Imposters – Always Forward, Never Back

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By: Ashlee Dell’Arciprete


This week was the season finale of Bravo’s “Imposters.” The episode begins with a swanky jazz number while showing how each person of the plan is preparing alongside the FBI. Richard (Parker Young) is standing in front of a mirror admiring his fake mustache and Jules (Marianne Rendón) is snapping Polaroid’s of their code, The Maddie Code, when she gets a text from Maddie (Inbar Lavi) asking if the bag switch plan is clear. We cut to the FBI guys and Patrick (Stephen Bishop) is getting ready and concealing his gun. Gina (Chastity Dotson) is making sure the monitoring devices work with the FBI. Then, it’s watches galore – everyone makes sure their watches are set to the correct time.


Maddie is getting ready for her “wedding” when she looks in the mirror and has a flashback to her childhood. She’s supposed to be going out with her friends after school, but her parents are making her let her All-State-wrestler cousin Danny in while he’s at a wrestling meet. She hasn’t seen him since they were kids when he locked her in the closet. She goes off to school with her friends who pick on her for being a “good girl” and say that maybe one day she’ll have some fun and Maddie walks off.


Ezra (Rob Heaps) knocks on the door and interrupted this while Maddie throws on her wedding dress. He questions if she’s playing them again. She asks him to tie her dress and she starts to tell Ezra about her childhood where she just flashbacked to. She tells him when she grew up in Potsville, PA and her second cousin Danny was her first con. Back to the flashback. When Danny arrives, she opens the door and tells him her name is Nicky and that Maddie was held up at school. Given they haven’t seen each other since they were kids, he hopes he believes her and he does. She asks him to teach her wrestling and then it gets really weird. She gets on top of him and makes out with him. This makes it really awkward when they have dinner that night with her family and Danny finds out Nicky was really Maddie…yikes. Ezra responds with usual wittiness and says, “See you in the game Maddie.”


Now its time to start the plan – Richard is set up on car control and people are taking their seats inside the church at the wedding. Auntie Colleen (Denise Dowse) arrives with the briefcase and delivers it to Gina to bring it over with the rest of the gifts. Jules comes in with the switch. Then, “The Doctor” a/k/a Max (Brian Benben) arrives. Maddie is watching with Patrick and another member of the FBI to tell him she sees The Doctor. She and Patrick head off to continue with the fake fiasco.


An interesting sequence occurs as Maddie walks towards Patrick. As she walks down the aisle, Richard, Jules and Ezra each relive their days with Maddie. Then, Richard screws up the plan to break into a car in just three seconds when a car alarm goes off.  Luckily, he was able to get the alarm off and talk his way out of it when an FBI agent comes to check on him. Back inside the church, each recite their fake vows and say “I do.” Surprisingly, nobody objected to the marriage. At the reception, Patrick tells Maddie she looks beautiful and my heart hurts because I was holding out they’d end up together. They sure do put on a good show though.


Gina gets word Jules is back in the money room. They talk about the relationship they’ve had when all of a sudden there’s a fire…in the same room as the money. But given Jules’ face, it’s likely she caused it. Gina puts out the fire, but feels bad for ruining Jules’ art present for the couple.  She helps her bring it outside and gives the perfect opportunity for Richard to go and get the briefcase. Gina and Jules sit down and Gina kisses her. We may believe she actually has feelings for her.


Maddie and Ezra sit on the steps of the church and talk about their past relationship again. Ezra thinks Maddie is just scared of feeling something. During their conversation, the FBI sees The Doctor leaving without the briefcase. All agents are now instructed to go follow him. But there’s a little, no BIG problem: Richard killed all of the cars and nobody is getting out. Patrick goes to find out where Maddie and Ezra are and how The Doctor got away. Surprise! They’re busy kissing. Patrick calls the deal off with Maddie and Ezra realizes Patrick played him…or so he says. The two guys get into a little argument and Ezra says, “Yeah, well, she used to be my wife.” We can’t help but feel bad for him. After their little tussle, Patrick runs off after Maddie and Ezra smiles (which makes us think that too was part of the plan).


Anyway, Maddie runs off into the forest, over the boardwalk and escapes off on a boat. Patrick calls the FBI to request an arrest of The Doctor and sees he too got a custom website from Maddie: www.MrsPatrickCampbell.com. He and the rest of the FBI find a car to use and got the van from the local church, but they only have a little bit of time before the van has to be returned for senior bingo. Meanwhile, Patrick finally opens up a laptop and enters the website. His video message sounds a lot like the message Ezra got. Something like this:


“You will never see me again. You’ll ask yourself many questions in the days ahead. You’ll replay every moment we shared together. You’ll wonder how this happened, what clues did you miss.”
While Maddie’s message is playing, we find out it wasn’t actually Maddie that ran off onto the boat…it was Jules! Maddie’s message continues and she admits she actually was feeling things for him. She mentions their plan to run away together and start a life together while Auntie and Gina are both listening.


Jules, Gina and Ezra reunite at Pinehurst bus station. Ezra says it’s like no matter what they do its like they will always be married to her. Their bus is leaving in forty minutes and Jules goes in to buy the tickets. Ezra and Richard tell her to buy five tickets, leaving two for Maddie and Max.


Back in the church van, Auntie tells Patrick the money better be in the briefcase and the ring better be safe. She opens the briefcase and surprisingly it is. Max got the briefcase with the brick with a note from Maddie reading “This one is for Sally. Bye bye Maxie.” Maddie continues to be ahead, but at least she did the right thing by giving the money back to the FBI. Now for the ring, Maddie goes back to Patrick’s house and is seen opening up the safe, but we see a surprise on her face.


At the bus station, the three are waiting for Maddie and Max to show up. They get on the bus alone with just the three of them and Maddie is sitting in a car watching them. They are now realizing they got played. Ezra and the group think Maggie probably never planned on following through with the plan and that she just planned on taking the money and the ring and cutting them loose.


Maddie, who’s still watching them from afar, gets out of the car holding a bag. Ezra, Jules and Patrick are reminiscing of their journey to find Maddie in the first place. We’re all thinking Maddie played them all, but Ezra pulls out a ring…the ring. And the bus drives off with Maddie standing behind and smiling.


We cut to the infamous Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman) in New York City’s Washington Square Park on the phone with the actual Doctor. He tells her what happened and she walks off and the episode ends.


The episode ended as a great cliffhanger with a good opening for another season. We need to know what happened to Max, where Maddie went, what The Doctor’s plan is with Lenny Cohen and what happened with Jules, Richard and Ezra. A second season would be the perfect opportunity for that. In an interview by TVLine, the executive producers of the show, Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks said they are “cautiously optimistic” on a Season Two. Overall, “Imposters” was an excellent series with many twists and turns that kept the audience entertained and an excellent cast to top it off. Let’s hope they get picked up for Season Two so the story can continue!

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