How To Get Away With Murder – I’m Not Her

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By: Dustin Bradley



ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” featured a dramatic episode that packed more punches than the premiere. Annaliese had her first case back.. The Keating Four applied for internships and Bonnie, Frank and Nate were just there.


Annalise (Viola Davis) has her second session with Dr. Isaac (Jimmy Smits). She spends her whole hour talking about her first case back, which involved her former cellmate Jasmine (L. Scott Caldwell). Jasmine got picked up for prostitution and owning an illegal firearm. Annalise swoops in and offers to help her pro bono as repayment for keeping her safe in jail. We find out that Jasmine turned to prostitution unwillingly at thirteen years old after her father pimped her out, she has spent the last 40-50 years on the streets strung out and making a living the only way she knows how. Annaliese knows what it’s like to be sexually abused so she does everything in her power to win the case and set Jasmine free. She discovers that the key to winning is Jasmine’s sealed court records, that Frank (Charlie Weber) delivers to her unannounced. The records show that she was picked up at thirteen years old and instead of being treated like a victim and receiving help, the court turned their back on her. Annalise gives an impassioned speech in court where she says that the judicial system is continuously turning its back on women, the LGBT+ community and people of color in need by not offering the correct assistance and treated some of them like the victims that they are.


Dr. Isaac hits a nerve when he claims that Annalise took this case as her first case back because of her past sexual abuse. This triggers her and causes her to defend herself and retort back that unlike Jasmine she had people around her that encouraged her to be successful in spite of her past. Isaac simply states that he wasn’t intending on triggering her, but that most addicts steam from prior abuse and soon reveals that he is a former addict himself. This prompts Annalise to tell him about her first therapist she had and how he crossed the patient-doctor line by getting to personal and eventually she married him. Shout out to her pig ex Sam! Are we hinting at a possible Anneliese/Dr. Isaac pairing? By the way, does anyone know Dr. Isaac’s first name?.


On to the Keating Four and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora). Connor (Jack Falahee), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Laurel (Karla Souza) are picking up the pieces after being fired by Professor Keating and are interviewing for new internships. Michaela and Laurel ace their interviews and the boys sadly don’t. Asher does end up getting a call from the same law firm as Michaela and it’s implied by resident a-hole Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu) that he only received the call because of his late father. Laurel doesn’t care about being a lawyer anymore because she’s more worried about exposing her father for killing Wes and she needs Connor and Michaela’s help to it. Meanwhile, Oliver has decided to start his own IT firm and joins his pals at an after interview drinking session to hand out business cards to law firms.


The flash forward shows us Dr. Isaac attempting to call Annaliese and warn her that Laurel woke up. And Bonnie (Liza Weil) shows up at Annaliese’s apartment where she is missing and the police are collecting evidence from her apartment and elevator which is covered in blood.




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