Kevin Can Wait – Sting of Queens: Part 1

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By: Julie Mante

One night Kevin (Kevin James), who works as a security officer, is bored at work. When he hears an owl hooting, he is curious to take a look. When he goes outside, he ends up getting locked out of the trailer. He tries to unlock the window so he can climb inside, but he cannot get it to lift higher. In a desperate move he tries to crawl in, but it is a tough feat and he gets stuck. He groans as he hears the sirens of a police car. Officer Nick Dawson (Chris Weidman) tells Kevin that he stopped by Kevin’s job to tell him that Sergeant Mendez (Keith Anthony) wants to see him. Kevin’s wife Donna (Erinn Hayes) told Dawson where to find Kevin. Kevin asks Dawson to keep this humiliating situation to himself. While Dawson agrees, Kevin can hear the sound of a camera.


The next day, Kevin tells Donna that Sergeant Mendez wants Kevin to go undercover again. When he was working as a police officer, Kevin was dealing with a counterfeit art case. One of the thieves was asking about Kevin’s alter ego so they want Kevin to make an appearance. This makes Donna wonder if Kevin is getting out of retirement, but Kevin assures her that this is a short time thing. Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) and Chale (Ryan Cartwright) tell her parents that Chale is having a meeting with a tech start up that wants to recruit him. Even though Chale is unsure if he wants the job or not, everyone tells him to make sure to get that job.


Later, Kevin gets wired up to meet the art counterfeiters. He is not excited to hear that Vanessa Cellucci (Leah Remini) is also on the case. When Kevin goes to the diner, he sees Vanessa and Domingo (Maurice Compte) for the first time in years. When she greets Kevin with a “Hey, baby,” he gives her a quick kiss on the lips. Apparently, when he was undercover Kevin and Vanessa pretended to be a married couple. Domingo tells Kevin that he was wondering if Vanessa and him broke up because he had not seen him in a while. Kevin assures him that they are still together. Vanessa tries to see if Domingo and his girlfriend Maritza (Karyme Lozano) want to sell any counterfeit art, but Kevin interrupts her queries by asking Domingo about his breakfast. Vanessa tries to get the conversation back on track, but Kevin needs to know every single detail about the breakfast burger. Annoyed, Vanessa tries to get Kevin to remember the reason why they are here, but he wants that burger. Finally, Vanessa orders one so he will shut up and focus on their objective.


Domingo tells them that he and Maritza are having an art show in Boston this weekend. As he is telling them more about the show, Domingo’s phone rings so he excuses himself so he can answer it. The call sounds serious so Domingo tells them that he has to leave to take care of business and Maritza goes with him. He tells them that he will see them soon. As soon as they leave, Vanessa scolds Kevin for interrupting her questions for Domingo. He is quick to say that he is being natural while she is acting too obvious about her questions. Vanessa walks out of the diner while Kevin finishes Domingo’s breakfast.


After looking at his references, Parker (Christopher J. Hanke) offers Chale a job at Nozzler. While Chale is happy to be concerned, he tells Parker that he prefers being in charge of his own company instead of answering to a boss. Parker understands his concerns because he was dealing with the same scenario six months ago. Now his company is about to go public and he wants to celebrate with fifty year old scotch that costs $27,000. He offers Chale a six figure salary, stock options, a piece of everything they develop, and the lure of company retreats at Six Flags. When Parker hands Chale his potential signing bonus, Chale is stunned to see a $10,000 check. Now, Chale does not know what to do.


Back home, Kevin is getting ready for fantasy camp. He is dressed from head to toe in Mets gear. His main problem is that he feels his socks are too boring. Donna tells Kevin about her dilemma. She is up for a work promotion, but she wants to look surprised when they announce it so she has been working on her facial expression which she models for him. Kevin says that it looks too dramatic. When Kendra comes back home, Chale is in the kitchen. Chale tells her about the job and she tells him that she got into her dream law school: Columbia. Chale is excited to use his bonus to pay Kevin back for rent so he can see the look of shock on Kevin’s face. He is disappointed when Kevin grabs the check and only says, “Thank you very much.”


At Enzo’s, Kevin is celebrating with his friends Goody (Leonard Earl Howze), Duffy (Lenny Venito) and his brother Kyle (Gary Valentine) about going to fantasy camp. Enzo (Joe Starr) wishes them a great trip. Vanessa walks in and tells Kevin that they need to go to Domingo’s apartment right now. Kevin says he cannot go because they are going to fantasy camp. She tells him that she only needs him for one hour so reluctantly Kevin agrees and tells his friends to meet him at JFK airport. When they get to Domingo’s, he tells them that he is finishing a massage so he will meet with them after. Vanessa says that is fine. When he leaves the room, Kevin angrily reminds her that he has a flight to catch and he cannot stay there very long. When Vanessa tells him that he is messing up her case, Kevin tells her that she was screwing up so they brought him in to fix her mess. As they continue to argue, Vanessa starts looking around for hidden cameras. Kevin believes he found a bug in a ceramic giraffe. When he picks it up, the head breaks off.


When Donna comes into the kitchen, she notices a new kitchen appliance: a cappuccino machine. It seems like Chale is already spending his bonus. Donna tells Chale he did not have to buy it, but once she tastes the delicious drink she is glad he bought it. Kendra walks in holding a Coach bag and asks Chale if he bought it for her. Chale asks her if it is okay and Donna remarks that it is $400. Chale lets her know he paid more. When Kendra opens the bag, she finds $200 inside. Chale lets her know that he would add it to the bag as a gift. Donna tells Chale that he needs to slow down with the spending. Chale tells her that he is spending money because he wants them to know how much he appreciates them. To illustrate this, he yells for Kendra’s brother Jack (James DiGiacomo) to come and gives him money to buy a video game which the young boy eagerly accepts.


Back at Domingo’s, Vanessa yells at Kevin for breaking the giraffe. Kevin pushes back and says that he barely touched it. He asks her for some gum so he can put the head back on. After they both quickly chew some gum, Domingo and Maritza return to the living room. Domingo invites Vanessa and Kevin to Boston for their art show. Kevin says quickly that he cannot make it this weekend but Vanessa will be there. Domingo says that they should make it a couples’ weekend. Vanessa says he will be there and Kevin says he will not. Seeing that the couple’s disagreement, Domingo says he does not think Vanessa and Kevin are the right fit for him to sell his “art.” Kevin decides to attend the show in Boston. The giraffe head falls off and Kevin accuses Vanessa of kicking the table and breaking it.


In the closer, Kevin is packing for Boston and he is video chatting with his friends on his phone. He is upset that his friends are enjoying fantasy camp and he is not there. He is surprised to see Enzo there enjoying his trip. When Kevin complains to Donna how unfair his situation is, she tries to get him to see that he is essential to getting Domingo and Maritza arrested. As Kevin is listing all his strengths, Vanessa is back at the diner telling her fellow police officer how much of a drag Kevin is on her case. Kevin thanks Donna for her making him feel better.

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