Keegan Johnson – Spooksville

Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) “Spooksville” is my very first television show, which I am very excited to be doing. Before that, I was mostly a dancer. Acting wasn’t really a thing that I had started training for. It was something that happened out of the blue. I’ve been dancing since the age of 5 and someone called and said, “Would you like to audition for aBroadway show called Billy Elliott?” I went to the audition and they seemed to like me, which I was really confused about because I didn’t really have the requirements that they were looking for. I ended up booking the part. It was my first segue way into acting.

Q) Please tell us about the premise for “Spooksville” and about your character.

A) On “Spooksville” I play Adam. His mom has disappeared two years ago without a trace. They live in a big town, but two years later they are just completely depressed and not doing great. My father decides it would be a good idea to move to a small town to start over and start a new life. He chooses a small town called Springville. Sadly, Springville is at the epicenter of the supernatural and not the best place to start over. What Adam does is he finds out that the place has monsters, ghosts and creatures, but also that it might have something to do with his mom. So, the reason he starts going on these quests in Spooksville is that he thinks that he might find his mom. He meets two friends, Sally and Watch, and what they want to do is figure out the mystery of Spooksville and Adam wants to figure out if he can find his mom. They go on crazy adventures all over town trying to figure out what is going on.

Q) What is it about the show that made you enjoy being a part of it?

A) It’s all about location! We film in the most beautiful places on Vancouver Island. It was just stunning when we would look back at dailies. It looked so beautiful, almost like a feature film. Everyone that is a part of it worked so hard to make it look so real. It started out as a kid show, but then seems to have become something completely different. It is so real and the writing isn’t cheesy. It really looks like a bunch of kids going on adventures in Spooksville. It’s great to be a part of that because it is something that is so different. I get to do stunts on the show and I have to get really dramatic. I wouldn’t be able to do that on most of the shows I audition for. It was so great to book this role because I was able to explore so many different aspects of acting.

Q) Was there anything about your role as Adam that you brought to the character that wasn’t originally scripted for you?

A) The very first day I was a nervous wreck because it was my very first day acting in front of a camera. I had no idea what marks were, pieces of tape that you have to hit in order for you to be in focus on the screen. So, I was thinking about all of these things I had to do and where I had to look. I was extremely nervous about it, but I found if you relaxed it will come to you. Nick [Purcha], Katie [Douglas] and I are now the best of friends and we’re able to have a lot of fun on set.

Q) Was there instant chemistry between you and your castmates or did it take some time to develop?

A) It was the very first day that we had and we had one day of rehearsal right before we started the first sixteen day block of shooting. We were very nervous because none of us had really worked that much in big parts. We were all extremely nervous and all of us just clicked. The very first day we became the greatest friends and still, now, we all live in completely different parts of the world, but we all still stay in touch and talk on the phone. We could have gotten people that I couldn’t stand, but everyone I acted with we all just fell in love with each other. We all became a great family.

Q) What have you learned about acting from this experience?

A) It was so different for me because the only acting I had ever done was in class or when I was on stage in New York. You had to sing and project really loud. What I found in film acting is that it can be very subtle as well. You’re not able to move crazy amounts because the camera needs to stay on you. You have to have all that emotion without really moving your face. We all learned we didn’t have to move around a lot and to convey our story by slightest movements. We also learned visual effects. In the very first episode, I have to fight off this creature called an Arachnadon. I actually had to look at a piece of tape seeming completely scared. You just look at a piece of tape and they tell you what the creature is going to look like and then they say “Action!” I had to act scared looking at a green piece of tape. There were so many aspects to learn from it and I took so much away from it. It was great!

Q) What do you think it is about “Spooksville” that draws viewers in?

A) It’s just so different and really like nothing anybody has seen. I’ve watched it with family members and they’ve all told me that they are hooked! They’re adults, too! I’ve had different people come up to me that aren’t just little kids, but whole families that are able to watch it. The aspect of the show and HUB is that they really want families to watch the show together. I grew up in a family where we didn’t have multiple TVs to watch. We didn’t watch Nickelodeon while my mom and dad would watch their shows. We’d always watch something together. I feel like a lot of families are losing that and this show will bring families together to watch a show that is for all ages. Parents won’t be bored watching it and kids won’t get completely scared.

Q) What else would you like to share with fans?

A) The series arc is really incredible so you really have to watch every episode. I am excited for everyone to see the rest of the season. It’s crazy what happens so I’m excited for everyone to see it. Let me know what you think, my Twitter handle is @KeeanJohnson!