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Hayden Panettiere – Pep Squad

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Q.  What are some of the current projects that you’ve recently been working on?

A.  Well, I just finished actually, believe it or not, Bring It On 3.  I’m not sure what it’s going to be titled at the moment but that was a real fun project.  I finished three independent films over the summer.  They are titled Mr. GibbThe Shanghai Kid and All Fall Down, which was with Isabella Rossellini and Anthony LaPaglia.  So, that was cool and I just finished my record deal.

Q.  We know you’re working on the film Bring It On Yet Again.  What can you tell us about the premise for this film and your character?

A.  The film is basically about this girl who is the captain of her cheerleading squad at Pacific Vista High School.  She’s Ms. Perfect, she’s the captain of the squad, she’s dating the quarterback of the football team, she’s got the perfect friends, the perfect life.  Her father is very wealthy and one day she comes home and learns that her dad has lost his job and is relocating to Crenshaw Heights.  It’s a little bit like the ghetto and so she has to leave her school, leave her friends and she comes to this new school and she is probably one of the only white kids there of course. It’s just pretty funny and she meets these three girls, Leti, Lucretia and Camille and Camille is played by Solange Knowles.  We don’t get along at first and then I realize later on that they are actually cheerleaders and Camille is the captain of the squad.  It’s basically about me having to decide because I promised my other squad that I would never cheer again.  I have to decide whether I love cheerleading too much to give it up or whether I can really get along with the Crenshaw Heights squad to be a part of it. 

Q.  Were you familiar with the previous two Bring It On films?

A.  Yes I am!  I was, I love them, they are awesome!  I have got one of my friends who was in the second film, Joy, I guess she goes by Bethany Lenz now who is on One Tree Hill.  They are very enjoyable films, they are very funny, there is definitely comedy in this film, it was fun.  I mean you can imagine running around with twenty kids from ages seventeen to twenty-four for three months.

Q.  What kind of training did you have to go through with this project?

A.  We did three weeks straight of rehearsal in the beginning and I wound up training eight hours a day.  That’s because I worked with both of the squads on the teams and I stayed in the morning and the afternoon.  So, it was about eight hours before I got out of there.  We had to stretch and warm up, it was fun though.

Q.  You’re also working on an album, what kind of music can listeners expect to hear?

A.  I have been listening to a lot of music lately and trying to decide what in fact I want to do.  I like a little bit of the rock and I just sat down the other day with Matthew Drudge who wrote Kelly Clarkson’ssong “Breakaway.”  So, I’ve been working with a lot of producers and stuff like that, just trying to figure out exactly what I want to do, what kind of music I wan to sing.

Q.  What kind of creative input have you gotten with the recording?

A.  At the end of the day it’s going to be my music that I am going to wind up singing.  I’m not going to played into doing anything that I don’t like or don’t want.  I have a publishing company that I have as well and I have been writing the songs.  So, I’ve been doing that and I definitely have an input and at the end of the day it’s going to be my music.

Q.  What are some of your passions besides acting?

A.  Singing of course and I love sports.  I’ve done three movies where I’ve had to be very athletic.  I love sports, I used to play them all the time.  I would play sports and be acting to the point where I was never home.  I had to stop them (sports), I was playing volleyball and softball and all those things.  It was bad for me, but I found ways obviously where I’ve gotten to race horses, dance and cheer and things I never would have gotten to do if I had just been in school. 

Q.  What is your latest obsession?  Are you into any particular book, sport, music group or activity?

A.  My Nano iPod that I just got, I’m working on getting that thing up.  I just got back literally so my life is basically devoted to the film and right now I’m working on being with my friends because I haven’t seen or talked to them in a while.  Just being with my family and Christmas time, I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday.  I love all music, I’m constantly downloading music and listening to songs.  I never had just one band or one genre that I liked. 

Q.  What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A.  Thank you so much for supporting me and being there for me.  There are so few words in the English language and it’s so awful but of course, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I could never have gotten to where I am without you guys, keep watching because I hopefully will have some interesting things coming out to entertain you all. 

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