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Gina – America’s Next Top Model

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Q) Who is your favorite designer?

A) I really like Betsy Johnson a lot because her line is really fun and I like stuff that is girly. There are a lot of colors involved and I really like things like that.

Q) Why did you decide to apply for the show?

A) My friends had said to me before that I should model because I have the height. I’ve constantly heard that for the past few years. Someone happened to tell us about this casting that they were having at the Hard Rock Casino in Seminole, Florida. My mom said I should try it since I really had nothing to lose. She said I should try it because I’d never know what happens. I tried out and I got accepted!

Q) What was it like meeting Tyra Banks?

A) It was pretty cool. I really didn’t get to talk with her a lot, as much as I thought I would. She seemed really cool and down to Earth. She seemed really cool, but as I said, I didn’t really get to talk to her that much.

Q) What bothered you the most about the bug challenge?

A) It was the bugs themselves. I just don’t like cockroaches. I don’t mind rodents, but the cockroaches were just huge! They hissed at you so it was really scary and the one I had was just crawling down my body and was going down my shirt! I was just so freaked out because I don’t like cockroaches and I was caught off guard. They said, “Well, we kind of have a surprise for you” and then they took out the roaches! I had no time to prepare so I just started freaking out!

Q) Why did you feel that the judges decided to give you an extra chance to be on the show? 

A) They probably gave me an extra chance because I had potential. They might have given it to me to provide me with the chance to grow stronger and grow some time of skin. I think they were trying to give me the chance to be myself, but I guess it didn’t work out that way.

Q) When you first started the show, you joined the show because there weren’t many Asian models, but then you backed down during the press conference. Is this an issue you still stand by?

A) I definitely think that there are not many Asian models out there right now, there are hardly any. The reason why I backed down was because I was kind of caught off guard at the press junket. I feel bad because not many people know that when I get nervous or caught off guard I really don’t know what to say. I get kind of nervous and my mind goes blank. That’s the reason why I didn’t really say much about it. If I could start over, I definitely would not have reacted the same way. I guess at the time I just didn’t know what to expect and I was so nervous that I would mess up. I feel bad!

Q) Why do you think you let Jade intimidate you so much?

A) I think I let Jade intimidate me because being there I was kind of thrown into it. I am just so used to an atmosphere where everyone just gets along and I never really had anyone that disliked me. To my knowledge, I don’t think there has ever been anyone who has said, “I don’t like Gina.” I was just so used to being around people who are friendly and nice. When I met Jade, things were just not great. It was just really bad and really negative. I didn’t know how to react to that. Eventually, I was used to it because at the end I did confront her about everything. Just before that time, I didn’t know how to react to her.

Q) Did you feel betrayed by Janice for lashing out at you when you pointed Jade out as being a problem for you?

A) I definitely felt it was unfair because I had no intention of pointing anyone out. When Janice kept asking me, she was really persistent as to who the bitch was and she wanted me to answer. I really was hesitant because that’s just not me to rat anyone out, but she kept asking so I just, “The heck with it.” That’s when I pointed Jade out. I thought that’s what she wanted since she kept asking me. Right after I pointed Jade out she started to turn her back on me. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong since it was kind of unfair being damned if I did and damned if I didn’t. I just didn’t know what way I should take it. It was really bad and unfair in my opinion.

Q) What did you learn most about modeling from being on the show?

A) It’s not as easy as a lot of people think it is. There is a lot of work involved and it’s not just sitting and looking pretty. It’s all about knowing your angles and the right lighting, too. I think that when you try to pursue modeling you have to take care of yourself and not let anyone step over you. Just remain confident.

Q) Have you been through any posing or walking training since being on the show?

A) No, I haven’t. After I got eliminated, I went home and started to go to school. That was about it.

Q) Who do you plan on keeping in touch with from the show?

A) I keep in touch with Nnenna and Danielle. I got along with them pretty well on the show. I was talking to Nnenna a lot and then Danielle called me. We just kind of started talking.

Q) What are you going to do now that you are no longer on the show?

A) I think I kind of want to pursue modeling. It’s definitely a great opportunity to try it since I really want to do it. If the opportunity came along, I definitely would take it. If not, then there is always school to fall back on. I am going to try and study to be a fashion designer. Hopefully, things will work out for me!

Q) Who do you think will win “America’s Next Top Model” this season?

A) I am hoping that it is Nnenna because she’s just an all around girl. She has a good head on her shoulders. She is polite, kind and she’s quiet, but motivated. She’s really determined to become America’s Next Top Model. I think she really deserves it because she definitely has a look, she’s gorgeous and smart. I think she has all of the qualities for being a top model.

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) Thank you so much for supporting me, even at my worst times. If anything, I want to apologize to anybody that I might have offended by saying the most random things. I might have offended a lot of people so I just want to apologize for that.

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