Jane The Virgin – Chapter Fifty-Two

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By: Emily Cross


The episode starts out with a good old flashback: every time Xo (Andrea Navedo) broke up with Bruce (Ricardo Chavira) she cried while watching the movie Beaches as Jane comforted her- twelve times. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) learned two things from this: Jane was the wind beneath Xo’s wings and people don’t change.


In the present, Jane is visiting Xo when she runs into Bruce, who was leaving after having breakfast with Xo and Alba (Ivonne Coll). Jane is standoffish, but Xo stands tall, telling her that they’re dating and Jane is going to have to get used to it. Even Alba is giving him a chance and she encourages Jane to get on board. Jane tries to, but isn’t sincere about it.


Michael (Brett Dier) thinks Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) arrangement with Darci (Justina Machado) is strange, but Rogelio stands his ground. Jane comes in, upset about the situation with Xo and Bruce. She is thinking about launching an intervention, but Rogelio is staying out of it. In this conversation, Michael mentions how miserable he is working desk duty and Jane says that she thinks Michael should research other career options.


Jane goes to drop Mateo off with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who got called to the police station and forgot to tell Jane. So, Jane takes Mateo to visit Catalina (Sofia Pernas), who is now living at the Marbella. Jane apologizes again, but then meets Arnaud (Richard Shelton), Catalina’s husband! Catalina says they’re getting divorced and explains they got married on a passionate whim. Jane thinks about telling Rafael, but after reminding herself to not meddle she tells Catalina she should tell Rafael.


Rafael meets with Michael who tells him he is not the biological son of Emilio and Elena. Rafael wonders if his dad knew and that’s why he treated him differently. Michael assures Rafael that he is under no obligation to tell anyone. Rafael has to go to an interrogation room, but Michael can’t go because he is on desk duty.


Later, Petra (Yael Grobglas) accuses Rafael of working with Scott (Wes Armstrong) against her (which he is), but Rafael denies it. Petra saw that Scott bought a new car and questions where the money came from. Rafael accuses Petra of being paranoid, due to what she’s been through.


Jane tells Michael about Catalina’s marriage, but he doesn’t respond so she knows something’s off. He then tells her that he quit his job. He apologizes for not telling her, but he just couldn’t stand being on desk duty. Jane reassures him it’s okay and they will figure something out.


Later, Jane is bringing coffee to Xo at the studio when she spots her fighting with Bruce. Xo doesn’t want to talk about it because Jane can’t be objective. When Jane leaves, she confronts Bruce. She tells him that he always hurts Xo and that’s why she can’t trust him now


Rogelio and Darci are drawing up a contract about their soon-to-be child and they seem to agree on everything. He tells Alba and Xo about the agreement. Xo can’t believe he’s actually following through and doesn’t trust Darci. Alba points out that they’ve never met Darci so Rogelio decides to introduce her to them.


Catalina tells Rafael about her husband and he doesn’t understand why she kept him in the dark. She admits she has a habit of running from problems rather than dealing with them, which Rafael can relate to. She lets it slip that Jane met Arnaud, which makes Rafael angry. He confronts Jane, who admits she should have told him. They both don’t know whether or not to trust Catalina so Jane promises to tell Rafael anything she finds out.


Petra visits Anezka, who is peddling fortunes on the street. She asks if Scott has reached out and Anezka says no. Petra won’t stop digging on where Scott’s money is coming from. She blames Anezka for her paranoia – she can’t trust anyone, not even herself after what Anezka did. She insists that Anezka needs to leave the US because she is part of the problem.


Michael thinks he wants to be a car salesman, but Jane can’t see it. He’s not a car guy. She tells him not to rush into anything and an aptitude test might help.


Xo visits Jane to yell at her for yelling at Bruce. It turns out that Xo was crying because Bruce’s teenage daughter doesn’t like her and now Bruce thinks she never will after speaking to Jane.


Michael takes an aptitude test that says he should be a detective, which is obvious. It also gives a lot of alternative careers: security consultant, FBI analyst, etc. However, all those careers are desk jobs, not out in the field, which is what Michael wants. Michael and Jane are supposed to have dinner with Xo and Bruce, but Michael asks Jane to let him off the hook so he can clean out his desk and say goodbye to his work friends. She agrees, going to the dinner alone.


The dinner is awkward, but Bruce makes an effort to reassure Jane that this time is different. He wouldn’t put his daughter through anything if he didn’t think it was worth it. Jane accepts it and says to give the daughter some time and that she will come around.


While Jane is washing dishes, she and Xo talk about doing dinner again sometime with Bruce and Michael. Xo pushes to set a date, but Jane is tired and doesn’t want to say anything concrete. When Xo asks her what’s wrong, Jane admits that she always thought Bruce wreaked havoc on their family, but now she sees Xo is doing that to Bruce’s family and she doesn’t like it.


Jane is picking Mateo up at the Marbella when she sees Catalina getting into a car with her husband and kissing him. The relationship is clearly not over. Later at the apartment, she tells Michael that she told Rafael and Rafael is going to end it with Catalina.


