Jane The Virgin – Chapter Seventy

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By: Sabine Aretz


The episode opens with a flashback of 14-year-old Jane (Jenna Ortega) in her favorite bookstore, discovering Isabel Allende’s (Isabel Allende) books. As Jane grows up, she reads more and more and feels inspired. Years later, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) still has a special place in her heart for the bookstore and wants to hold a launch party there as soon as her book comes out. Gathered together with Alba (Ivonne Coll), Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Mateo (Elias Janssen), present-day Jane opens a package of copies of her printed book and dances excitedly in celebration of being a published author.

While Jane is busy writing a mention in a copy for Mateo, which he is allowed to read once he turns twenty-five years old, Rafael gets a phone call from Petra (Yael Grobglas). She is furious because Anezka (Yael Grobglas) and Magda (Priscilla Barnes), now running the hotel, are offering discounts for cash payments so more people will pay in cash and they can collect it. Rafael tells her he does not want to be involved with the Marbella right now and needs to step away for his own well-being. Annoyed, Petra suggests that this is only because of Jane’s influence. After the phone call, Rafael asks Jane to remind him why he needs to stay away and she eagerly does.

“Because lying and sneaking around got you thrown in jail in the past and run over by a car in the present so we need to protect the future. Not only for you but for your children, who need you as a role model.”

Hoping to give Rafael something to do that will get him out of the house, Jane suggest he should get a job.

Later, Jane goes over to Adam’s (Tyler Posey) place and happily shows him a copy of her book. She tells him she tweeted her favorite author, Isabel Allende, about her launch party in hopes she will come. After Adam says he is proud of her, Jane almost tells him she loves him. At Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Xiomara’s (Andrea Navedo) house, Jane tells her mom about it and expresses how shocked she is that she almost said it.

At the Marbella, Petra tires to get Magda and Anezka to stop offering cash discounts and explains that they are ruining the hotel’s business. They tell her that they now demand ten million dollars before they would leave the country. Petra then tries to pit the two against each other, but Anezka stresses that she trusts Magda to make the right calls.

“It’s like I am queen, and she is my hand.”

Meanwhile, Jane is on her way to drop off copies of her book at her favorite bookstore, only to discover that it is out of business. In a conversation with the owners, Jane finds out that the building’s new landlord is raising the rent and they cannot afford it anymore. Jane is upset and talks to Xiomara about it. Rogelio comes in and expresses that he wants to make sure she can have her party at the bookstore. After Jane leaves, Xiomara tells Rogelio that he cannot recreate the bookstore on his set because they do not have the money for a grand gesture like that.

Now at his costume fitting, Rogelio is confronted with his ex-costar and rival, Fabian (Francisco San Martin). Because his character is killed off in the telenovela, Fabian asks Rogelio if he can have one big scene as a ghost that will show of his acting abilities. Furiously, Rogelio says no.

Rafael and Petra are talking and he tells her that he is looking for a short term job. Petra suggests he should work at the Marbella as a general manager because he could be close to his children and he knows the hotel better than anyone. Later, Petra ties to convince Magda to hire Rafael and she eventually agrees to take a meeting with him. On her way out of Magda’s office, Petra sees an asthma inhaler under the sofa and remembers Luisa saying that Carl (Graham Sibley) uses an inhaler.

Now with Krishna (Shelly Bhalla), Petra is looking through the hotel’s security footage. Upon discovering Luisa’s and another person’s shadow, who seems to be using an inhaler, Petra realizes that Carl is real and Luisa did not hallucinate him.

Rogelio leaves a voicemail for Jane, telling her that he took care of everything and she can have the party at the bookstore. Because Xiomara overhears him, Rogelio explains that he contacted the editor of People en Español, Arianna, and she will do a feature and the party, which will bring publicity and profit.

“That will bring the store tones of exposure, attention and – in the words of Abba – money, money, money”

Xiomara remains skeptical of Rogelio’s calculation and is shocked when he reveals that he also co-signed on the lease of the bookstore so that in case the owners will not be able to pay the rent, he will be responsible.

Meanwhile, Magda agrees to hire Rafael but only as a bartender. In the kitchen at the Marbella, he talks to Jane and expresses his annoyance of having to be a bartender. Jane tells him to get over himself and leaves for her date.

At Adam’s place, Jane shares that her publisher has set up a mini book tour, consisting of two stops in Florida. She then asks Adam to come with her and almost says “I love you” again. Adam says he will check his schedule to see if he can join. Later, Jane tells Xiomara about almost telling Adam she loves him again and explains that she is not ready to say it and also unsure if he will say it back.

