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By: MaryBeth McMahon


Q) What inspired you to create your YouTube channel, YouTwoTV?


Jaz – We both loved creating content and were always creating content for other people, we realized it was about time we made the shots and really used our creativity to make something we love.


Harjit- We both dabbled in YouTube beforehand so it came pretty natural for us to create a channel together.


Q) You don’t just have one channel, but you have two YouTube channels. What sets your channels, YouTwoTV and YouTwoVlogs, apart from another?


Jaz – YouTwoTV is our first channel where we put out scripted content every week. Usually comedy, but we’re starting to script some more deep and meaningful videos for it


Harjit – YouTwoVlogs is a look on us – Harjit and Jaz and not characters we play on YouTwoTV. We use the channel to record our daily live, very raw and natural.


Q) Since launching your main YouTube channel in February of 2016, you’ve garnered over 722,000 subscribers and over 187 million views. What do numbers of this magnitude mean to you and the journey you’ve had since starting out?


Jaz – We’re still pretty confused on how that many people like us that much that they’ve subscribed to our channel. Every single subscriber means so much to us, we still can’t believe we’ve grown so much in a year and a half.


Harjit – The journey has been amazing! Not only do we love the fact that we’re reaching to so many people, we love meeting everyone who is supporting us!


Q) What are your goals for the future of your channels?


Jaz – We want to grow our channels as much as we can. We love creating content and want to be able to put our hearts and souls into it.


Harjit – We would obviously eventually love to continue onto movies or television!


Q) Where do you get inspiration for your videos?


Jaz – Our biggest inspiration is everyday life. We look at the things and people around us and loosely base a lot of our videos off of that.


Harjit – There’s always something we’re passionate about that week. So, we usually just make a video about that.


Q) What is your favorite process of putting your videos together, in terms of being on camera, filming, editing or other?


Jaz – I love filming and being on camera the most. It’s so much fun just getting into the character and figuring out what shots looks best.


Harjit – I love editing the most. I could edit forever and just keep changing the tiniest things.


Q) Is there a video that you are most proud of?


Jaz – We’re about to release a video called “Dear Mom,” which is story about suicide and mental health. Everything from the story to the shots to the editing is probably the best we’ve ever done in terms of a video.


Harjit – We’re about to release two really amazing videos that we’ve put so much time and effort into. I think they are easily going to be our best videos.


Q) Congratulations on your 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs win for the category of “Fan Fave Much Creator!” What was it like for you to win this award, especially considering it was, historically, the first ever win in this entirely brand new category?


Jaz – This was a huge deal for us. The MMVAs have never had an award for creators so we were the first creators to get it and we were up against some really talented people!


Harjit – We both grew up watching the MMVAs because it’s a huge thing in Toronto so it was a dream come true to get up on that stage and accept that award!


Q) What has been your favorite memory on your journey thus far? Any special fan encounters?


Jaz – Definitely winning that MMVA and realizing how many people actually do support us!


Harjit – Every fan encounter is huge for us. We’re always so excited to put a face to a name…Or in our case a username


Q) If you could collaborate with any other YouTuber or channel, who would that be and why?


Jaz – Liza Koshy, she is like my spirit animal!


Harjit – Casey Neistat! He’s not afraid to do crazy things so I think we’d come up with something so cool to do!


Q) Are there any vloggers or fellow YouTubers who influence you?


Jaz – Same as above, Casey and Liza!


Q) YouTube has changed the way in which content is distributed and created. How has YouTube’s convenience and ease of access affected your ability to grow your channels and expand your audience?


Jaz – The fact that anyone could upload videos and create content is a huge thing, but it also makes it harder to stand out when there are millions of people on YouTube.


Q) Running a successful YouTube channel comes with a lot of work. But you have two channels, which means twice the work and twice the amount deadlines. What do you like to do in your off time to counter that stress?


Jaz – Watch a lot of Netflix!


Harjit – And eat junk food!


Q) You are also Much creators. What does it mean to be a creator for Much?


Jaz – It’s awesome being a Much creator. It kind of feels like Toronto has our back.


Harjit – To be a Much creator really just means we have some extra support when it comes to the business side of things so we can focus on creating.


Q) Jaz, you also run a personal YouTube channel called “SincerelyJaz.” What makes your channel different from the channels you co-lead with Harjit?


Jaz – My SincerelyJaz channel is basically all the stuff that would be weird doing on YouTwoTV. It’s more of the stuff I’m interested in that Harjit isn’t like beauty, fashion and cooking!


Q) You both are brand ambassadors and have partnered with a number of major companies, including Goo­gle Canada, McDonald’s Canada and Bell Canada. How has your affiliation with these companies benefited your journey? Do you have any advice for brands looking to partner with YouTubers, or for YouTubers who wish to partner with a brand?


Jaz – For brands looking to work with YouTube partners, my advice would be to let the YouTubers have creative control. They have the audience you want to reach for a reason!


Harjit – For YouTubers who want to work with brands, make sure you’re actually in love with the brand. The last thing you want to do is to promote a brand or company you don’t like.


Q) YouTube has grown to be a place where creativity flourishes and careers kick off. What advice can you give to future hopefuls who wish to pursue a profession in YouTube?


Jaz – Make sure you’re doing what you love and be consistent! Having a schedule lets your fans know when you’re going to post and when to expect a video from you!


Harjit – Don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of people on YouTube so it may take a while for people to watch your videos but it will happen!

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