Jane The Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Seven

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By: Sabine Aretz


The episode opens with a flashback of 7-year-old Jane (Lillianna Valenzuela) accidentally meeting her boyfriend’s mother in the middle of the night while he is holding a kitchen knife. Present Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is now particularly concerned about how Adam (Tyler Posey) is going to meet Mateo (Elias Janssen). The plan is to gradually win him over with grilled cheese, gummy worms and baseball in about eight weeks. Adams’ friend (Michael Dearie) interrupt the conversation to tease the two about how fast their relationship is moving. Jane is insecure about it, but Adam assures her that he is not panicking. The narrator (Anthony Mendez) decides to fast forward through Adam and Jane’s make-out session.

“I am not in panic-zone. I am in ‘I want to spend every second with you’-zone.”

After Rafael (Justin Baldoni) comes over to take Mateo to school, Adam is cleared to come over. While in bed with him, Jane gets an email from her publisher with a suggestion for book cover design, which Jane is not happy about. She asks Adam what he would think the book was about if he saw it on the shelf with that cover.

“Is it a period piece about a woman that can’t wait to give her boyfriend the business?”

Adam then asks if he can read Jane’s book. Jane agrees, but urges him to read fast because she will be anxiously waiting to hear what he thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Rafael is in bed with Katherine (Alex Meneses). Although Katherine would prefer a sexier pillow talk, Rafael wants to talk about their business deal. They are planning to buy the Marbella, hire Rafael as the CEO to run it and set up a plan for him to buy it back from the Cortes Company with interest. The two are interrupted by Petra (Yael Grobglas) texting Rafael to see if he wants to have dinner with the girls, to which he responds by saying he is in a meeting and returns to kiss Katherine.

Petra, reading the text, walks into her suite and sees her twins (Mia and Ella Allan) dressed up as their grandmother Magda (Priscilla Barnes). Later in the lobby of the Marbella, she tells Magda to stay away from her children, which Magda will only do if Petra agrees to sell the hotel. Petra offers to pay her and Anezka (Yael Grobglas) more than Luisa (Yara Martinez) is paying them. Much to Petra’s shock, Magda tells her that Luisa is paying them a million dollars. Anezka corrects her mother, revealing that Luisa is paying them a million Czech korunas, which (as Magda realizes) is only forty-six thousand dollars.

On set in Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) office, he is talking to Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) while hearing Darci (Justina Machado) and Esteban (Keller Wortham) loudly having sex. Rogelio rants about how upset he is, but Xiomara tells him he needs to calm down. They are interrupted when new script pages arrive. Upon reading them, Rogelio gets even more upset. He runs outside and finds out that the rewrite is based on Esteban’s idea. Enraged, Rogelio tells him Esteban’s character cannot have sex with the lady scientist while his character is still shrunken and living inside her. Rogelio’s explanation reminds the narrator of Adam.

“You can’t just introduce a new love interest three-fifths of the way through the series and expect the audience to root for him.”

Back home, Jane is very optimistic that her publisher will consider her notes about the book cover. When Alba (Ivonne Coll) takes Mateo to the park, Adam comes in and they playfully kiss in celebration. Right at that moment, Mateo runs back in the house because he forgot Mr. Monkey. Upon seeing Adam on top of Jane, he screams and punches him in the face.

At the Marbella, Rafael tells Petra that he is confident the deal with Katherine will go through because she told him in bed. Petra is visibly surprised.

Meanwhile, Rogelio, Darci and Esteban are at the doctor’s office. Rogelio is upset by Esteban’s presence, especially when he interrupts the moment of them seeing their baby’s sonogram. Later, Rogelio tells Darci and Esteban he wants the baby to be born at the “Ricky Martin celebrity birthing suite at Miami General.” He is then shocked to hear that Darci, upon Esteban’s suggestion, has decided she wants a homebirth.

Rafael and Jane are back at Jane’s house, talking about their dating life. Rafael says he and Katherine are keeping it casual and Jane reveals that she wants Mateo to meet Adam. Upset by that, Rafael tells her that he does not like Adam and thinks he is irresponsible. In an attempt to change Rafael’s mind, Jane suggests the three of them should have lunch.

Jane, now at work in the Marbella kitchen, gets called out because an unhappy costumer demanded to see the manager. The unhappy costumer turns out to be Katherine, who rudely complains to Jane about her meal. Jane handles the situation and then talks to Petra about how bitchy the lady was. Petra informs her that the woman was Katherine, Rafael’s hook-up, and also mentions that he is only involved with her to benefit the business arrangement.

At lunch, Jane confronts Rafael about it. He defends himself until they are interrupted by Adam joining them. Over the course of the meal, Rafael grills Adam in an attempt to find out how responsible he is. He leaves the table when one of his daughters calls and then tells her to put Petra on the phone to ask her why she told Jane about Katherine. Petra says she had hoped he might listen to Jane. In the meantime, Jane and Adam make fun of how Rafael was acting, which he sees when he walks back.

