How to Get Away With Murder – Go Cry Somewhere Else

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By: Jamie Steinberg


We begin the episode with a conversation between Bonnie (Liza Weil) and Frank (Charlie Weber). She asks Frank not to hurt Wes (Alfred Enoch) and he agrees to it. We head to the hospital where it is discharge day for Laurel (Karla Souza). The Keating Three have gathered to help bring her home.

In jail, Annalise (Viola Davis) is still dealing with a salty cellmate. The woman even refers to Annalise as “Casey Anthony.” Annalise is quick to snap that Wes wasn’t her kid so that nickname doesn’t apply.

Bonnie begins to practice her arguments for Annalise’s case. She wants the judge to sever Frank’s case from Annalise’s so they will not be tried as co-conspirators in Wes’ death.

The next day it is Wes’ funeral and Laurel is a mess. She doesn’t understand why people who didn’t even know Wes are there and acting upset. She is angry and hurt. She screams, “He deserves better than this funeral!” While that’s true, Annalise is locked up so there is no way she can help the university (and his friends) plan a proper memorial for him.

In jail, Annalise again must combat a nasty cellmate. Annalise offers to help her with her court case, but the woman isn’t interested. “In what world can your child murdering ass help me with my case,” the inmate asks. Ouch.

Laurel has run off after ripping the funeral attendees a new one and they can’t find her. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) is worried about her, but no one else seems to be. In fact, Connor (Jack Falahee) snidely remarks, “Maybe she found a bridge to jump off.” Not cool, bro. Michaela tells them to divide up and begin looking for their pal.

The detectives on Wes’ case meet with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and begin grilling him like a hamburger. It’s okay though because his friends have already prepped him for the various hard hitting questions he could be asked so he’s prepared for the fierce questions he is likely to face.

It is now time for Annalise’s court hearing to sever her case from Frank’s case. Annalise’s mother (Cicely Tyson) and her father have come to town to show their support. In fact, Annalise’s mom is so supportive that she says she is willing to take the fall for the fire. She says she is elderly and can pretend to have forgotten about cooking something, which in turn caused the fire. Annalise appears to either be considering this or is extremely frightened by the offer in front of her. At this point, it’s hard to tell.

Laurel finally shows up and it seems she is at the morgue. She wants to see Wes’ body, but is denied since she isn’t family – despite her protesting. Nate (Billy Brown) comes to the rescue and actually opens the drawer that has Wes’ body. Shocked, when they open it the body is not Wes! When Bonnie brings this to the court’s attention, the A.D.A. claims there was a mixup and the body was sent to another morgue, but there is an investigation. Nate is confronted by the D.A. and the A.D.A. who say the body was moved at his request.

Annalise’s father meets with her without her mother. She seems to actually have given real thought to her mother’s suggestion as she tells her father, “Help me with my mother. That’s something we can fix.” Her dad doesn’t want to give any weight to his wife’s willingness to take the blame though and is tired of Annalise holding his past over him. “You don’t get to blame me for where you’re sitting,” he snaps! True. Annalise is a grown woman and has made her own decisions that have led her to this rough part of her life.

Back at Michaela’s home the Keating Three are relaxing after a rough day. Asher (Matt McGorry) even opens a bottle of liquor and then pours some out for “his homie.” After a death glare of annoyance from Michaela he says, “Sorry, I’ll get paper towels.”

Michaela arranges for Laurel to meet with Frank so they can clear the air. She says to him, “I saw you leave the basement. I guess I just have to believe my eyes. Shouldn’t I?” Well, we cut to earlier where it seems that Laurel has actually figured out that Frank wasn’t the arsonist, but is now trying to pin the deed on him in anger. Laurel thinks they shouldn’t even be discussing this since it is not in the presence of his attorney. Frank assures her that they don’t have to worry about his attorney any longer since he has fired him and now will be representing himself. Well, we all know what they say about a man who uses himself as an attorney… (He has a fool for a client).

Back at the prison, Annalise is tired of hearing the insults from her cellmate. She provokes a fight with the one that was going off on her before and gets her ass handed to her. We later find out that this was Annalise’s plan all along as the threats of violence and now this beating have gotten her released.

We cut to a flashback of Nate showing up at Annalise’s home the night of the fire. He walks in looking for his lady. Instead, he sees Wes.

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