Jane The Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Five

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By: Sabine Aretz



“Jane the Virgin” starts Season Four with a new, female narrator (Vanessa Marshall) accompanying and arguing with Jane’s story narrator (Anthony Mendez). The new narrator tells the story of 25-year-old Adam Eduardo Alvaro (Tyler Posey) who once found a love letter in a floorboard, written to “Jane.” It inspired him to break up with his girlfriend Heather. Three years later, he finds out that the letter was written to his first love, Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez). This brings us to now: Adam giving Jane the love letter Michael wrote to her before their wedding.


“Adam, the Virgo” and “Jane, the Person This Story Is Actually About”

Adam and Jane were head-over-hells in love when they were teenagers, planning to get married at nineteen and then move to New York, where Adam was accepted to the New York University Studio Art Program. Right before the wedding, Adam breaks up with Jane, admitting everyone was right about them not being ready to get married. He says he hopes that they would find their way back to each other.

Now, nine years later, Adam and Jane they sit on the grass by the water and catch up on everything that has happened in their lives. Adam tells Jane about his job as a comic-book artist, revealing he draw the pictures first and then writes the words. Published book author Jane vehemently disagrees with his approach and they jokingly argue. Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) see that Darci (Justina Machado), who is carrying Rogelio’s baby, has just announced her pregnancy online. Rogelio is upset but Xiomara manages to calm him down until they are interrupted by Alba (Ivonne Coll), freaking out about Jane being with Adam. They watch Jane and Adam’s coincidental date through a telescope from a hotel balcony. As they watch Adam and Jane skinny dip, Mateo (Elisa Janssen) overhears the argument and runs downstairs in his superhero pajamas to rescue his mom. Mateo, followed by Rogelio, Xiomara and Alba, runs towards the water just as Adam and Jane are about to kiss.

Jane, Xiomara and Alba discuss Jane’s feelings for Rafael (Justin Baldoni) on their way home. After arriving at the door, they find Rafael napping on the porch swing because his sister Luisa (Yara Martinez), after having bought the Marbella, has kicked him out and froze all his money. He has overheard the conversation and asks Jane about her feelings. She admits to being confused about her romantic feelings for him, to which he responds by borrowing her phone to apologize to Petra for not believing her.

The next morning an argument between Rafael and Jane about Mateo being spoiled is interrupted by a phone call. Petra (Yael Grobglas), having almost been killed by her twin sister Anezka (Yael Grobglas), was rescued and is now sitting in an ambulance recalling last night’s events. Anezka lured Petra out by stealing Rafeals phone and pointed a gun at her. But because Anezka was distracted texting a thumbs up to Luisa, Petra manages to overpower her sister and push her into the water.

As Rafael, Petra and Jane sit in Jane’s car, Petra’s missed messages accidentally play loudly through the car’s Bluetooth speakers, including one where Jane admits her feelings for Rafael. Petra is still mad about Rafael believing Jane over her and does not want anything to do with the drama.

Back at the hotel, Petra runs into Luisa who thinks she is Anezka and asks if Petra was in the storage locker. We learn that Luisa and Anezka were planning to put Petra in a storage unit long enough for Anezka to impersonate her and sign the papers to sell the Marbella. Petra, now playing along and pretending to be Anezka in front of Luisa, tells Rafael she has a plan to win their hotel back.

Meanwhile, Xiomara and Rogelio are attempting to put together a crib for his unborn baby but are interrupted when Darci goes live on Instagram on her way to get a 3D ultrasound. Rogelio gets mad and says he needs to go for a walk. Instead, he makes his way to the doctor’s office, streaming live on Instagram while he walks in where Darci is just being examined. As Xiomara and Jane witness, Rogelio accidentally reveals Darci’s vagina to his four million followers. Darci is delighted by the incident because it violates her and Rogelio’s agreement and she can use it against him in order to ensure that he is not a part of their child’s life.

“Dad just put Darci’s vagina on Instagram.”

Things also heat up in terms of Jane and Rafael’s financial disagreements. After Mateo tells his classmates his family is poor and they give him money to help, Jane has an upsetting conversation with her son’s teacher (Rachel Andersen) who reminds her of the tuition and suggests they might not come back if they are having financial issues. Because Jane does not like the insensible and money-focused attitude of Mateo’s school, she tells Rafael she does not want Mateo to go there next year.

Later, Jane is getting ready for her date with Adam, which takes place on his rooftop where he has prepared a romantic dinner table and 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese. He picks up his roommate’s guitar and plays a song he wrote when they were teenagers. The song also happens to be Jane’s love cue. Adam and Jane precede to star-gaze and Adam, who has a soft spot for astrology, attempts to explain star constellation to Jane. She; however, cannot really see it but instead sees Rafael’s face in the stars. After being honest with Adam about her feelings for Rafael, he calmly tells her she should take care of it and she takes the bus home.

Back home, Jane finds a note attached to a wine glass saying “I’m in the shower.” She takes this as an invitation to join Rafael and gets naked. But when Rafael, still behind the shower curtain, says he wants to talk about Mateo’s trust fund Jane quickly put her clothes back on. Rafael reveals he has paid Mateo’s tuition with his trust fund and Jane gets mad. To make matters worse, Rafael then says his plans to get the Marbella back is taking the money from Mateo’s trust fund to buy Luisa’s shares. They get into a big argument about money and Mateo being spoiled. Jane does not want him to grow up around stuck-up people who only care about money and Rafael does not want him to count pennies and not be on a plane until he is 20 years-old. On top of that, the two also expand their argument to the mixed signals Jane thinks Rafael has been sending, to which he responds by blaming her for messing up his relationship with Petra.

The next day, all of Rafael’s belongings get delivered to Jane’s house, including his iPad with his phone back-up. He sees the text that Anezka sent to lure out Petra to the place where they first feel in love. Filled with hope, he meets Petra in a stairway in the Marbella and tells her he only wants to be with her. They share a kiss and Petra makes her way to buy back their hotel.

Back at the Villanueva house Jane, Xiomara and Alba sit on the porch swing, talking about their life, feelings sorry for themselves and laughing. Alba and Xiomara admit that they told Adam not to show up to the wedding. Adam and Jane talk on the phone and make plans to get coffee.

Meanwhile, Rogelio visits Darci in an attempt to make peace for the sake of their baby. She continues to insult him the best way she knows how, but he remains calm. Darci then appears to have uterine contractions.

At the Marbella Petra, still pretending to be Anezka, is ready to buy back the Marbella. But Luisa, who is wants to sell the Marbella because Rose (a/k/a her crime-lord girlfriend Sin Rostra who has recently been caught and is now serving a lifetime sentence) has told her to deposit a hundred million dollars to her account on the Cayman island to set up her escape plan, does not believe Petra to be Anezka anymore because the real Anezka has shown up.


The episode ends with Rose, in prison, talking to a mysterious man. He who promises her to carry a secret to his grave and Rose makes sure of it, choking him with her handcuffs.


“Just adding another 70 years to my life sentence.”



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