Jane the Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Eight

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By: Sabine Aretz


The episode opens with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) doing a photoshoot with her baby sister, which Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is passionately directing. After various outfits, including an egg and a bear, Jane draws the line at doing naked shots.

Afterwards, Rogelio is at work with Darci (Justina Machado) trying to decide on a name for their child. Esteban (Keller Wortham) joins them and suggest “Amada.” Both Rogelio and Darci like it, but Rogelio says he needs to test it for a while to see if the name really fits his daughter.

Back at home, Jane and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) talk about Adam (Tyler Posey). Jane has asked Xiomara to make sure she does not reach out to Adam for a week because she is already getting impatient after four days. When Mateo (Elias Janssen) comes in to get his ice cream, he mentions that Rafael’s friend lets him have two scoops. Jane figures out he is talking about Katherine (Alex Meneses). Angrily, she confronts Rafael (Justin Baldoni) about it and says she is mad that he introduced Katherine to Mateo in the first place and then decided not to tell her about it. Rafael tries to assure her that Katherine will not be a big part of Mateo’s life.

In the meantime, Xiomara is stressed about her dance studio. Her registrations are going down because of Crystal’s business “Stage Sensations.” Crystal (Kelly King) also happens to be Xiomara’s high school rival, who she used to refer to as “slutty Crystal.” Later, Xiomara runs into her while putting up posters and decides to be honest about the state of her business. She reveals that her registrations are down and the two agree to work together. When Xiomara tells Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Jane about it, they express their concern and remain skeptical despite Xiomara’s enthusiasm.

“Turns out slutty Crystal is actually entrepreneurial Crystal.”

At work in the Marbella, Jane recognizes Jeffrey Mullins, a famous New York literary agent. When she sees him being familiar with Petra (Yael Grobglas), she goes up to her and asks if she could introduce them. Petra agrees and while the two of them are talking about not wanting any more drama, a chandelier falls off the ceiling revealing an infestation of termites.

Now home again, Jane finds Mateo sitting in his room with an iPad. When she finds out Katherine gave it to him, she gets mad at Rafael for violating their “no screen” rule and telling Mateo to lie about where he got the iPad. Rafael defends himself and they argue about his behavior.

Later, Jane talks to Petra about Rafael and reveals that she is mad but also worried about him, thinking he is in a dark place that will lead to self-destructive behavior. Jane hopes that, together, they can get through to him. Petra vehemently declines and tells her to stay out of it because they have not closed the deal yet. She tells Jane she will only introduce her to Jeffrey Mullins if she stays away from Rafael. At home, Jane asks Xiomara for advice, who tells her that she should stay out of it.

After testing the name “Amada,” Rogelio decides that it is not an option because one of Ryan Gosling’s daughters is named Amada.

“Ryan Gosling has a daughter named Amada and I don’t want to make the notorious Gosling/de la Vega rivalry any worse.”

He then tries to talk to Xiomara about her photoshoot with the baby but she changes the topic and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jane gets a text from Rafael asking to pick up Mateo because he and Katherine have been drinking. After re-typing several times she agrees to pick him up.

While talking about the next step of their plans to get the money, Luisa (Yara Martinez) expresses her concern to Carl (Graham Sibley). She is unsure and worried someone might get hurt. He reminds her that the point of the termites was to make sure the hotel is evacuated before burning it down. After being reminded of what Rose told her to do before she was caught, Luisa gains confidence again.

Jane runs into Katherine at the Marbella and remains calm, despite Katherine harshly wanting to make sure that Jane will not interfere with her and Rafael’s relationship. After the incident, Jane goes to Alba for advice who tells her to not stay out of it but do anything she can to protect her child’s father. Because talking always ends in a fight, Jane decides to write Rafael a letter.

While Jane is writing, Mateo comes in, steals her phone and facetimes Adam. He asks Adam if he can come over to see his comics, Adam agrees but leaves the decision up to Jane. The two go to visit Adam at his place and Mateo excitedly runs around. Adam tells Jane he is glad she came and that he misses her. However, Jane and Mateo abruptly leave after Mateo starts throwing a tantrum.

At night, Rafael and Katherine are taking a walk by the water. Katherine tells him she could tell Jane does not think they will be a long term thing. She goes on to explain that because of her wealth, she can never be sure if people really want to be with her or want her money. Vulnerably, Katherine asks Rafael what he genuinely feels. Rafael tells her he is falling for her. Katherine gets emotional and Rafael looks unsure and guilty when hugging her.

In the meantime, Jane and Adam talk on the phone. Adam reveals he wants to end their time apart one day early and is sure he can put up with Mateo. Jane says she does not want to be with somebody who sees her son as something to put up with. Frustrated, Adam tries to express himself better, but Jane is sure that she will always feel like she is being tested with Mateo around him. Because of their decision to have one week apart, Adam says Jane should think about it one more day.

