Grey’s Anatomy – None of Your Business

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By: Jamie Steinberg


“Everybody wants privacy for themselves. For other people, not so much.” – Meredith Grey

We learn that Alex (Justin Chambers) is free from jail because DeLuca (Giacomo Giannotti) has dropped the charges. PHEW! So, he’s headed out the door to speak to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) about getting his job back.

At the hospital, Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) meets with Bailey. Bailey lets her know that the doctors aren’t on board with Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) and didn’t show up to her meeting in protest. Catherine is on Bailey’s side – not her husband’s – and tells her, “I am your dragon. Feel free to unleash me should you wish to.”

Maggie’s mom has come to town and is meeting with Jackson (Jesse Williams). She thinks Maggie (Kelly McCreary) has a crush on him, which makes her daughter cringe. Maggie’s mother also wants to meet with Jackson for a plastic surgery consult.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) speaks with Bailey about the Webber (Richard Pickens Jr.) problem. She tells Bailey, “You’re pushing Richard aside for no reason!” Exactly. Unfortunately, Bailey doesn’t appreciate Meredith’s moxie and suspends her.

Word of Meredith’s suspension makes its way throughout the hospital. Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) warns the staff, “Bailey took out Grey. Winter is coming…” So true.

Over in the ER, Owen (Kevin McKidd) has his hands full when a new patient arrives. She apparently had been living in what was essentially a fortress and was found by a neighbor in a pile of razor wire.

Warren (Jason George) is now taking credit for DeLuca’s change of heart. DeLuca explains he did it for Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and not for Karev!

April (Sarah Drew) meets with Catherine to talk about what is happening with Richard. April is excited, thinking that Catherine is going to intervene on his behalf. Sadly, she’s wrong. “Keep your mind on these scans and off my marriage,” Catherine tells her. Ouch.

Maggie’s mother seems to have met Richard earlier and likes him. Maggie is upset because she wanted to be the one to introduce them. Things get more awkward by the minute though as it seems Maggie’s mother has invited Richard to join them for a fancy dinner.

Alex finally meets with Bailey to talk about his job. She wants assurance that Karev is serious about saving lives and has put his anger behind him. “Promise me that you are Alex Karev who heals small children – that you left behind the Karev who beats people up,” she scolds.

Maggie’s mother meets with Jackson and the two seem to have a great rapport. She tells him, “Find the smartest person in the room. If they’re not smarter than you, find another room.” Rather than a facial upgrade, Maggie’s mom is actually there to show Jackson a spot on her arm that looks like a rash. We hear ominous music play.

Minnick runs into Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in the parking lot. Minnick tells her that she is getting resistance from the staff because people don’t like change. Arizona reminds her that “people like people,” but Minnick notes she is not at the hospital to make friends.

Hunt is still at a loss for why his patient would be in this fortress existence while Kepner tries once more to talk to Catherine. She is again shot down by Catherine who wants her to stop pestering her about sticking up for Richard.

Jackson meets with Maggie’s mother and explains to her that she has cancer. He offers to refer her to a local specialist that is a quality doctor and even says he will come to help with her surgery in the future. The two agree not to tell Maggie together. Maggie’s mother says she will handle it alone.

Fed up with Kepner’s persistence we finally hear what we’ve known all episode. We learn that Catherine does not plan to stick up for Richard.

Thankfully, Hunt’s patient awakens. She explains that she was married and she lived with her husband in this fortress existence to make them feel safe. When the husband passed away, she felt free. She went to take down the razor wire and fell.

Karev meets with DeLuca to discuss the Jo situation and him dropping the charges. DeLuca explains that Jo doesn’t need to live a life of being scared. Karev asserts that Jo is pretty good at taking care of herself, but DeLuca says what we’re all thinking with, “She shouldn’t have to.”

Maggie’s mom has cancelled dinner with Richard. She wants to have a nice dinner at home with her daughter and Jackson. Things get awkward when Maggie goes off on her mother for cancelling plans with Richard and suddenly showing up at her doorstep. She feels like she doesn’t know her mother anymore. “You have a great life here. You call me when you’re ready to share it with me,” her mother says heartbreakingly.

Minnick speaks with Arizona again. Minnick believes that Arizona is not on her side because it would mean she would need to admit that they have chemistry. “If Bailey fired me, you and I would be an option. We could date. We could kiss. We could actually be something.” Okay…

Richard is getting ready for dinner and Catherine is helping. The two discuss the hospital when Richard realizes his wife isn’t going to stick up for him. Shocked, he wants to talk about this to clear the air.

Over at Jo’s, Edwards and Murphy show up with beer and pizza to talk about Meredith. We also learn that Alex doesn’t have a job at the hospital anymore as he was replaced with Kepner. Alex shows up at Jo’s house and the two clear the air. They share a very romantic look as he walks inside.

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