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By: Sharon Kurack



Q) As most Fillorians know, “The Magicians” is based off of a series of books by Lev Grossman, but takes many amazing liberties with original characters and the like. Kady is an original character, but are there one or more characters that inspired her creation/development?


A) Yes. Kady was originally birthed out of the character Amanda Orloff, who dies by the best attack in the books. Thankfully, they decided to keep her around and play off of Amanda’s tough persona. They also decided to make Kady Asmodeous another character that you find later in the books. So, they’ve taken a lot of liberties with Kady. That said, I live that I really get to create this character out of scratch for the most part.


Q) Can you explain the relationship of Penny and Kady thus far? What should we expect in the oncoming season regarding its evolution?


A) That is way too complicated to write in short hand but I’ll do my best. Kady and Penny (Arjun Gupta) have a tumultuous relationship yet we see how deeply they live and care for one another. I think they both just have a hard time being vulnerable. For example, Kady never says she loves Penny, but we know that she does based on her actions. This season, you will see both of them fight and go through hell and back not only to save Penny’s life, but for their love. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least.


Q) Before Penny got poisoned, he admitted strong feelings for Kady. (Confessing to loving her, even.) Do you think Kady feels just as strongly for him? How complex/difficult is it for Kady to love someone?


A) She absolutely does. I think you can see from her actions that she really does love him. She just doesn’t know how to be vulnerable and tell him out of fear. Everybody that she’s loved she’s lost and I think she really fears losing Penny more than anything. So, I don’t think it’s difficult for her to love, no. I think it’s just difficult for her to express it.


Q) How does the “shutting down” of magic affect Kady?


A) It’s interesting. In the past I don’t think magic really affected Kady. For example, if magic wasn’t available she would just use her physical abilities. Pinching people, etc. But in this circumstance without magic she has no way of saving Penny. It’s the first time she needs to rely on magic. t’s kind of like real life. Often times when somebody we love is dying we have no control over it. So, this is the first time we see her completely out of control. And she tries to do everything in her power to get it back to save him.


Q) Kady has shown time and again throughout both Season 1 and Season 2 that her magic is also a force to be reckoned with. Seeing as she technically is not a Brakebills student, like Julia, will we see her magic spark in a similar manner? And will her strong battle magic as well as her affinity for telekinesis come back into play this season?


A) Kady along with all the other cast members will really have to rely on things outside of magic and their own human abilities this season.


Q) Last season Kady and Julia’s relationship developed immensely due to traumatic circumstances, however, their relationship also seemed as though it suffered due to Julia’s choice not to kill Reynard at the end of Season 2. Do you think they will have a chance to rebuild or is Kady more of a “fool me once” type of girl?


A) Kady has a hard time trusting and forgiving as we’ve seen. This is no different. I mean, if your friend had you kill someone for nothing, how would you respond? But we also know that they care deeply for one another and they’ve been through a lot together. So, I think redemption is possible. They definitely interact this season, but how and to what extent…you’ll just have to wait and see.


Q) Will Kady’s attitude change towards Julia knowing that she got her shade back after all?


A) She is definitely skeptical of Julia (Stella Maeve) based on everything that they went through. So it definitely changes but in what way is the question.


Q) How important is it to see such a solid bond of friendship between two strong women depicted on television? Will we see other main characters form a bond similar to our “Best Bitches” that have not yet been developed?


A) It is not just important, it is vital. In order or things to change and evolve we must be the examples of positive female role models and women supporting one another, especially in this day and age with the “Me Too” Movement and everything that entails. Really, we must ALL support one another – men, women, etc. The days of inequality and sexism are finally coming to an end but in order to shift it there must be examples of strong women and women supporting one another so that our future generations have an example to be inspired by and learn from.


Q) At the beginning of Season 1, Kady was a somewhat different character than she was at the end of Season 2, in that she began this journey as more of a lone wolf only to be developed into someone who not only has others’ backs, but also realizes some people have her back. Can you trace Kady’s development from Season 1, Season 2, and hint where it might lead into Season 3?


A) YES. She has had quite the journey. In fact, I think the biggest transformation of all the characters.  She has become more vulnerable open, and you really see that she has a big heart underneath her tough exterior. If we really track her trajectory she always does things in order to help and support people. Although she has changed a lot, she does have a tendency to fall back into old destructive habits that are to her detriment.


Q) What would you like to see happen or develop with Kady for Season 3 into Season 4?


A) Hmmm…The sky is the limit. Maybe something a little more light-hearted and positive. But We all know that won’t happen.


Q) Who are some guest stars you can tease will be appearing on “The Magicians” this season?


A) Well…I can tell you that Marlee Matlin is back!! I just can’t say enough about her. We really got to see more of her and where she comes from and the writers/creators did something brilliant this year that I think will give our viewers a whole new perspective on life based on Marlee’s character/ experience. At least I hope it will as it impacted me. We’ll have to talk more about it after the episode airs.


Q) What are some messages or themes you hope viewers take away with them for Season 3?


A) That magic doesn’t solve everything. To never give up. And for them to see these amazing kick ass women Making a difference.


Q) Season 3 revolves around the quest for the return of magic. What are some of Kady’s assets/abilities that will be beneficial to the search?


A) Clearly her strength and perseverance.

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