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Jordan Baker – Motherly Love

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.  What are some of the recent projects that you areworking on?

A.  This past year I was seen in the film Paparazzi starring Cole Hauser directed by Paul Aboscol.  I played Cole’sanger management therapist.  I started a recurring role on the CBS sitcom “StillStanding” with Jamie Gertz and Paul Addy playing the family physician.  I alsoplayed a judge on “The Practice” opposite James Spader — he claims he can’twork in my courtroom because he lusts after me but I demand he do the jobanyway. Since Thanksgiving, I worked on “JAG” — playing a Captain for whom itis insinuated that I am a lesbian who is attracted to a private played byDominique Swain (Lolita). I’m also doing a recurring role on “The O.C.” playingZach’s mother.  I’m kind of a wealthy Newport Beach maven/liberal with a husbandwho works in the arms industry.  This week I finished working on “Blind Justice”the new Steven Bochco series starring Ron Eldard as a blind detective.  Thistelevision series is being created by many people in the film industry — I hadthe honor to work with the director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever).  He’s anextraordinary director and a lovely man.  Ron Eldard and the rest of the castare doing a great job — they are extremely watchable and fun and do solidwork.  I believe that show premieres in March — I can’t wait to see it!

Q.  We recently saw you guest star on the show “TheO.C.,” how did you get involved with that project?

A.  I auditioned.  The director Michael Lange and Ihad meet a few months earlier.  I was helping a friend raise funds for her soloperformance piece that was on it’s way to Israel. When the call came for Zach’smother, I walked into the room and we looked at each other and realized we kneweach other from somewhere but we were both out of context — then suddenly Iremembered the connection and we both laughed.  I got the call to be on the showand I was really excited.  It’s a fun project and everyone there is reallygenerous — and beautiful!!! I’ve never seen so many beautiful people!!! Evenbefore they get their makeup on!!!

Q.  Will we be seeing you guest star again as Zach’smother on the show this season?

A.  Yes. I did another episode just before theholidays.  I can’t tell you more than that — it would spoil the surprise — butyes, there is more to come.

Q.  You also recently starred in the movie Paparazzi,what was it like getting to work with amazing actors like Cole Hauser, Robin Tunney, Dennis Farina, etc.?

A.  It was great fun.  I only worked with Cole Hauser– as his anger management therapist  the sessions were closed.  The directorPaul Aboscol was terrific and extremely detail oriented.  It’s a great film andI enjoyed being a part of it.

Q.  You played Sheila Rosenberg on the hit cult show”Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” did you ever think the show would have the successthat it did?

A.  When I came onto the show it was already in fullswing and quite a hit.  I played Willow’s mother — briefly.  All the kids wentoff to college and the parents were no longer needed.  No one can ever predictwhat shows will take off — but “Buffy” had a great cast — and wonderfulwriters and a strong creator — and it tapped into a market that is very large. I think people who enjoyed “Buffy” will probably be drawn to the new series”Point Pleasant” airing this month.

Q.  Do you have a memorable moment from your shortstint on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer?”

A.  Yes!  In that episode they burn Buffy and friendsat the stake — they lit all these books on fire in this warehouse — by law thefire department has to be there — and it turned out the fire captain assignedto the lot that day was a guy I went to high school with — anyway, the buildingkept filling with smoke — our lungs and noses were black — it was veryuncomfortable — and then this giant monster pulls out a fire hose and hoses usall down — I did everything in my power to get out of the shot so I didn’t haveto sit in all that water for hours while they finished shooting the scene.  Itwas a messy thing to shoot — I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!!!!

Q.  You’ve guest starred on many great televisionshows, is there any show in particular that is your favorite?

A.  It’s so hard to say — I have had a lot ofopportunity to work with so many wonderful and talented people.  I loved “Hiller& Diller” — a sitcom I did for ABC with Richard Lewis, Kevin Nealon and EugeneLevy.  We had a great time and I miss all of them.  Also, I will never forget myfirst day on my first set (“Top of the Hill” for CBS as a series regular) it wasa Stephen Cannell show and it shot in Vancouver.  I was so green — but Ilearned quick and had a great time.  I also enjoyed “LA Law” where I played theD.A. for several episodes.  I’m still friends with several people from thatcast.  I’m looking forward to this new show “Blind Justice” because working withJohn Badham was probably the most creative thing I’ve done so far on televisionand I can’t wait to see what he does with the footage.

