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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) What made you want to be a part of Black Rose?

A) I liked the script and especially my character, Emily Smith.

Q) How was your character originally described to you?

A) She’s a police profiler with heart and depth.

Q) What did you find challenging about your role?

A) I wanted to experience what it would be like to lose tortured victims under your watch. I watched real female beheading videos to help understand the depth of this loss. This was extremely difficult and painful.

Q) How did you prepare for this role?

A) By doing the above. Also, I have had the privilege of training with the LAPD for Terminator 3. That knowledge really helped getting under the skin of a cop.

Q) Where did you connect with the character?

A) I have a profound love of humanity. I believe that Emily’s profiler was driven to do this job for this same reason.

Q) Were you familiar with any of your costars before working with them on Black Rose?

A) I had met Alexander when I was doing press for “T3.” I really enjoyed watching Adrian Paul in the “Highlander” series. I had met Matthias Hues and Robert Davi before.

Q) What advice did director/costar Alexander [Nevsky] provide that you have taken to heart for your performance?

A) Alexander is easy to work with. He is collaborative and open to ideas.

Q) What were some of your most memorable moments from filming?

A) Alexander is a true gentleman, and has become a good friend. I really enjoyed Russia. My father was with me and it was a very special time for us to share together.

Q) What do you hope viewers take away from Black Rose?

A) I hope they enjoy the journey and intrigue of the film.

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?

A) Thank you for enjoying my work and supporting me personally and professionally throughout the years. The best is yet to come. I have started a production company, Trio Entertainment. Please stay tuned for our upcoming slate of films and TV series.


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