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Q) What’s some of the recent projects you’ve been working on?

A) Well right now we are avidly working on “Lucifer,” this season the third season. We just started episode eight. I just finished directing and executive producing a short film called Bedtime Story that I’m going through the festival market hoping to get excepted into some great ones. And getting ready to direct my first episode of “Lucifer” this season, episode nineteen. So far is what I think it is. So, just a little bit. I’m just doing a little bit right now.

Q) What can you tease about Season 3 of “Lucifer” and what’s in store for Dan?

A) We pick up where we left off in season two with Dan having a broken heart and we pick up in season three understanding why he has this broken heart because Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) no longer sort of remembers who he is. So, as he sees her going around he gets more and more heart broken. It doesn’t stop him; so he tries to develop a relationship with her and it’s through these little interactions between the two and the audience starts to discover if these two can have a real relationship.

Q) Last season Dan seemed to really fall for Charlotte only to have her suddenly not remember anything. How does this affect Dan this season?

A) It’s really intriguing and interesting to go through this journey for him because it’s such a confusing time for him and the writers of the show have done such a great job of taking him through these realizations in such a comical way. You get to see him lose his cool a little bit more this year. He is normally pretty straight laced and pretty by the book and now that his world has kind of flipped upside down a little bit he has to grasp at different ways to deal with things. And a lot of it is him turning into a blubbering idiot.

Q) With the addition of Tom Welling playing Lt. Pierce, how is this going to shake up the precinct?

A) Oh, it’s going to shake it up completely. You get this new Alpha Male coming in and taking charge, shouting orders to three strong personalities. So, that’s going to cause some butting of heads. But it also forms for lack of betters words a love triangle or affection triangle between Chloe (Lauren German), Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Pierce. It’s going to really interesting to unfold throughout the season, but also it makes Dan want to be the good guy again and the best cop but always falling short because Pierce has his number sort of speak. So, you watch Dan once again comically try to figure out how to gain acceptance.

Q) Throughout the seasons we’ve seen Dan and Lucifer work together. Will there ever be a time you think the two could be friends?

A) I don’t think it’s possible. I think the moment it goes well like that Lucifer is going to do something; he’s going to Lucifer his way out of a great relationship. Dan is confused by him, although there will come moments where he’ll be like, “Respect bro. you did good on that one.” I don’t think there will ever be a time where they can just sit there and be bros because they’re so different. And Dan is still trying to figure out who the heck Lucifer is and if he ever found out who the guy claimed to be is real it’ll just throw Dan’s world upside down I think.

Q) Going off of that, do you think there will be a point in this season where maybe they’re like, “Okay maybe he’s not as crazy as we think. He’s really the devil?”

A) I don’t know man. That seems kind of early to let that happen for Dan. They are so secretive with us just like we’re secretive with you guys. I think they don’t like to tip the hat too much with what direction it’s going to go so we are pleasantly surprised from script to script as well. But in my opinion, I think it would be too early to let the cards show too early into this season.

Q) It’s very relevant that Dan is trying to juggle working while also supporting his daughter. Will we get to see one on one time between Trixie and Dan this season?

A) Oh Definitely! In fact, we just did a great episode last week I think where you get to see more one-on-one Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) and Dad and who wears the pants in that little relationship. I think we all know who that one is, not me.

Q) With such an amazing cast, what are some of the most memorable moments from set that you can share?

A) We are just full of jokes on set so every day on set is different but similar in the fact that we are always laughing and that we genuinely care for each other it makes for a really wonderful work environment. The most memorable time for me is when we play pranks on each other. This one time I had just gotten my bicycle stolen when I was in Canada, my first day. I take it to set and it gets stolen and it was like my favorite thing. But then we came to LA to shoot an episode and I borrowed a bike from the hotel and Lauren piggybacking off my real stolen bike decided to call the hotel and get the combination for my bike lock. They gave it to her and she stole my bike and hid it in one of the AD’s trailers. She filmed me through her trailer window freaking out. So, that’s a pretty memorable moment for me this last season.

Q) What do you think it is about Lucifer that has made it such a fan favorite?

A) You think one of the things that makes us a fan favorite is we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are a cop show mixed with a comic show and we’re full of jokes. We have genuine moments and we are having fun and I think that radiates on screen. Not only that, we are developing such interesting characters for each character that I think people are really relating to.

Q) What’s something you’d like to say to your fans and those who have supported “Lucifer?”

A) The biggest thing I want to say to the “Lucifer” fans is hank you. Our show doesn’t exist and cannot continue to exist without the loyalty and support that all of you guys have given us. So, thank you, thank you, thank you and I hope we get to do this for a long time together.

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