To support her business, Rogelio booked a sound stage for Xiomara’s promo video shot. She is excited and thanks him, but is reluctant to schedule a photoshoot with the baby. After Xiomara leaves, Rogelio expresses his concern to Jane and tells her he thinks Xiomara hates the baby. Jane assures him that she just needs time to get used to the situation.

At the Marbella on their way to pick up the kids, Jane tells Petra about the letter she wrote for Rafael and gave one of his twins (Ella Allan) to give it to him. She then finds out that Petra got her hands on the letter before it could get to Rafael.

Now at the promo video shoot, Xiomara is shocked to see a stripper pole. Crystal then shows her what she wants the dance kids to perform, which Xiomara sees as inappropriately sexual. When Xiomara shows her suggestion, Crystal tells her it is not sexy enough. Xiomara tries to remind her that they are talking about a dance routine for children, but they do not reach an agreement. Rogelio shows up and tells Xiomara she should take her time to find a better alternative since her arrangement with Crystal is not working out. Xiomara emotionally tells him that she does not have time to dof so because she needs to get out of the house, otherwise she is worried she might start putting the baby’s needs before her own and neglecting to take care of herself again. Assured that Xiomara does not hate the baby, Rogelio expresses his full support and says he will make sure that Xiomara’s needs are not overshadowed. Xiomara, then, tells Crystal their collaboration does not work and Crystal angrily leaves. Instead of going ahead with the video shot, Xiomara decides to do her animal-themed photoshoot with the baby, guided by Rogelio’s passionate directing and commented on by the narrator.

“Aw, the classic bound between a she-wolf and her chipmunk.”

At lunch with Petra and the children, Jane reveals that she still wants to give Rafael the letter because the deal with Katherine is not closed yet. When she finds out where he is and leaves, Petra runs after her, tackles are and tries to take the letter from her. They fight on the playground of the kid’s club and eventually land in the ball pit. Petra ultimately wins and rips the letter apart. However, Jane is still determined to talk to Rafael before the closing, saying she has the letter memorized.

Eventually, the two find Rafael by the water and Jane emotionally tells him that she knows who he really is, a decent person and role model for his children. Rafael angrily responds that he is doing this for his family and screams at her to leave before she blows of the whole deal.

Arriving home, Jane finds an action figure for Mateo with a note from Adam saying that he still wants to be with her and Mateo. She talks to Alba about it and explains the situation. Jane tells her that she does not want anybody in her life that sees Mateo as a burden and not a blessing. Alba reminds her that that is too much to expect right away and says it is mature of Adam that it only took him a week. She also suggests that Jane’s hesitation might be because she is not only worried about Mateo getting hurt but scared for herself.

Now on the patio swing, Jane tells Adam the truth and reveals that she is scared of getting hurt. He says he is too, which is why he needed a minute. Then, when he assures Jane that he is “all in,” they kiss and Jane invites him to dinner.

At dinner, Rogelio asks the family what they think the baby’s name should be. Alba tells him it cannot be something random, but needs to be special and meaningful. The next day on set, Rogelio and Darci talk about finding a name. Rogelio says he is fine with Amada as a first name if he gets to pick a middle name.

“I will handle the “Gos” and stomach the wrath of another ruthless Canadian. For the baby.”

However, Darci reveals she does not really like the name Amada anymore and they continue trying to find a name. After looking at their child, they agree on the name “Baby.”

Afterwards, Rogelio and Darci introduce their daughter to the family as Baby Michaelina De La Vega Factor. Jane is touched that she is named after Michael, who Rogelio considers his best friend. Holding her sister, Jane tears up. Rogelio and Darci then clarify that Michaelina is their daughter’s middle name and that her first name is Baby.

At home, Alba runs into Rafael, who is packing up is stuff and moving out. They start a conversation about money and Alba tells him the story of how her husband, Mateo, gave up all his money for her. She says it was hard for him, but he never lost who he was and that legacy lives on in Rafael and Jane’s son, Mateo. Alba then asks him to think about something greater before he thinks about money.

Meanwhile, Carl and Luisa are preparing to burn down the Marbella, but are interrupted by Anezka (Yael Grobglas). Sensing that something is wrong, Anezka goes to Magda (Priscilla Barnes) and tells her that she thinks Luisa is planning to burn down the hotel. She also reveals that Luisa introduced her to Car,  but there was no one there.

Down at the water, Katherine presents Rafael with the paperwork for their deal and asks him to sign it. He is hesitant and, after being reminded of Alba’s words, says he needs to take a step back. She is confused and he explains that he said he was falling for her out of panic and although he likes her, he does not want her to feel used. Instead, he wants to be honest. Despite their romantic relationship ending, he asks her to consider to still working with him on a business level. She says she needs to think about it and leaves. Now sitting in her car, Katherine looks at Rafael through the rearview mirror for a while and then runs him over.

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