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Kristen Herrera – Head of the Class

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Q.  Are there any current projects that you are working on besides “Zoey101?”

A.  Right now there is nothing I am working on because I’m trying tofocus on school.

Q.  Can you tell us a little bit about “Zoey 101″ and your character”Dana?”

A.  “Zoey 101” is basically about an all boys boarding school thatfinally decides to let girls in.  Things get pretty tough between the boysand us.

Q.  How did you originally become involved with this project? What madeyou want to be a part of it?

A.  My agent sent me out on the audition.  Right when I read thescript for “Dana” I thought “Oh my gosh!  This character would be so fun toplay, because it’s totally different from where I am!”  After I saw themovie Mean Girls I loved my role even more.

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from filming “Zoey 101?”

A.  My most memorable moment from “Zoey 101” was probably when Matthew(who plays Logan on the show) left the table and everyone told me to put ranchdressing in his desk.  It was funny but he still drank it.

Q.  What is it like getting to work with such an amazing group of youngactors?

A.  It’s so much fun getting to work with people your own age becauseyou have the same interests.  We all can relate to each other.

Q.  Your character “Dana” is very sarcastic, are you anything like herin real life?

A.  I think it’s fun playing “Dana” because I get to be someone totallydifferent from what I really am, Dana is very pushy and rude.  The onlything we have in common is that we both are very athletic.

Q.  Does the cast ever get together and hang out when you all are offset?

A.  Yes, we had a barbeque at our house and Jamie (Jamie Lynn Spears),her mom and most of the cast members were able to come.  Jamie and Leigha(Jamie’s childhood friend) and I got together one weekend in the summer and wehad our first surfing lesson.  We actually were able to get up and ride thewaves.  There was a “Zoey 101” premiere party at my use and most of thecast came by, Jamie was in NY promoting the show.  We really enjoyedourselves, it was great being with them.

Q.  What sets the show “Zoey 101” apart from showslike “Unfabulous,” “Phil of the Future,” and “Even Stevens,” etc.?

A.  The kids are basically on their their own at theboarding school and have to make their own decisions.

Q.  Which project that you’ve worked on has beenyour favorite and why?

A.  At each moment when I book a project, it becomesmy favorite, I learn something different from all of them.  I appreciateall of the roles I book, they’re all a challenge.  I’m just happy to beworking.

Q.  When working on a role like when you appearedon the shows “ER” and “The Division,” how do you prepare for such a dramaticsubject matter?

A.  By really listening to my mom when she explainsto me the sadness kids experience living the roles I’ve booked.  When it’sa crying scene, I just think of the saddest thing that has ever happened in mylife.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A.  I love listening to music and talking to myfriends and if I’m not doing that, I’m probably shopping.

Q.  What’s in your CD player at the moment?

A.  At this moment a mixed CD that my friend made forme is in my CD player.

Q.  With all that is going on in your life withacting, how do you stay grounded?

A.  Close ties with my family members, especiallywith my first four-month old niece Aubrey.  I have two older brothers andin the winter I do a lot of snowboarding with them.  I also love to be withmy friends.

Q.  Is there anything that you’d like to say toyour fans and supporters?

A.  Yes, I hope you enjoy the show; this is a dreamcome true!  And if you dislike “Dana” because of her mean, pushyattitude…please remember it’s just character acting.  I am lucky to havemet a great group of teens to work with and thank you very much.  Staytuned and keep watching the show.

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