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By: Jamie Steinberg



Q) As a musician, how would you describe your sound? 

A) My music is ever evolving, but my voice itself sounds a little raspy with soft edges, which seems to give me the ability to effect listeners in a more intimate and emotional way. I might not be the strongest vocalist, but I know I have a unique voice to offer.


Q) Who are some of your musical influences? 

A) I’ve always been drawn to pop and EDM so my music has definitely been influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, to name a few.


Q) Your most recent releases are “Shoulda Known Better” and “Need You Now.” How did you come up with the lyrics for these songs? 

A) “Shoulda Known Better” sounds just as chaotic as the feeling was when I started writing the song on a plane ride back from a trip I had taken to Malaysia. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself that I had put myself in a situation where I went in knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, despite seeing all these red flags. It’s tough when you can’t control what your heart wants. The heart hasn’t anything to do with what’s logical. It just wants love, which is what the song is about. 

I wrote “Need You Now” when I was in a place where I felt stuck in flood of memories. It’s about struggling to get over a heartbreak and not just wanting to be with that person but needing to, even if it’s just for one last time. One of my favorite lines from the song is “No more fear of lovin’ we’re running out of time,” because time does eventually run out.


Q) Your song “Shoulda Known Better” released on Feb. 14th. What is it about the song that made Valentine’s Day the perfect release date?

A) Even though the lyrics aren’t exactly happy lyrics, I wanted it to be a reminder that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Love happens every day and I think that it’s good reminder to recognize and celebrate this day, as a day of sharing and expressing our love to those around us and most importantly to love yourself first because a lot of us tend to forget.



Q) What do you think it is about the track that fans will connect to?

A) I think it’s easy to say that everyone has fought between their heart and mind at some point in their life and sometimes when you follow your heart, you end up with a broken one. 



Q) Ryan Stewart produced both “Need You Now” and “Shoulda Known Better.” What was it like working with him? 

A) Growing up, I listened to many of the hit singles that he produced so it was an honor working with him. Not only has Ryan been a producer to me, but he has also been a big mentor. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with someone so well respected in the music industry. We make a great team and I look forward to getting back in the studio with him again. 


Q) What can fans expect from a live Gelsea Mae performance? 

A) No matter how big the audience, I always try to make it as intimate and personal as possible. As an artist, I think that it’s important to be raw, real and relatable. Being authentic is key. 


Q) Who would you most like to collaborate with on a song in the future? 

A) Taylor Swift or Zedd


Q) You are also an actress. Do you have a preference for the genre of work that you do? (drama, comedy, historical, etc.)?

A) I love drama, but I also love comedy. A lot of the callbacks and bookings I get, tend to have some sort of comedy aspect to the characters I play. I just love putting a smile on peoples face and making people laugh. 


Q) You are a part of social media. Why is it so important for you to connect with your fans known as “GelsGems?” 

A) It’s important to connect with my fans because they’re the reason why I get to do what I do. Without them, I’d be nothing. I take hours out of my week just to make sure I respond to fan mail, comments and questions. This whole Instagram live thing has definitely been a game changer. 



Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work? 

A) You guys are the reason I get to do what I do and I love you more than you’ll ever know. I am so grateful and I hope that you’ll continue ride this crazy journey with me!

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