Jane The Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Four

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By: Emily Cross

The Villanueva women have been together through it all: Sickness, health, richness, poorness, birth and death. And, of course,  they are together when Jane (Gina Rodriguez) gets ordained as a minister online! Alba (Ivonne Coll) is hesitant to believe in a minister that isn’t appointed by God, but she’s happy for Jane and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo). Xo tells Jane that she and Rogelio want the ceremony to be personal and hope that Jane can come up with what to say, instead of using a template. Although Jane’s a writer, she seems a little daunted by the task.

One week later, it’s forty-eight hours until the wedding and the Villanueva family celebrates the weather report: a tropical storm will just miss Miami so the wedding will go off without a hitch! Jane seems to have everything in hand, answering Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) questions without any difficulty. She has almost everything under control.

That “almost” part is the script for the ceremony. Jane meets with Father Gustavo (Alex Fernandez), who tells her that she should just speak from the heart. He gives her a writing exercise: for ten minutes, no censoring, write why her parents belong together. A theme should emerge from that freewriting. Jane reflects on her and Michael’s (Brett Dier) premarital sessions with Father Gustavo, remarking that he’s always giving her writing assignments. Back then he told Jane and Michael to write a letter to each other before the wedding so they can read it when times get tougher and remember why they love each other. In the present, Jane tells Father Gustavo that she’s not really feeling
“meant to be” these days so Father Gustavo suggests they read Michael’s letter. Jane is certain that Michael never actually wrote the letter, but Father Gustavo saw it.

Later, Jane searches through some boxes looking for the letter when Rogelio calls to make sure she will be on time to the rehearsal later that day. Someone is watching Rogelio… who could it be?

A half hour later, when she’s at the Marbella, Jane learns that there are going to be gale-force winds hitting Miami. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) talks her off of the ledge and their chemistry is unreal! Jane is not the only one feeling this connection. When Petra (Yael Grobglas) enters, Jane makes her exit quickly, clearly feeling uncomfortable. Petra is worried because Anezka was released from jail, but can’t get a flight out of Miami because of the weather.

Rogelio rehearses a big dance number, without a crucial part: Jane. Mateo (Joseph Sanders) tries to cover for her, but Rogelio knows he’s just adapting the plot of Finding Dory. Mateo tells Rogelio that Jane is working really hard.

Jane is stuck in her car in a rainstorm, on the phone with a freaking-out Xo. After she assures Xo that everything will be fine, Darci (Justina Machado) knocks on her window! Jane lets her into the car, where she sees that Darci is heavily pregnant! It’s Rogelio’s, obviously. Darci wasn’t going to tell him, but a tabloid got wind of it and she knows it’s only time until the press puts two and two together. She doesn’t want Rogelio to find out that way so she asks Jane to tell him! Talk about high pressure…

Jane arrives at rehearsal and Rogelio immediately launches into the dance. After an impromptu lift and a lot of shouting, Jane delivers the baby news to Rogelio. The narrator (Anthony Mendez) notes that Rogelio’s first thought was Xo.

Speaking of Xo, Jane and Mateo arrive home to see Xo all decked out in her wedding dress for her last fitting. Jane is emotional because she knows her mother’s happiness is a temporary thing. Once Xo changes, she and Rogelio speak on the porch swing. She’s shocked and Rogelio tries to assure her that he won’t have anything to do with the baby. She knows that’s unrealistic.

Petra puts Anezka up at the Marbella while she waits for a flight and is clearly annoyed with her sister’s presence. Petra goes back to her suite where she finds an arrangement of roses and Chuck (Johnny Messner). She tells him, once again, that it’s over yet Chuck is persistent. She tells him that she’s giving things another try with Rafael and he tells her that she deserves better.

At home, Jane is working on her writing assignment. She expresses to Alba that she really wants her parents to get married. Alba sees the boxes of papers and Jane tells her about Michael’s letter. Alba remembers the letter. Apparently, while Michael was rehearsing his Spanish vows with Alba he told her about the letter, but not where he put it.

Back out on the porch, Xo suggests that the wedding be postponed. Everything is up in the air and Rogelio hasn’t even spoken to Darci yet. She still wants to marry Rogelio, but not like this.

Rafael speaks on the phone with Luisa (Yara Martinez), who tells him that she’s getting out of jail. She’s getting immunity for testifying against Rose and telling the police where all the dead bodies are buried (literally). She assures that once she’s out, she will be there every step of the way for Rafael during his cancer treatment. Oops. Rafael is going to have to work that one out.

Luisa meets with Rose (Bridget Regan), who insists that she didn’t kill Scott, the real Eileen did! Come on, Eileen. The real Eileen (Elisabeth Röhm) was on the beach after Rose threatened to kill her. Scott saw her and remembered seeing someone who looked like her in the lobby. Not risking the secret getting out, Eileen killed Scott. Luisa is devastated, since she just agreed to selling out Rose and Rose warns her to not trust Rafael.

Luisa, now free, storms into the Marbella (as an actual storm is brewing outside) and tells Rafael she knows the truth about his cancer. She still has a few friends at the hospital, since she used to be a doctor. They get into an argument, which ends with Rafael telling Luisa to stay away from him and his family.

