Kevin Can Wait – Kenny Can Wait

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By: Julie Mante


Kevin (Kevin James) is preparing to watch the Mets game with his buddies. He is surprised he cannot access the channel the game is on and yells for Donna (Erinn Hayes). Donna tells him that she downgraded their cable to basic and Kevin groans. She tells him that they need money to pay for Kendra (Taylor Spreitler)’s wedding and Kevin has not been working a lot so the cable package had to be sacrificed. When Goody (Leonard Earl Howze) comes to watch the game, Kevin tells him that he is now has basic cable. Goody is ready to bail when Kevin suggests they watch the replay of the game at Enzo’s tonight. Goody says he is unable to make it to Enzo’s because he needs to work in the morning. Kevin asks Goody if he take Goody’s shift as a driver because he needs the money. Goody is reluctant at first because the client is VIP and he is not sure if Kevin can handle it. When Donna comes back to the living room, Kevin mentions the job in front her so Goody cannot turn Kevin down. Kevin calls the cable provider to get the channel back.


The next day, Kevin’s client turns out to be Harry Connick, Jr. (who guest stars in the episode). Even though Connick uses the fake name Mr. Conrad, Kevin recognizes him. When he asks Mr. Conrad if he is Harry Connick Jr., Connick admits he uses a pseudonym for security purposes. Kevin tries to correct Connick when he calls him Kenny, but Connick interrupts him by saying not to call him Mr. Connick but simply Harry and he will say Kenny. Kevin is excited to be on first names basis with a celebrity so he lets the name thing slide. Harry tells him that he is in New York City for a charity event. When Kevin agrees that it is nice to give back, Harry assumes that Kevin also does charity work. Kevin lies and says he is focusing on feeding the homeless.


When Kevin comes home, he tells Donna about being Harry Connick Jr.’s personal driver for the day. While Donna eagerly listens to Kevin describe his day, the phone rings. Their daughter Sara (Mary-Charles Jones) answers and says there is no one named Kenny who lives here and Kevin races to grab the phone from her. Donna races to where Kevin is standing and wants to know if Harry is on the line. Kevin tries to get her to be quiet as he listens to Harry. Harry asks Kevin if he is available for the whole week. Kevin pretends to check his calendar, but agrees to be Harry’s driver. When Donna asks about the Kenny thing, Kevin explains that Harry called him Kenny and he did not correct him. Donna advises him to make sure to do the correction in a polite way so Harry will not feel embarrassed.


The next day, Kevin tries to tell Harry his correct name but Harry starts calling Kevin by “Kenny G” when he realizes that Kevin’s last name is Gable. When Harry jokes that if Kevin plays the saxophone, that they will be friends for life. Kevin tells him that he knows how to play the saxophone. After work, Kevin tells Donna that he and Harry had another great day. Kevin admits that he told Harry some white lies about playing the saxophone and his grandfather inventing jalapeno poppers. Donna tries to tell her husband that the celebrities are still people and Kevin should not be lying to Harry. She tells him not to go crazy with the lies because he needs to keep this job. The next day, Kevin is hanging out at Harry’s talk show. As he acquainting himself with the food, Kevin does not hear Harry calling his fake name. When Harry approaches him, Kevin lies that he did not hear Harry because of his bad ear. Harry says that he wants to buy Kevin and his friends a beer tomorrow. Kevin tries to tell him that he does not have to, but Harry insists. Harry also says they can talk about Kevin becoming his full time driver.


Later that day, Kevin meets with Goody, Duffy (Lenny Venito) and his brother Kyle (Gary Valentine) at Enzo’s to tell them that he has been Harry Connick Jr.’s driver. Kevin tells his friends how he wants them to behave when Harry gets there. No autographs. No pictures. Only thirty seconds to say hello. Kevin is acting more like a bodyguard than a driver. When Kevin comes home, he tells Donna that Harry is considering making him his full time driver. Their son Jack (James DiGiacomo) thinks that his dad is driving around Harry Styles from One Direction and Kevin lets him think that. When Donna brings up Harry singing for Kendra’s wedding, Kevin tells her that he will not be asking Harry to sing. When Donna asks what time she should be at Enzo’s, Kevin tells her that she cannot come.


The next night, Harry and Kevin are sitting in a booth alone eating lasagna as a large crowd watches their every move. Kevin apologizes to Harry for the large crowd. Goody’s wife Didi (Saidah Arrika Ekulona) sings in the hopes that Harry will discover her. She is ignored by the crowd and Goody signals her to stop singing. Duffy brings his mom to their table to meet Harry. When she says that she wants to touch him, Kevin tells Duffy and his mom to leave. Kevin follows Duffy and leaves Harry by himself for the first time all night. Harry orders another beer and tries to make small talk with Kyle. Kyle is still upset about an incident years ago when he felt Harry had an attitude because he did not want to sign an autograph in the bathroom.


Donna shows up and tells Kevin to introduce her to Harry. Kevin says that she needs to cool it and that she is wearing too much perfume. As Kevin is talking to Donna, other fans start taking pictures with Harry. Kevin rushes back to Harry to get them to stop, but he ends up looking angry and crazy in all of the pictures. Back at home, Kevin tells Donna that he knows he is not getting the job. Donna tells him that he is overreacting, but he points out that Harry left without him. Harry has not even called Kevin since he left Enzo’s. Kevin realizes that being a celebrity driver is too much pressure. When his cell phone rings, Kevin is excited that Harry is finally calling him. When Harry calls to see if Kevin is available for tomorrow, Kevin says that he is free.


As Kevin is enjoying the food backstage, Harry is filming his talk show. Harry invites Kevin to join him on the show. Kevin is overwhelmed in front of the studio audience. As Harry starts listing all of “Kenny’s” achievements, Kevin feels pretty nervous. Kevin had told Harry that he lost his saxophone because of Hurricane Sandy so Harry surprises him with a new one. Harry and the audience want to Kevin to play the saxophone. His family and friends hope that Kevin will find a way to avoid playing, but Kevin knows he has to. As Harry scats, Kevin tries to stall. As the audience claps along, Kevin starts “playing” and it is bad. Harry starts asking him questions about all the lies he told and Kevin starts telling the truth. In the closer, Donna and Kevin watch Harry’s show. Kevin tells Donna that he has no hard feelings about how things went down with Harry. They are shocked to see Harry promoting Didi’s music on his show.

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