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By: Dustin Bradley


Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and the Keating clan are back for Season Four of ABC’s hit show “How to Get Away with Murder.” This season looks more character driven and dramatic than ever. I’ll be here every week recapping all the shenanigans. Let’s dive into episode I’m Going Away.


We start off the season with Annalise texting and then later writing some mysterious letters for the Keating Four (RIP Wes. Miss you already man.) She wants them all plus Bonnie to meet her at a fancy restaurant later that evening.  


After that quick glimpse we flash to Laurel (Karla Souza) on campus with her father, Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales), who has come to visit her new apartment. Little does he know that she is staying in Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) [hopefully he returns in flashbacks) old apartment and that she has strong suspicions that he killed Wes. So, she probes him by telling him that she had an abortion earlier that year. Her father assumes it’s Frank’s, but we all know he knew the truth. She then gets the text from Annalise and comes running. When she gets to the restaurant she sees the letters she is intrigued. But, of course, we don’t see the rest play out until later.


First, we have to see what the other members of the Keating clan have been up to since Wes’ death. We start with Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) in a gay bar getting accosted by a bunch of straight girls. They are still fighting because Connor, who shaved, hasn’t fully answered Oliver’s proposal from last seasons finale. Connor believes that marriage is a lot to handle. Connor then gets his text from Annalise. Sadly, Ollie got left out of the loop again.


Next up is Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher (Matt McGorry) who have settled into quite a domesticated lifestyle because they are mattress shopping when we see catch up with them. They get their text and talk about what they think is gonna happen at the meeting. Asher thinks it’s a good thing and Michaela like always is doubtful.


Now onto Bonnie (Liza Weil) and Frank (Charlie Weber) who are looking for a new office after last weeks tragedy. Frank wants to buy the office with the suitcase money, a/k/a the money he took in order to injury Annalise and unintentionally kill her unborn son all those years ago. Bonnie warns him that that will not help his case with Annalise. Bonnie then has to leave for Annalise’s bar hearing.


We then flashback to what Annalise has been doing and that’s taking care of her mom, Ophelia (Cicely Tyson), who is battling with a bad case of dementia.. But we first meet her on the plane to Memphis where a fellow passenger named Desmond (Julius Tennon, Davis’ real life husband) has taken a liking to Annalise. He gives her a napkin with his number on it. More on that later.


Annalise feels like she has to come help out her mother seeing as how her father Mac (Roger Robinson) has been a bit inadequate in helping. It seems that Mama Keating has been getting worse as she has an episode where she wakes Annalise up in the middle of the night replaying what happened the night Uncle Clive died in the fire. This is enough to make Mama realize that maybe she does need help. She decides to visit a care facility to see what it’s like. There the whole family makes a scene because it’s clear that Annalise still blames a lot of things on her father, mostly the fact that his leaving opened a door for Uncle Clive to swoop on in and rape her as a child. Later that night Annalise confides in her sister about the fact that she’s an alcoholic and that she has caused a big mess back at Middleton. But she has to go back and face the consequences. Before she leaves, her and her father have a heart to heart where he apologizes for his part in the Clive incident and promises to take care of Mama Keating while Annalise is gone.


Now back to Desmond. We had a short scene where Annalise tried to find an AA meeting, but couldn’t she she decides to call up Des and try to have a one night stand. It’s just like Annalise to trade in one addiction for another. Lucky for us she doesn’t go through with it because she comes to her senses after he receives a phone call from a woman, who we find out is his daughter. Well, so long Desmond. Maybe we will see you again?


Back at Middleton Annalise finally has her bar hearing where Bonnie tries to make things more complicated by trying to say that Annalise tox screening from the night of the fire was tampered with. However, Annalise steps up and takes responsibility and explains that while yes she was drunk that night and a precious life was lost that she hasn’t had a drop since and she won’t because she values herself and wants another chance – something they grant her.


Now onto the dinner later that night. She delivers the news that she isn’t going to be disbarred. We also get the news that Laurel lied to her father and is actually having Wes’ baby. She assumes Annalise would be happy. Instead, it turns out that the letters are recommendations for new job opportunities for not only the students, but for Bonnie as well. Laurel, Michaela and Asher are pissed. They haven’t gone through all that they have for Annalise to be abandoned now. Connor seems okay to be freed of Annalise and her drama. Bonnie is obviously upset too, but Annalise explains that after all they have been through together that they don’t need each other anymore. This won’t last but we will see.


So what’s next for the clan? Well, Micheala and Asher are gonna focus on getting internships. Connor tells Oliver that he, of course, wants to marry him but he wants to wait until the fear of jail is gone. Laurel is pregnant and seems to be plotting something against her father and Dominic (Nicholas Gonzalez).  Bonnie takes a job with A.D.A. Todd Denver (Benito Martinez). We get a glimpse of Nate (Billy Brown), apparently he still works for the D.A.’s office. Next for Annalise is court-appointed therapy with Dr. Isaac (Jimmy Smits).


We end the premiere with the big mystery for the season. Frank and Dr. Isaac are rushing towards a woman’s hospital room that houses not Annalise, but Laurel who is missing her baby bump and starts screaming at Frank, “Where’s the baby? Where’s my baby?” So, that’s it. #Wheresthebaby?


Looks to be a great season this year! Come back each week for a new recap. Watch HTGAWM on Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC!

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