Jane and Alba tell Mateo about the wedding being postponed. He’s sad, but immediately wants to cheer Rogelio and Xo up (how adorable!). He gets some gummy worms from a secret hiding spot and that makes Jane remember something. When they were moving into one of their apartments, Michael found a floorboard loose. Jane suspects that he might have hidden the letter there and asks Alba to take Mateo to Rafael’s. She goes to the apartment and tells the couple that lives there the whole story about her dead husband and the love letter and they let her in.

Meanwhile, Rogelio and Xo meet with Darci to discuss how everything will work. When Xo tries to intervene in Rogelio and Darci’s arguments, Darci wonders what role Xo has in any of this since she and Rogelio aren’t even getting married. This makes Xo realize that none of this matters. She wants to marry Rogelio, and nothing, not even a baby with another woman will change that. They’ve already canceled everything, but all they need are Alba, Jane and Mateo. Nothing can stop them! Well, maybe a hurricane can…

At the old apartment, Jane lifts up the floorboard, but doesn’t find the letter. She then gets a text that the wedding is back on and has to find a way to get to the Marbella in time. At the Marbella, Luisa and Anezka share a taxi to the airport. Who knows what will happen, but it definitely won’t be anything good…

Rafael picks Jane up and brings her back to her house so they can get Xo’s dress. While they are packing up, a tree falls on Rafael’s car. Guess they’re taking the bus!

Alba and Jorge (Alfonso DiLuca) grab things from the gift shop to use in the wedding. The hotel is officially on lockdown. Mateo runs between Rogelio and Xo, helping them get ready.

Meanwhile, on the bus, Jane and Rafael spot a poster for Jane’s publisher advertising for her book (and other books, but Jane’s is the one that counts). Jane is so proud because she used to sit on the bus and write. Rafael wonders if it was meant to be, but Jane disagrees because that makes it sound too easy. The journey was full of hard work and perseverance, just like Rogelio and Xo! Jane immediately starts writing and before long the bus is at the end of the line. Jane and Rafael still have to walk a bit to get to the Marbella, and on the way, Luisa and Anezka’s taxi drives by (unbeknownst to Jane and Rafael), splashing Xo’s dress and ruining it.

Petra shepherds Fairwick guests into the Marbella, but her assistant Krishna (Shelly Bhalla) reminds her that they have to keep the lounge clear for the wedding because Rafael promised Jane.

Jane shows Xo the ruined dress and she’s surprisingly not upset. She just wants to marry Rogelio, no matter what she’s wearing. In an emotional moment, Alba tells Xo that she loves her and her father would be so proud of her. And then, the power goes out.

But, that’s not going to ruin this wedding. They find candles to put all around and it feels very romantic. Xo is wearing things from the gift shop, but she looks beautiful. Alba escorts Xo down the aisle and she has a sweet moment with Rogelio, who she calls her son. Jane begins the ceremony, saying that her parents were not meant to be. Instead, they chose each other in the face of a million obstacles. That is true commitment.

After the wedding, Chuck makes his declaration for Petra. The ceremony reminded him of them: they break up, they make up, but they always come back to each other. He stands by his assessment that he’s better for Petra than Rafael is, and Petra kisses him. Of course, Rafael sees this and Petra chases after him, saying it was a mistake. She was feeling insecure about Rafael and Jane. Rafael insists that if Jane has feelings for him it changes nothing, but Petra doesn’t believe it. All she wants is for Rafael to choose her, but he doesn’t. He gives up. They agree to end the relationship.

When Rafael joins Mateo and Jane on the dance floor, he tells Jane what just happened, including how she figured into it. Jane thinks it’s crazy, but she and Rafael share a pretty intimate moment once Mateo runs off. At least, until the lights come back on.

Later, Jane admits to Xo that she does have some feelings for Rafael. Xo tells Jane to at least talk to him because maybe he is her destiny. Meanwhile, Petra talks to Darci, who encourages her to tell Rafael how she feels, instead of giving up before the race even begins.

This was one of those moments where life could go in either direction. Before Jane can reach Rafael, Krishna interrupts her to give her Michael’s letter! Apparently, the couple from the apartment got in touch with the tenant from before them who had the letter and took it to the Marbella (he’s waiting outside). While Jane reads the letter, in which Michael marvels at all the things that had to go right for them to come together, Petra gets a text from Rafael telling her to meet him where they first fell in love. But it isn’t Rafael texting her because he’s lost his phone. Petra goes out to the pier and Anezka appears, pointing a gun at Petra. During the fateful taxi ride, Luisa told Anezka that she must have been roofied the night that Scott died. Anezka knows that Petra was the one who texted Scott and that’s why she did the same thing to Petra.

Meanwhile, Rafael also gets an unwelcome guest: Luisa. Luisa has the addendum to Emilio’s will (Remember that?), which she got from Anezka. Luisa proclaims everything (the hotel, the trust) as hers and orders Rafael to get out.

Jane walks in the garden, reading Michael’s letter. He details a series of coincidences that led him to meet her in the first place, but remembers them instead as destiny. But most of all, what he wants her to know is that he always wants her to be happy. As Jane walks, she finds the man who brought her the letter: it’s Adam (Tyler Posey) – Jane’s first love! This certainly feels like destiny…

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