Michael has another career idea: stand-up comedy. Jane fakes being supportive. Later, she tells Xo and Alba about Michael’s idea. He’s been telling her jokes, but they’re not great. Jane thinks he’s funny, but the odds of him being successful are slim. Xo points out that Jane is an aspiring novelist and has similar odds of success. Jane agrees and says that she is trying to support him and she wants the family to support him too: he signed up for a slot at a comedy club that night. Jane is worried because she doesn’t want him to fall on his face, but Xo thinks he can handle it. When Michael asks Jane to help with his set, she laughs hard… maybe a little too hard.


Catalina calls Jane and accuses her of breaking her and Rafael up. Jane says that she told Rafael because she didn’t want him to get hurt and she cares about Rafael more because he’s her child’s father and she’s known Catalina for a month. Catalina obviously does not take this well.


At the comedy show, Jane is nervous for Michael. Xo thanks Jane for inviting Bruce, but he has his daughter so he’s not there. She says that she gets why Jane sees things her way, but knows that she’s changed and Bruce can, too. Rogelio shows up telling everyone that Darci is coming! Xo seems to take issue with it and is kind of bitchy when Darci arrives. Darci tells it like it is: Xo seems to have a problem with her when it’s none of her business. Alba tells Xo that it’s Rogelio’s decision and she shouldn’t meddle and they’ve had babies come into this family in stranger ways.


Anezka meets with Scott to say goodbye. Scott tries to convince her to stay, but she can’t stay without Petra’s money. Scott then says he has money from Rafael and offers to support her. Anezka refuses and tells Scott that Petra is already suspecting of him. Once in the car, Anezka takes off a wig and reveals herself to actually be Petra!


Once he gets onstage at the comedy show, Michael freezes. Jane rushes to the side of the stage and prompts him on his bits because she’s heard them so much. It turns out that Michael wasn’t the worst comedian in the world (but he wasn’t the best either).


Rafael looks at pictures of his father and remembers how he was always putting him down. He finds a folder that makes him upset: an addendum to his father’s will. The addendum states that the entirety of his estate should be divided between his biological children, which now does not include Rafael. Of course, Rafael then gets a visit from Petra, who tells him she knows about his deal with Scott and establishes herself as a threat to him.


Back at the comedy club, Xo approaches Darci and apologizes. She’s protective of him, but knows he can take care of himself. Rogelio interrupts and escorts Darci home, as he has to get up early for filming his indie movie the next morning.


Michael asks Jane if she thought he was funny while he was practicing and she admits she faked it a bit. He tells her that he wants her honest input on everything.


The next morning, Alba calls Jane and tells her that Xo is crying in her room and Beaches is nowhere to be found. Apparently, Xo was supposed to have brunch with Bruce and Tess (Dannay Rodriguez), his daughter, but Tess went to work instead. Bruce and Tess fought and she gave him an ultimatum. Jane decides to meddle and goes to the store where Tess works. Tess is obviously antagonistic and calls Xo slutty. Jane explains to Tess that Xo has changed and that she gets how Tess feels, but Xo and Bruce make each other happy. Jane ends up buying some products from the store to make Tess happy.


Rogelio is on set for his film, signing the contract for his arrangement with Darci. Darci is about to leave when Rogelio admits he’s nervous because he’s used to telenovela acting and indie films are different. Darci encourages him to “do it for our future spawn” and Rogelio invites her to sit on set. Rogelio is filming the nude scene when he realizes he has feelings for Darci… unfortunately, in a very obvious way. Forty-five minutes later, Rogelio returns to his trailer to thank Darci for leaving the stage. He confesses his feelings for her, which she does not reciprocate and tells him he needs to get over the feelings before they have the baby.


While dropping Mateo off at Rafael’s, Jane talks on the phone to Xo. Xo tells Jane that Bruce and Tess are bonding over how insane Jane is and Tess is giving Xo another chance. But Xo tells her to stop the meddling. Jane promises to stay out of Xo and Bruce’s relationship.


When Jane knocks on Rafael’s door, Catalina answers. He starts to explain, but Jane tells him that it’s his business and she doesn’t need to know. That night, Jane tells Michael all about it and that she’s staying out of it even if she thinks it’s a bad idea. Michael tells her that he has another job idea: lawyer. Even though it would mean going back to school, it excites Michael so Jane is behind it. But it might not come to be! The narrator (Anthony Mendez) laments, “Ah, to see that dream come true. But alas…”


Rafael meets with his lawyer, who tells him that his father probably suspected that Rafael wasn’t his son. However, the addendum is only legal if it’s valid and Rafael is the only one who knows it exists… or is he? The camera zooms out to show a bank of security cameras, all showing Rafael’s suite that Petra is watching! She left the cameras in the room when she visited him earlier in the episode. Now she has some very valuable information about Rafael. The only question is how will she use it?

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