Now home with Xiomara, Rogelio is freaking out about Darci’s wish for a homebirth. Xiomara tries to calm him down and suggests he should at least consider it and do some research. After he does so for several hours, he is even more outraged and is plotting something to convince her to not go through with it.

In her office at the Marbella, Luisa is on the phone with Rose and asks her for help to get the money faster. Anezka and Magda walk in and demand a renegotiation of their deal. Luisa refuses and confidently tells them she is not afraid of Magda.

Back at Jane’s house, she argues with Rafael about Adam. Mateo walks in and overhears Rafael saying that he does not like Adam.

“If daddy doesn’t like him, I don’t like him. He’s a stupid fart face.”

Upset by Mateo’s swearing, Jane gives him a time-out. Rafael says he will fix it by pretending to like Adam. He ensures Jane that if they just act normal, Mateo will forget about it overtime. Jane, instead, suggests Adam, Rafael and Mateo should go see a baseball game without her to give them time to bond. They agree to try to just wait for two weeks and if that does not work, go along with Jane’s plan. At this point, the narrator decides to skip the next two weeks. Jane says goodbye to the three and wishes them fun at the baseball game. Before they leave, Adam briefly tells Jane that he finished her book and thinks it’s “really good.”

Over coffee with Xiomara, Jane expresses her concern about what “really good” could mean and that she thinks Adam actually hated her book. Jane, then, unhappily presents Xiomara with the final options for her book cover and asks which one she hates the least.

At the baseball, Mateo expresses his boredom. Adam lifts his mood by telling him that he works with superheroes and convinces Mateo that he has time-freezing superpowers, which Mateo is delighted about.

“I’m like Wonder Woman, daddy!”

Meanwhile, Rogelio is being particularly nice to Esteban. He then asks him to convince Darci to not have a homebirth. Later on, Darci confronts Rogelio about this, enraged to he went to her boyfriend to try to talk her out of her choice. Xiomara weighs in and agree that this decision is all about Darci as it is her body and she has the right to choose. Darci decides she wants to give birth at Rogelio’s house.

During the baseball game, Rafael catches a glimpse of Adam’s phone getting suggestive messages from someone named Tara. He later tells Jane about it when he drops Mateo off. Jane then confronts Adam. He explains that Tara was helping him design and print a cover for Jane’s book. Touched by the gesture, Jane (again) reveals her insecurities about moving too fast and Adam assures her that he is still not panicking.

Katherine and Rafael also have a conversation about the nature of their relationship when she mentions that she is looking for something more serious. Rafael reluctantly says that they are on the same page, which leads Katherine to asking if she can meet his children. Putting forward an excuse, Rafael says Jane would not be okay with that yet.

At work in the Marbella kitchen, Katherine comes in to confront Jane. She introduces herself and threatens her because once the Cortes Company has bought the Marbella, she will be her boss. Jane is shocked to hear that Katherine thinks she will be a part of Rafael’s and his children’s lives. Magda overhears that the Cortes Company is planning to buy the Marbella in a few weeks.

Back at Rogelio’s house, he is talking to Xiomara about Darci. While he agrees that the homebirth is her decision, he explains his concern is about being left out of all the major decision in his baby’s life. They are interrupted when Esteban comes in screaming that Darci’s water broke. Now, sitting in a tub with Esteban, Darci is screaming in labor pain and Rogelio feels left out.

In the meantime, Magda and Anezka confront Petra about the deal. The three of them agree that she will pay them ten percent each month under the condition that, once the deal closes, they go back to the Czech Republic and never come back to the US again. She calls Rafael to tell him the deal needs to close.

Jane goes to see Rafael and confront him about the situation with Katherine. She tells him his life does not revolve around his money or the hotel and reminds him that he is not being a good role model for Mateo. Rafael is left looking conflicted.

Still in labor, Darci starts to question her decision to not get an epidural. Rogelio also gets in the tub, screams with her and reminds her of why she chose a homebirth; and their daughter is born.

Back from getting her cast taken off, Jane tells Adam (who has been babysitting Mateo) that she has a little sister now. In celebration, Adam and Mateo show her a dance they came up with. Jane sheds a tear while watching them and then joins in. Afterwards, Mateo wants to go to the porch swing with Adam to have a talk. He tells him that his mom cried for a long time after Michael died and asks him to not hurt her and to not die. Later that night, Jane tells Adam that her publisher approved the cover he designed for her book. Adam tells Jane that he is panicking.

The next day, Rafael introduces Katherine to his children.

Meanwhile, Luisa comes home to find Carl (Graham Sibley) sitting on her coach. He reveals he was sent by Rose to help Luisa get the money to get Rose out of prison. He tells her they are planning to collect the hotel’s insurance.

“We’re going to burn this place to the ground.”

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