Q.  You have done associate producing on Little Red,are you planning on doing more producing in the future?

A.  I began my career in New York theatre — I was inthe original production of Edward Albee’s “Three Tall Women” and I made myBroadway debut in “Suddenly, Last Summer” opposite Elizabeth Ashley — so when Icame out here I joined Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, CA — where I’mpresently producing several things.  We have a Company Reading Series — aworkshop for playwrights.  This season I have Joe Pintauro, Eve Ensler, LeeBlessing, Daisy Foote, Donald Freed, and Romulus Linney joining us.  I’m alsoproducing an evening of one acts “The Little Gentleman” by Yale Udoff and”Reuben & Son” by Sybil Rosen.  I like connecting people and I’m anorganizational freak!  So, everyone tells me I’m a natural producer.  There is atremendous amount of creativity in producing — I’m really enjoying it.

Q.  Throughout your career, you’ve gotten to workwith a lot of incredible actors and actresses.  Is there anyone in the futureyou’d like to work with?

A.  My dear friend Andre Braugher.  We did severalplays together just after we had gotten out of school — however, we have neverworked together on camera.  So maybe some day in the future.  And of course, Iwould love to do more work with my husband, Kevin Kilner.  We worked together on”Frasier” as husband and wife — we’re the grandparents with the big noses toRoz’s baby. And we also did a bit on “Touched by an Angel” together as old highschool sweethearts.  I would love to work with him on stage someday.

Q.  Is there a show that you really enjoy watchingthat you’d love to do an appearance on?

A.  I love “Entourage” on HBO — it’s my guiltypleasure — I make my husband serve me dinner on that night — that show makesme laugh so hard!!!  It’s clever and I love they way the show winks at you. Hatsoff to Mark Wahlberg who created it!  I’m also a big fan of “Six Feet Under” –I will be very sad when all those characters move on.  So, it would mean a greatdeal to do one of those.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A.  I’m such a geek!  I hook rugs, believe it ornot.  I gather twice a month with this group of ladies in Orange, CA at an oldantique shop and we drink endless cups of Starbucks and we hook and we talk andI love it.  I’m also into cooking.  I never thought I could do it — but Istarted with some recipes this past summer and now I’m kind of into gatheringrecipes and trying them out — cooking isn’t just science — it’s also aboutheart and love and I’m discovering that you can gather all the ingredients intoa bowl but there is definitely some sort of energy that comes from the chef thatinhabits the dish as well.  So I’m really getting into that.  I also haveseveral organizations to which I give a great deal of energy. I have beenpreparing for the past six months to run in the AIDS Marathon in New Orleans inFebruary.  This is part of AIDS Project Los Angeles.  My brother, Brad, died ofAIDS in 1992 — I’m doing the run to honor him.  26.2 Miles and I’ve never runbefore — but I’m getting there — and it’s a great training program — so Ihave no doubt I will finish! And I am on the board of Death Penalty Focus — wework to stop state killing.  I encourage fans to keep informed of the facts –more and more we are killing the wrong people, it’s ruining our economies, andmorally it’s wrong.  Finally, I mentor a child through The Fulfillment Fund. She’s in 9th grade and I’m guiding her from now until her first day of college. It’s a great program and has helped many children — if you’ve never thoughtabout mentoring I can’t recommend it more — there are so many children thatcould use some focus from an adult and it really takes so little time to make agreat difference in someone’s life.

Q.  Is there anything that you would want to say topeople who are fans of your work and are supporters?

A.  Get a job!  Are you crazy!!!?  No really — Ithank anyone who has taken to the time to watch my work and for supporting thework of my fellow actors as well.  The work means nothing without an audience toshare it with — so thank you.

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