Grey’s Anatomy – You Haven’t Done Nothin’

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By: Jamie Steinberg

Surgeons fight. We fight against death. It’s our thing. But eventually, if history is any indicator, death is going to win. We may win the battle, but we’re never going to win the war. So, the trick is to go down fighting, for the right cause – for the right person. And if you go down, you all go down together.


On the way to work Maggie (Kelly McCreary), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Karev (Justin Chambers) discuss his court case. He wants to binge drink tonight because after the case ends they may not be seeing each other for a number of years. He turned down a plea deal for two years and Meredith is optimistic that he will get no years. Just as Meredith’s optimism reaches its peak, we see an apartment building crumble.

At the hospital, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) says they are handling all the injuries and orders DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) to take pictures of the victims so that when family arrives to locate them they will be easily able to find them (if they aren’t buried in rubble). Dr. Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) shows up at the hospital (a day early before starting to work at Seattle Grace) to Webber’s surprise. He says they should go for a cup of coffee and she agrees, noting it would give her a chance to get him up to speed before she begins. Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) wonders why she would need to get him up to speed?

They are interrupted when a man drives up to the ER with his wife in the backseat holding their injured daughter. Webber doesn’t want them to move her. We cut to Murphy who arrives at a patient begging for a priest because he “needs to talk to God.” Murphy (Tessa Ferrer) brings over Warren (Jason George) for help and the patient appears to be the landlord of the apartment building. He confesses that last year’s earthquake made the foundation a mess and he had been working to get the money together to make the needed fixes. He is looking for forgiveness when he collapses.

Jo (Camilla Luddington) talks to DeLuca about being called to the stand. She is scared that by taking the stand she would be legally bound to tell the truth. If she lies she’d lose her medical license and if she tells the truth it is public record and her husband could find her. We switch to Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Kepner (Sarah Drew) walking by a man who is injured and looking for his wife. He falls over from his injuries before they can be helped.

Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) teases Warren about playing priest. Warren worries that he has to tell the police about the confession, but Murphy says there is patient/doctor confidentiality. Edwards says once you know they can’t un-know. She says it is shady as hell that the landlord knew there was earthquake damage and should have told the tenants. Overhearing the conversation is the parents who brought in the little girl that is being treated by Webber.

A woman recognizes Hunt’s patient and wants to know what happened. Hunt says Charlie (the patient) was in their apartment when the building collapsed, but she says they don’t live in an apartment. Riggs (Martin Henderson) meets with a woman who also identifies the same patient. She says they were in bed and then “the whole world caved in.” Hunt tells Riggs he just updated the patient’s wife and Riggs, who is surprised, says he just updated Charlie’s girlfriend.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) runs into Dr. Minnick. Dr. Minnick proves she didn’t forget her name; which Robbins pretends not to know what she is referring to. When Minnick leaves, Robbins tells her patient that means she is winning.

The parents get an update on their little girl while they are in the midst of causing a stir with the other apartment tenants. They told them what they overheard from Edwards and Warren and they vow not to let the landlord get away with this.

Jo finds Karev and tells him that she was subpoenaed. Jo says she doesn’t want to talk about the case, but Karev says after the hearing they might not get a chance to talk. He apologizes for calling her trash.

Richard and Maggie run into Dr. Minnick who says that because they are so busy that it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to have their coffee. Minnick says she can send him some paperwork, which will help with the transition. Both Richard and Maggie are surprised at that word because they were under the impression that Webber and Minnick would be working together. Minnick says Richard should talk to Bailey about this.

Hunt is ready to update someone on Charlie (John Churchill). Hunt says they don’t have to do anything because if you cheat on your wife it will have repercussions. Riggs understands that Hunt is referring to his situation with his sister, Megan. Riggs said they were having problems and that he judges himself more for what happened than Hunt ever could. He thinks that Hunt can’t understand because he’d never cheat, but Hunt confesses to having cheated on his first wife.

While operating on the little girl from earlier, Maggie says that Minnick was talking like she was running this program. Unfortunately, Richard hasn’t been able to catchup with Bailey just yet. He assures her that they will have a conversation though. Edwards wants to do a procedure in honor of Minnick’s arrival, but Richard disagrees as he says if he can’t do it then certainly she can’t. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to save her life.

The landlord talks to Warren again about knowing what was going on with the building. He reminds the landlord that he is not a priest, which he acknowledges yet he just really wants someone to say they forgive him.

