won´t do it, changing the vibe of the room. Jackson then walks in and pretends to be surprised, but is annoyed by the family’s reaction.

Later that day, Stephanie is watching over Pamela and Tommy while they play in the living room when Becky walks in and asks her for a moment to talk. Stephanie warns her that she doesn’t want to talk about babies, but her aunt confesses that is exactly what she wants to talk about. Stephanie says that one of the reasons she won’t keep going with the process is the money so Becky calls for the family and Joey, DJ, Kimmy and Fernando enter the room and tell her that they have their full support, even Jesse (John Stamos) and her father (Bob Saget) are in. Stephanie is moved by their words and the environment is quickly shifted again by Jackson wanting to go and celebrate at Arby´s, followed by all of the other kids.

One more to go and the season would have gone again. Please catch up with Starry Constellation Magazine for more recaps. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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