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Kristopher Turner – Instant Gratification

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Q.  What are the current projects that you are working on?

A.  Well, right now I’m working on relaxing at my cottage and “Instant Star,” having bonfires on the beach and that’s about it. 

Q.  What made you want to be a part of the show “Instant Star”?

A.  It’s a great show, the writing is a lot of fun, the character that I get to play is a lot of fun.  It’s like shooting a music video!

Q.  What do you think it is about the show that has been drawing in Canadian viewers?

A.  I think because it’s sort of like this fantasy, it’s not necessarily Canadians, it can be anybody.  It’s the fantasy of being that regular person and becoming a rock star.  It can appeal to anybody.

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from season 1?

A.  I think any time Alexz took the stage is pretty great, watching her up there.  Though if I had to pick out something that I did I think it was when we got to do a flashback.  I got to play myself as a twelve-year-old boy, that was a blast, I had a fun time.

Q.  Why should American viewers take the time to check out the show?

A.  For the same reason as I said before, it’s really a great, it’s rock and roll and drama, the best of both worlds.

Q.  Are you as in to music as your character is?

A.  Yes, I am definitely like my character, not necessarily maybe the same type of music.  Jamie likes more of like the hardcore punk stuff and I am more into the classic rock.

Q.  Learn anything surprising about the music business from being on “Instant Star”?

A.  Well, I don’t really deal that much with the music aspect of the show.  That’s really Alexz, I sort of just watch. 

Q.  What is in your music player at the moment?

A.  At the moment I have everything from Bob Dylan, to White Stripes to Bruce Springsteen.

Q.  Is there a summer movie that you are really interested in checking out?

A.  Yeah I want to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s Johnny Depp and Tim Burton and I love the story.  I love the story, I remember reading it as a kid.

Q.  What is your latest obsession, are you into any particular sport, book or activity?

A.  I have both!  Right now I love playing the frisbee, ultimate frisbee and stuff like that.  I’m also reading some Hunter S. Thompson, it’s really great but it’s kind of wacked out, but it’s a great story. 

Q.  What would you like to say to fans and supporters of your career?

A.  Wow, that I hope you’re enjoying the show, it’s a heck of a lot of fun to make.  Season two is better, we just started filming it right now and I’m loving where the show is going.

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