Jo and Karev run into each other on an elevator. She confesses to being married. She explains she married a man who almost beat her to death. She can’t divorce him because she ran away from him and changed her name. It’s why she couldn’t marry him and that she should have told him. She explains she was scared Karev would lash out at her husband and would wind up in jail. She said it may come out in court tomorrow, but she wanted him to hear it directly from her. She says that if she disappears after the trial that it is because her testimony will be public record and not because of him. He tells her not to run because this is her life. “You’re Jo Wilson. You belong here.”

While operating on Charlie, Hunt and Riggs talk about cheating. Riggs knows that Hunt will never let it happen again because now he knows better. Arizona runs into Minnick again, who confesses she is gay. Minnick says she is flirting with Arizona and something must be off if she can’t tell. Arizona says there is something about her though that is a turnoff – she walks around like she owns the place. They agree to have drinks together though.

Karev finds Meredith what Jo told him. He explains she is freaking out about having to testify. He doesn’t go into detail, but Meredith has to get to a patient mid conversation. She says that he needs to come back so she can hear the full story.

Maggie is pissed! She knows that Minnick is there to take his job and it seems that no one has told him. They are interrupted when an angry mob of tenants begins yelling to be told where the landlord is located. Warren finds the mother of the dead little girl walking the halls. He asks if he can help and she says she is looking for her husband, showing him the picture of the landlord. An unaware Warren takes her to his hospital room and explains he is barely holding on. Maggie speaks to the little girl’s father to explain that acting against the landlord with physical violence will only hurt his family worse when a nurse begins to yell for security. It seems the mother of the little girl tried suffocating the landlord, wanting him to suffer – to be held accountable.

Webber finds Bailey outside of the hospital. The two talk about what happened with Warren and the patient’s mother. Webber wants to know what happened with Minnick and Bailey says she had planned to tell him today so that he could have a long weekend to adjust to things and start fresh on Monday. Webber explains that is how he taught her to fire people and Bailey explains they’d actually have different job titles. Webber knows that is just ornamental and that she doesn’t want to hear his opinions on the program. She says she didn’t want her personal feelings to get in the way of deciding what is best for the hospital. Webber counters by saying that as doctors they hold their lives and futures at stake so there is nothing more personal than their job and how they teach other doctors. Webber explains, “Every decision that you make should be a personal one. If it isn’t, then you have no business being Chief.”

Maggie finds Avery (Jesse Williams) to let him know that Minnick is a new employee who thinks she is Webber’s new boss. Karev meets with Bailey to say that he wants money from his pension to be sent to his mom monthly. Meredith starts to scrub for surgery when Karev comes in to tell her he is going to take the deal the District Attorney originally offered him. He wants to save time and trouble, but Meredith wants him to explain he is a surgeon who saves children that made one mistake. She doesn’t want him to go to prison. She tells him that this is giving up and buying into what he always said about himself. Karev tells her that he knows she will be fine, but Meredith doesn’t want her to be used as an excuse. “Of course I will be fine,” she says. “I’m always fine. Don’t you know that? This is about you.” She doesn’t want him to lose his career – his life. Who he is will be gone if he does this, but Karev still says goodbye.

We watch as Riggs and Hunt explain (simultaneously) to Charlie’s ladies about his condition. Both want to see him and since it is none of their business, they agree. Rather than going out for a beer after work together, Hunt says he wants to go home to see his wife.

A still fired up Maggie wants to “go to the mattresses” for Richard, but he thinks this may be a fight they can’t win. She takes him to a meeting room where Avery is explaining to a large group of doctors how significant it was to learn from Webber. Maggie shows Richard that it is not just her that wants to fight for him.

At home, Miranda talks to Warren about the day. She says she can’t keep things “church and state” any longer because she needs to talk about what is going on. He thinks it is the priest mishap, but she means Karen. Jo runs into DeLuca who says she has been pulled onto a case so she has to leave. She explains she told Alex everything and it went okay. She knows that whatever will be will be so she isn’t going to worry any longer.

Karev goes to see the District Attorney. He hears a message that Meredith left him saying he is stronger and not to do this. We cut to Hunt opening a letter from Amelia that says not to make this his fault. Maggie says that they can’t give up because they have to stand together. Meredith tells Karev that “there were five us, but now it is just you and I.” Meredith says she won’t let him go without a fight, which means he can’t give up either. The secretary tells Alex he can see the DA now.

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