On set with Rogelio, Jane asks him to reach out to Arianna because her publishers have been unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with her. Fabian drives by in a golf cart and reveals that Arianna is not responding and will not do a feature on the bookstore because she is his lover and he asked her not to. He then says that he will get her to write the feature if he gets his big monologue and Rogelio reluctantly agrees. Fabian; however, does not want the writers to write his big monologue but insists that Jane writes it.

At home with Xiomara, Jane is writing on the monologue and explains that Fabian is probably only doing this to annoy them but pretends he wants Jane to write it because she wrote the monologue that got Rogelio a Paloma nomination. Xiomara reveals that the reasons she is so stressed about Rogelio spending a lot of money on a big gestures is because her dance studio has not been going well.

Later at night, Krishna and Petra are putting on a scene in front of Anezka, pretending to reveal that Magda planned to use Anezka as a pawn. Anezka looks conflicted but says she does not believe her. Together, they do to confront Magda and Anezka is unsure who to trust. Petra, as proof that she knew Magda’s plan all along, tells them that she knows Carl is real.

The next day, Rafael tells Jane that he cannot go to her launch party because he as a shift that he cannot get out of. At home with Alba and Xiomara, he expresses his disappointment that Jane was not more disappointed about him not being able to come. Xiomara then shares her worries about what else Rogelio might do for Jane. Rafael explains that Rogelio goes overboard for Jane so often because he has this feeling of needing to provide.

Fabian visits Jane at the Marbella and tells her she needs to re-write the monologue or Arianna will not write the article. Annoyed, Jane sits down with him and starts to write. After several attempt, Fabian is still not happy about the monologue but unable to express what he wants. Ultimately, Jane realizes what Fabian is looking for and he is delighted with the result.

“And friends, I don’t think Jane would mind me saying that what she wrote was as hacky a monologue as the world has ever seen. Riddled with every cliché she could think of.”

Meanwhile, Anezka talks to pictures of Scott (Wes Armstrong) about being torn and not knowing who to trust. Desperately, she asks for a sign.

Later, Jane is getting ready for her party and gets a call from Adam, telling her he cannot come to her party because he is busy with work. Jane tells Alba and Xiomara that she is, most of all, disappointed that Rafael cannot come because he told her to write the book in the first place. Alba sighs and tells her about Rafael being disappointed that she did not seem more disappointed that he could not come.

“Rafael was bummed that you weren’t a little more bummed about him not being able to come tonight.”

Upon hearing that, Jane goes to the bar at the Marbella to see Rafael. She tells him how bummed she is that he cannot make it and shows him the acknowledgements of her book. While reading her words of gratitude for him, Rafael tears up.

Now at her book party, Jane sees Fabian trying to get her attention. He tells her that Arianna is not coming because she saw a picture of him with another lover. Because he feels guilty, Fabian says he will make it up to her by tweeting and, that way, getting publicity for the party.

“Don’t underestimate the power of my shirtlessness. I’m going to go completely naked and cover my previous junk with your precious book… I may need two.”

Later, Jane angrily tells Rogelio about the situation and tells him that it is his fault because they are only in the situation because of his need to always play the hero. Rogelio says he overcompensates because he was not around when she was a child. Jane tells him that he cannot use that excuse anymore and he should not blame himself because he did not know she was born. Guilty, Rogelio reveals that he had always had a feeling Xiomara might have kept their baby and part of why he never called was because he did not want to know. Jane forgive him and they hug.

Then, Jane finds Isabel Allende standing in between the bookshelves. Emotionally, she tells her how much she admires her and that her book helped her to deal with her grief. They share an emotional conversation and Isabel tells Jane to live and love passionately.

With that advice in mind, Jane goes over to Adam’s place and is about to tell him that she loves him but stops to asks what is wrong. Adam reveals that he is moving to LA because he got an even better job offer than before and wants to take it because Jane’s dreams come true made him want to go after his own. Jane leaves crying.

On the patio swing with Xiomara and Alba, Jane is still crying but smiles when she realizes that she did not think she could get her heart broken again after Michael died.

Later that night, Rogelio apologizes to Xiomara for co-signing the lease. Xiomara forgives him and Rogelio tries to explain why he always overcompensates. When he tells her that a small part of him had wondered if she had kept the baby, Xiomara is furious because she had been beating herself up over the last few years about keeping Jane from Rogelio and he had made her feel guilty about it. Angrily, Xiomara storms off and says she needs space.

At the bar at Marbella, Petra is talking to Rafael but is interrupted by a man whispering something in her ear. She runs off to find Anezka hanged and the narrator (Anthony Mendez) reveals that Anezka did not kill herself.

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