Jane the Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Six

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By: Sabine Aretz


This week’s “Jane the Virgin” starts with Jane (Gina Rodriguez), Adam (Tyler Posey), a group of Adam’s friends and a round of beer pong. Jane has to leave because she has an early morning school drop-off the next day. Before she goes, Adam gives her a drawing of “Fun-Jane” and her alter ego “Mom-Jane.” They share a moment and a kiss.

Back home, Jane is confronted with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who still lives at her place after Luisa (Yara Martinez) kicked him out of the Marbella and froze his money. While Rafael is making business calls, Jane expresses her annoyance over “Douche-Rafael,” who according to the narrator (Anthony Mendez) has now replaced last season’s “Zen-Rafael.” Jane gets even more annoyed by Rafael’s “mature relationship voice” during a phone call with Petra (Yael Grobglas).

Petra is still living at the Marbella and runs into Anezka (Yael Grobglas), who reminds her that pressing charges against her for attempted murder will ruin the hotel’s reputation. Anezka is set on convincing Petra to sell her shares to Luisa. Visibly annoyed, Petra refuses and storms off.

“My biggest regret in life is that you didn’t drown in the Atlantic.”

Meanwhile, Darci (Justina Machado), whose labor at the end of last episode turns out to be stress-induced false labor, is now on bed rest and being waited on by Rogelio and Xiomara. While Darci continues to try to provoke Rogelio (Jaime Camil) by commenting on his weight and acting abilities, he keeps it cool for the sake of their unborn child. As soon as he leaves the room, he shares his frustration with Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) who calms him down and says she has an idea.

Jane and Rafael are on their way to public school registrations, but are less than impressed by the public school in their district. During a conversation with Xiomara, Jane lets out her frustration about the school’s small budget compared to schools in wealthier districts. Xiomara then suggests looking into Catholic schools, for which Rogelio could pay. During their conversation, Jane gets a message from Adam, which Xiomara teases her about. They then talk about Jane’s relationship with Adam and Jane reveals that she is ready to have sex with him.

“That’s Adam – he tagged my dinosaur.”

Now at Adam’s place, Jane learns that Adam got an offer for his dream job in Los Angeles. She congratulates him, but he is not sure if he should take it and says he would stay if she wanted him to. When Jane, now at her parent’s house, discusses this with Xiomara Darci weighs in. She thinks it is a bad idea unless Adam is “The One,” leaving Jane confused.

In the meantime, Rogelio is back on set of his Telenovela and angered by an encounter with Fabian (Francisco San Martin), one of his arch enemies. After their fight escalates, the two agree that they will never shoot another scene with each other ever again.

Back at the Marbella, Luisa is putting pressure on Anezka to find a way to convince Petra to sell her shares. Petra; however, is working on buying the hotel back. She is attempting to assemble a silent investment group, for which she needs a public face so Luisa does not know that she and Rafael are behind it. This brings her to Chuck (Johnny Messner), owner of the Farwick Hotel who she used to be romantically involved with.

During this time Jane asks Rogelio about the money to send Mateo (Elias Janssen) to Catholic school. He says he has financial problems and needs to wait to see how Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his business manager plays out in order to know if he can sue his own manager for financial negligence and get his money back. Jane tells him not to worry and that she will find the eight thousand somewhere. Rogelio laughs about the amount and says he can definitely afford to spare the money for Mateo’s school.

“Only $8,000? Why didn’t you say so? That’s less than I spent to shoot Ricardo Montalbán’s ashes into space.”


Rafael; however, is not so happy about the idea of his son going to Catholic school because he does not believe in Catholicism. He and Jane argue about it via text message will putting Mateo to bed.


The next day, Jane convinces Alba (Ivonne Coll) to try and talk to Rafael about Mateo going to Catholic school because they have bounded over Alba’s fitness goals. During the conversation, Alba expresses her concern about Adam. She does not trust him or think he is right for Jane. Jane decides instead of taking Darci’s quizzes to determine whether or not Adam is her soulmate, she is going to have a mature conversation with him about his decision to take the job or to stay with her.


In the meantime, Rafael and Petra have a civil conversation about the business partner they are looking for. Rafael is uncomfortable having Chuck as an investor because he thinks Chuck still has feelings for Petra. Similarly, Petra is uncomfortable with Rafael living at Jane’s house, but he assures her that he does not have feelings for her. Jane comes in and agrees, saying she also does not have feelings for Rafael anymore.


Later in the evening, Jane is at Adam’s place and struggles to have a serious conversation about her decision and his job offer. While she wrestles between being “Fun-Jane” or “Mom-Jane,” Adam proposes a game of roofball.


Back on set with Rogelio and Fabian, the producers let them know one of their characters will be killed off because they cannot work together anymore. A focus group of bored housewives will decide whose character is going to survive being accidentally swallowed by a lady scientist.


