Kevin Can Wait – Sting of Queens: Part 2

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By: Julie Mante

Vanessa Cellucci (Leah Remini) arrives at the Gable home to pick up Kevin (Kevin James) for their undercover case in Boston and receives a warm welcome from his wife Donna (Erinn Hayes). As Vanessa waits for Kevin to finish packing, she complains about pretending to be Kevin’s wife while Donna tries to tell her that Kevin has some redeeming qualities. When Kevin comes downstairs, both Vanessa and Donna mock his outfit. When they arrive in Boston, Vanessa volunteers to sleep on the pull-out and tells Kevin he can sleep on the bed. Kevin quickly agrees. When Kevin brings up that she wrote him up in the past Vanessa is ready to argue, but Kevin wants to drop the subject. The two continue to argue when Kevin decides to eat a candy bar from the mini bar. Vanessa believes he is wasting money on a candy bar he could buy cheaper somewhere else, but Kevin ignores her and eats it anyway.


At work, Donna is positive that she is getting a promotion at work. When Vice Principal Larry Anderson (Joey Kola) wants to chat Donna is feeling very confident, but is shocked when he tells her that they are promoting Joanne to head nurse instead. At his new job, Chale (Ryan Cartwright) is warned by his colleague Dave (Julian Leong) to leave Nozzler. He tells Chale that they burned through all the cash and investors bailed. When Dave leaves, he sees Parker (Christopher J. Hanke) guzzling his expensive scotch and knows he made a mistake accepting this job. When Vanessa sees Kevin sleeping, she remembers Donna’s advice and puts some soothing music on and says, “Sleep tight, you big dumb dope,” and sneaks out of the room dressed in a fancy dress.


At the art show, Vanessa tells Domingo (Maurice Compte) and Maritza (Karyme Lozano) that her buyers would be interested in their artwork. When Domingo asks about Kevin, she tells him that he is sleeping. Kevin wakes up when he hears someone yell “housekeeping.” When he sees that Vanessa had “Soothing Sounds of the Ocean” playing in the background, Kevin realized that she tried to keep him from participating in the case. As Vanessa is getting information on how Domingo moves his art around Europe to the States, Vanessa sees Kevin arrive. Maritza asks to borrow Domingo for a minute and Vanessa says it is fine. As Kevin is commenting on the art around him, Vanessa walks him to a corner so they can talk privately. Kevin lets her know that her plan did not work to keep him off the case. Vanessa says that she can handle this case on her own and tells Kevin to go back to the hotel. Kevin tells her that if she keeps trying to push him out, he will mess up the case for her. Reluctantly, Vanessa tells him that Domingo told her that there is a warehouse in the building so all they have to do now is get him to admit that he is selling forgeries. Domingo interrupts her when he comes back to greet Kevin.


Domingo whispers that all the art is junk. When Vanessa asks him if he is selling forgeries, he says no. For example, one of the fancy paintings Eye of Zeus is a picture of Domingo’s nephew eye that he took on his iPhone and zoomed out. When Domingo sees another client, he excuses himself. Vanessa feels foolish because she has been working on this case for a long time for it to yield no results. Kevin tells her that he is leaving immediately so he can go to Mets Fantasy Camp. Kevin realizes that Domingo and Maritza are not making money on the art but the minibar at the hotel. When they go check out the warehouse, Kevin tells her that they are shipping narcotics to the States. Vanessa checks into the crate and finds drugs and realizes that Kevin was right! Kevin answers a call from Donna who tells him that she did not get the promotion. Kevin tells her that they need to talk later because he working right now. As he talking, Vanessa is another part of the warehouse and has been discovered by Domingo. When Donna asks Kevin if he is rethinking his retirement, Kevin sees that Vanessa is in trouble and goes to investigate. Donna mistakes Kevin for saying that he is rejoining the force.


While holding a gun, Domingo tells Vanessa that he knows that she is a cop because his apartment was bugged. Domingo gets a call from Maritza and tells her his plans about moving the drugs. Kevin decides to swing from a wire and tells Domingo he is under arrest. Both Vanessa and Kevin are tied up. She is tied up to a chair while he is hanging upside down. The next day Donna is still fuming that she was not promoted. She tells her friend Yumi (Di Quon) that she thought she could mature about it, but she needs to confront Anderson. Anderson asks her if she would like to speak to him privately, but Donna wants to address this in front of everyone. She complains that she has dedicated her life to this school for fifteen years while Joanne only worked for six years. When she realizes that Kevin is going back to work and that Chale has a good job, Donna announces that she is quitting her job. Anderson tells her to think about what she is doing, but Donna has made up her mind. She’s done.


While Kevin is untying Vanessa, she tells him that she wrote him up in 2007 because what happened on News 12. Back in 2007, there was a fire at the mattress factory, they were doing crowd control and Kevin told the reporters, “Well if you really wanna know about traffic around a mattress, talk to this one” while pointing at Vanessa. Kevin laughs as he remembers, but she was upset because everyone at work made fun of her because of him. They called her, “Bed, Bath and Celluci” for two years. Kevin reminds her that she wanted to treated like the guys and she admits that is true, but she did not want to be treated like that on TV. As they discuss strategy, they see Maritza approaching them with a gun. They run away when they see Domingo also holding a gun. Domingo is ready to be done with them when Maritza reveals herself as a FBI agent. Domingo lifts his hands up and Kevin grabs his gun and pretends that he knew about Maritza’s real identity but she tells him to be quiet. She tells Kevin and Vanessa that she can handle it as she leads Domingo away.


Chale is surprised to see Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) in the kitchen. She is surprised that he has not left for work yet. She offers to drive him to work so he decides to go along with the charade. She is so happy that he has a good job and that she is going to Columbia law school. When she drops him off, the Nozzler building is empty and abandoned. Back in Boston hotel room, Kevin says that Vanessa did a good job on the case and apologizes for the mattress 2007 incident. Vanessa apologizes for writing him up. It does not take them long to start arguing again. In the closer, Kevin comes back and his family welcomes him home. His son Jack (James DiGiacomo) says he saw him on the news and his daughter Sara (Mary-Charles Jones) says they called him a hero. Donna tells the kids that Kevin is going back on the force and Kevin interrupts her by saying that it is not true. Donna reminds him that he told her that “It’s happening,” when she asked him if he was returning to police work. Kevin tells her that he likes being retired and Donna begins to worry because she quit her job. She tells him that she quit her job because she got passed over for the promotion and she thought he was going back to work. Donna starts to panic when she realizes they are both unemployed. Kendra reminds them that Chale has an amazing job right now. Kevin tells Chale that he is a good man. Chale is flustered and thanks his future father-in-law for the compliment. Kevin tells Chale that he does not have to call him Mr. Gable anymore but Kevin. Chale decides to tell Kevin that he is no longer employed.

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