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By: Dustin Bradley


“Girl Meets World” aired its latest episode titled, Girl Meets Jexica, this past Friday. The half-hour was full of Internet lessons that everyone, no matter their age, can pull from. We live in a society where we are always trying to unintentionally one up our friends, family and general Internet personalities. We always want to have the most followers and the most likes, but what does that say about us? Enter Girl Meets Jexica, which reminds us that as long as you have friends who see you and know you, then likes and follows should t mean anything. Let’s dive into the episode!

“What if nobody likes me?”

We start of this week with Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and the gang filling out their online profiles for the student social network. Everyone seems to be having an easy time answering the simple questions, except for Riley. She is concerned that no one will like her answers because she is so unique. This prompts Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) to give her the idea of testing the waters by uploading a fake profile for a day and see how others respond. Enter Jexica: a blue haired, sword wielding, steam punk girl who was Riley’s alter ego that protected her before she met Maya.

Within the first day of Jexica being online, she receives rising views, likes and comments. She is a success with everyone – including Lucas, Farkle and Zay. But do they know who Jexica really is?!

“1… 2… 3… TRICKED ME!”

Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are dealing with Auggie’s Internet usage and gullibility when it comes to online scams this week. Auggie (August Maturo) wants to give money to a foreign “prince” who needs help. Topanga thinks this is an awful idea, but Cory wants to go along with it as a means to keep Auggie’s innocence.

This brings one of the greatest moments…Topanga uses her famous, “Let’s say what we are thinking on 3… 1. 2. 3.” Then, we get a line from Cory saying something along the lines of “you’ve been using that trick since the 90’s.” With this, we get a short clip from “Boy Meets World” that was so fun!


As Jexica gains more popularity, Riley decides the only thing to do is reveal herself as the mystery girl. The only issue is that when she gets to school in her Jexica costume, there are multiple people dressed as the alter ego. Even Yogi gets in on the Jexica action!

“Prove me wrong! I dare you! Prove me wrong!”

The next morning, Cory makes breakfast for Auggie and Topanga. During the breakfast, Auggie gets an email from “Ava” saying that she is stuck in London and needs all the money he has. Auggie is stuck between a rock and a hard place because his family has always taught him to help out his friends, but this is obviously a scam.

“Don’t be influenced by somebodies likes or clicks or favorites. Who should determine what you think?”

Cory is teaching an important lesson in class about the problem with the younger generation and the Internet is that we are always wanting more; more likes, more followers, more fame. Instead of using the Internet to learn and educate ourselves, we are using it for selfish gain. It’s also hard to be ourselves when we are constantly evolving and always worried about what others will think, but we shouldn’t worry because our opinions and our family and friends opinion is all that matters. “Friends who know who you are is the most real thing there is.”

Back at the bay window, the gang tell Riley that they knew all along that she was Jexica and that she didn’t need to that because they love her just the way she is!

This week we will get “Girl Meets Permanent Record.” Which looks to be a fun episode! The official synopsis reads: “Riley finds out the hard way that getting a bad grade in high school will count toward her permanent record.” SEE YOU NEXT WEEK GUYS!!!

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