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It seems that everywhere one turns these days, new talent explodes onto the entertainment scene. Young actors Kayla and Tyler Huth are a part of those making their way and earning a name for themselves. Recently, both Kayla and Tyler took some time away from their busy schedules to chat about their current and upcoming works, including “Rays Rookies” and their journey to becoming actors in an industry that is frequently insensitive to young people.

How did you both get interested in pursuing a career in acting?

Kayla: I have always loved acting, modeling and singing. I guess it has always been a part of my life. My brother and I are both in the industry and his being with me every step of the way has meant the world to me. We have so much fun together and always push each other to be our best. My brother Tyler and I would download fun apps to record ourselves or do fun skits in front of our parents and they told us we needed to have our own YouTube channel. I have been a worship leader at our church in Tampa, Florida since middle school and I am comfortable being on stage in front of hundreds of people, but I wanted to learn more about it. I asked my parents about taking acting classes and I was hooked on day one. I remember telling my parents that I never wanted the class to end!

​Tyler: When my sister was asking about taking acting classes, I asked if I could take the classes also. ​We are close and like hanging out together, and I just thought that it would be neat to pretend to be in another person’s shoes. To experience so many different emotions is such a rush! I remember she just got her driver’s licence last year and we would get ice cream together after the classes – good times.

How do you manage schooling in spite of your busy schedule?

Kayla: I am enrolled as a ​full-time virtual school student. That allows me to do my work wherever and whenever I need to. Also, on set they usually have someone to help you with your school work and make sure you get work done–and accurately as well.  I have juggled my homework pretty well. I make sacrifices on the weekends if I am shooting during the week, but it’s okay. It’s all worth it.

Tyler: While it is a bit much sometimes,​ I do my school work at a public school in Tampa, but I also have the opportunity to do it online and have had awesome teachers work with me. One piece of advice though – be open and tell them about your acting path so they will further support and encourage you.

Please tell us about your current/upcoming works.

Kayla: Currently, I am a ​Co-Host for the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball team, “Rays Rookies” on a statewide TV Channel (Fox Sports Sun). Our agent had me to do a self-tape audition and I booked it!  It was so very exciting because when I was auditioning I didn’t know if it was for a local kid’s baseball team, for a commercial or what level it was. The Rays are a blast to work with! It was such an amazing rush being able to go down on the field, in the dugout, in the press box and even in their locker room! It was impressive to see how big the Tropicana Field Stadium is. In their locker room, they each have their own cabinets/workstation, mail boxes, clothes to change into, pictures of their family, a drink and lounge area and, of course, tons of TV’s on the walls.

I spent a few days in Port Charlotte, FL a couple of weeks ago for their Spring Training and had one-on-one personal interviews with the individual players along with their coaches and managers. I got to have between five and ten minutes asking them personal questions about how old they were, when they started playing baseball, where they went to college, family, marriage and down to what they do for a routine on game day in hopes for winning the game. (There are some serious rituals, let me tell ya!) That is episode nine and it will be airing in the middle of their season.  Make sure to tune in for that one!

Also, the Rays Fan fest just happened at the Tropicana Field, where they had an autograph table where we got to meet some of our fans! We had a huge turn out.  My co-host, Zachary Williams, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I wish we could be there for every single game, home and away!  It was one of those days I’ll smile about for a long time.


My brother, Mom and I also just booked a commercial for the American Heart Association last week. Some of what we have done is in post-production and I am not allowed to share with the media just yet. That has been hard for me because I get excited about an audition or booking a role and I can’t announce the details!
I get auditions for local and national commercials and TV and feature films almost weekly. There is some preparation to that so I try and focus on the sides, memorization of the script and how to be in character. I try to be actively training and prepared for when that time comes!

Tyler: I was in my first ever Disney “Hole in One” golf commercial only one month after I was signed with my current agency. That was an amazing experience that our whole family was a part of. One thing I had to learn is when you “book” a role, you cannot say anything about it (on social media) until it is released.  This sort of takes the excitement out of it for me for my past few bookings because we are still in post-production (my whole family was in it) and I cannot announce the details until my agent releases it.  However, I ​just finished a film with Full Sail University in Orlando and I just did another one in Tampa that wrapped this past weekend. Those two topics were about being bullied. I do self-taped auditions (almost weekly) and I do a lot of auditions for feature films and national commercials.

What do you enjoy most about being an actor?

K: I don’t know if I could pick one thing I enjoy about being an actress, but if I had to pick I would say when my Mom gets the “you have booked it” phone call and has that smile on her face. I can tell she wants to wait and process the dates, times and make sure it will work out before telling me when I really just want her to scream it right then!  It is from getting an audition, becoming that ​specific ​character, to traveling with my family to a different set every time, ​to getting to know the crew and stagehands and especially ​meeting ​new ​fans of the show.

Tyler: ​I love the amount of fun we all have together on set.  The crew is what can make it so good.  The actual on-set ​experiences ​are always so different.  One time, I was treated super fancy with amazing food and craft services and being fanned because it was so hot outside. There was makeup and hair crew touching up as we filmed on an actual set that really comes apart and then re-designed for a new scene. Then, to literally having my “on set” experience being in the woods, learning about animals and birds and then another one filmed in a bathroom stall.  The sets are all so different.

What is your advice to young people who wish to be actors?

Kayla: My advice to the young actors and actress is to always be the best you ​and don’t compare yourself to other people or roles – with anything in life!  You need to put in as much as you want to see come out and it may take time, but it will happen. I think the most important thing to do is take acting classes locally first. Then, expand into other types of instructors and workshops. This gives you an idea of what they like, what types of roles you will be cast for and it is also good networking.  Get to know the other kids in the class. Support, encourage and challenge each other. You just may be working with them one day.  Make it count.

Tyler: Be humble. As soon as ​a ​new booking starts to go to your head and you don’t realize it, that’s when many things can go wrong. Also, never blame yourself if you don’t get the role. It might be that they want someone with blonde hair or you have freckles and the character doesn’t.

What would be your dream role?

Kayla: I really do love the excitement and challenges that come with getting a wide variety of roles, but if I had the opportunity to ​actually ​choose ​one​ role ​it would be a the lead in a romantic comedy. But I am also a fan of action/thriller movies! I would honestly love and take on any role given to me though because I love the challenges.

Tyler: I love Mark Wahlberg – he’s cool. I think it’s important for established actors to connect with kid actors. We need good role models to follow and learn from. I love watching different types of movies with my family. I have many interests so a dream role would be one where I get to act out many different types of people – like the movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio – the kind of role where I get to ​play a sly ​and mischievous kid who acts as a pilot, doctor, etc.


While most of the work that Kayla and Tyler have done is local or post-production, there is no doubt that there is a passion to become a force within this business. There is no question that these two will go far in this business so be sure to watch out for Tyler in some of his upcoming commercials and be sure to watch Kayla in “Rays Rookies.”

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