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By: Lisa Steinberg



Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) Season Four of “Real Husbands of Hollywood” will be amazing. Then, I have a movie coming out March 14 on TVOne called Hear No Evil.

Q) Please tell us the premise for Hear No Evil and about your character?

A) It’s with new star Jahnee Wallace, Jill Marie Jones, Richard T. Jones and myself. It’s about a girl who is deaf, but ends up getting struck by lightening and gets her hearing back. When she gets her hearing back, she hears things from God and problems as well. She is an undercover psychic. I play her uncle who knows she has a talent and tries to convince her to use her talent for money like to get a talk show or join the circus. The premise for the movie is that everything you hear you might not want to hear because it all can be bad.

Q) What was it about the film that made you want to be a part of it?

A) I have never played an uncle before. The character was an alcoholic and I have never played one before. He had cirrhosis of the liver, too. So, it had all of these elements that I had to find out about. It was kind of interesting and fun to do something like that. It was something different for me to do that role.

Q) What do you think it is about the film that you think will draw in viewers?

A) It’s a great family movie. You can definitely learn something from it. It’s definitely a deep message. I think people will be drawn to it because of the family message and the stations they are going through. I think everyone can relate to a character in the film. I think it will be a great movie for people to watch and learn something from. It’s actually a drama. If there is any type of humor, it will be coming from my character the most.

Q) You have great comedic timing. Is that something that is a natural ability for you?

A) I think it is just a gift from God. It is something that comes naturally for me. It’s nothing that I practiced. It’s just something that I can do and I think it is a great gift to have. You act and react and give and take. I think everything will be alright if you just listen.

Q) How do you take that into the roles you do?

A) On “Real Husbands” working with Kevin Hart, he is such a talent and does that all the time. So, just being around somebody like him and doing scenes with him is actually a practice for me. I’m around so many people who are talented that do that. If I didn’t know how to do it, I’m around so many people where I would have learned. Since I already know how, I kind of see it as more fun. The whole time I have learned more ways how to do it. It’s a great thing and we definitely use it a lot on the show. Majority of the time I try to do that with every role that I have.

Q) What did you add to your role on the show that wasn’t originally scripted for you?

A) They have a bird call…It’s a bird call when they are looking for me. When he is looking for me, if I lost some money of his, lost a vehicle or messed up a date and he’s mad…If he needs me, we just do a little bird call and we answer in the same thing. That wasn’t in the script, but I brought it into because it is something I do with my friends in my every day life. They call me on the phone and instead of saying, “Good morning” or “Hello,” it’s just bird calls. You do the bird call and then ask, “What’s up? You good?” It’s all fun and games and I’m glad that I was able to bring it to my character. I’m glad that Kevin has attached himself to it. It’s so fun because the whole set does it when they are looking for me. If they are looking for me on the walkie talkie they’ll do the bird call. It’s really fun and I can’t wait for everybody to start catching on it even more. It’s really going on a lot in Season 4. I can’t wait for people to gravitate to it and do what we do on the show.

Q) What can you tease is in store this season on “Real Husbands?”

A) I’m wearing a flat top this year. I’ll leave it at that. Just know that me and the flat top had a wonderful time. I think the flat top will probably bring a lot of laughter because it is my actual, natural hair. One of the producer told me to grow it and I grew it. They definitely use it on the show this year. It’ll be funny because they do a lot of jokes on it. Just imagine all the flat top jokes…You’ll have to wait and see.

Q) Do you enjoy the instant fan feedback social media provides when the episodes air?

A) I think it is a great thing. I wouldn’t say that I look into comments and read all of them. Even if it was something negative, at the end of the day I look at it as your name is in your mouth. Hopefully, you learned something to do from me or something not to do from me from what I did on the show. It’s a blessing to have followers and haters who don’t want to follow you, but they are following you anyway. All you are doing is helping me out. It’s all an A+ in the game. I try to stay in touch with social media and stay in tune with everything so they can watch my stuff when it comes out. I do work so hard to get as many fans as possible.

Q) Is there anything you want to be sure to share with fans?

A) I will be back on stage doing my comedy really soon. Please, please know you will be hearing about it and seeing it soon. Hopefully, you will be able to come and check me out. My comedy tour will be called “Why Haven’t I Been Doing This.” For all the people who want to know, it’s because I was lucky enough to get these movies going and I was grateful. I have to go back to where I love though and do comedy. I’ll definitely be back on stage and you’ll hear about it soon so you can come check me out. 

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