“Oldest trick in the book. Kill someone off to juice the ratings.”


Back on Adam’s rooftop, the game has now turned into a make-out session and Jane says they should have sex. In an attempt to go back inside, they realize that they have locked themselves out. Adam suggests he can just jump down, but Jane insists that she is also fun and can jump with him. Jane jumps and, according to the narrator, feels free while falling but starts screaming in pain once she hits the ground. The doctor tells Jane her broken ankle will take six weeks to recover. Adam senses that Jane is stressed about his job decision and says he will make the decision himself. The next morning, Jane wakes up at his place and panics once she realizes she missed her meeting with the Catholic school. On the phone, she learns that the open spot has now been filled.


Meanwhile, Rafael has a lunch meeting with Katherine Cortes (Alex Meneses), a rich hotel maven who also happens interest in him. While he makes his business proposition about investing in the Marbella, she offensively flirts with him. Later, Petra and Rafael discuss their options again and Petra expresses her concern about Katherine’s interest in him. He reminds her of her romantic history with Chuck and says choosing Katherine is the better option because he has not slept with someone to advance his own interests, whereas Petra has crossed that line.


At Rogelio and Xiomara’s house, Xiomara walks in on Darci checking her dating profile and confronts her about it. Darci reveals she does not want to raise her baby alone. Xiomara gets mad at her and reminds her of everything she and Rogelio have done for her. When Darci says that everything they have done has been for the baby and neither of them would care about her if she was not pregnant, Xiomara agrees but says that since she is they are family and she should try to be nicer to both of them.


In the meantime, Rogelio and Mateo are busy watching the focus group discuss whose character is going to be killed off. Rogelio follows their discussion desperately, hoping he will be the star of the Telenovela again.


“Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me.”

Upon Jane pointing out that Fabian’s grandma is in the focus group, Rogelio takes matters into his own hands, dresses up as a woman and joins the discussion. Ultimately, his plan works out and he gets a call from his agent saying the group chose him.

Adam has also made a choice. Through drawing a comic book of the two, Adam lets Jane know he his staying. Jane still has to make a choice about Mateo’s school situation. She discusses it with Rafael and he says there is another option: sending Mateo to a public school in the district where Jane’s parents live by enrolling him under their address. Jane gets mad that his idea is to lie and is surprised when Rafael reveals it was Alba’s idea. Alba then reminds Jane that Mateo’s future and education are everything and it is okay to lie. Because Rafael was able to support the family financially for the first years of Mateo’s life, Alba thinks Jane is just now learning these lessons.

Darci, Xiomara and Rogelio also reconcile after Darci is off bed rest and goes to work to see the nursery Rogelio has built for her, as it was Xiomara’s idea to show her that he will not put work first when the baby comes and will support her in co-parenting. He assures her of that and they agree to try and be friends again. Rogelio has also been setting up a relaxation room for Xiomara, which he shows her in order to let her know that she is appreciated.

Sitting on the porch swing, Jane and Rafael also agree to be friends again after Jane apologizes for taking Rafael’s money for granted. They decide to use her parents’ address to send Mateo to a better public school and Rafael reminds Jane that he is determined to get his money back.

Later that night, Jane goes over to Adam’s place and tells him he needs to take the job because they are not going to work long term and that his comic book is a fantasy. But Adam insists he understands that things are more complicated because Jane has a child and knows that it is too early for him to meet Mateo. Adam tells Jane she cannot know if he fits in her life if she does not try and reminds her that all he asked was if she wanted him to stay. Jane says that she wants him to stay, he says he will and they blissfully share a kiss.

Now at the Marbella, Rafael was planning to have a romantic evening with Petra, who says they should choose neither Chuck nor Katherine and she can deal with Anezka long enough for them to find the right investor. Nevertheless, Rafael says he can handle Katherine and will not sleep with her because he is “not that kind of person.” Visibly hurt, Petra then states that a part of him will always think she is that kind of person and that she needs a fresh start. Petra goes on to explain that she is tired of the effort it takes for them to communicate and that they should not have gotten back together, leaving Rafael heart-broken and angry.

Rogelio is also mad when he walks on set and learns that his nemesis, Esteban Santiago (Keller Wortham) is back as his co-star and, on top of that, attracted to Darci.

Later, back at the Marbella, Rafael is meeting up with Katherine. She is still heavily flirting with him and Rafael decides to kiss her, which leads the narrator to say goodbye to “Zen Rafael.”

Meanwhile, Petra, still determined to get the Marbella back, is shocked to see that her and Anezka’s mother Magda (Priscilla Barnes) is back.

The episode ends with the narrator revealing that either Luisa, Anezka, Rafael, Petra, Alba or Magda will die.


What can I say? It’s the oldest trick in the book, right?

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