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Larissa Gomes – Justice for All

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Q.  What are the current projects that you are working on?

A.  Well, I just finished shooting, the last pilot that I shot, was “In Justice” and it’s a TV series that’s an hour legal crime drama for ABC.  It’s about a group of young law grads and two investigators who review and reopen cases for people who they believe have unjustly been incarcerated.  It’s actually based on a real justice project that exists so it’s nice to see that angle I think on all the legal crime dramas out there right now.  You’re fighting for the underdog, you’re trying to prove somebody’s innocence once they’ve already been found guilty, as opposed to the other way around.  Then, I will be working on an independent feature called There’s This Girl which deals with, it’s a very cute, romantic story that centers around this guy Ray.  His problem is that he comes from a half white, half Indian background and he’s dealing with culture differences in his family and I basically play someone who comes into his life as a friend who he’s able to confide in and we have a lot of the same opinions, because I also play someone who comes from an interracial background.  So, it’s kind of interesting because there are really intricate nuances dealing with  a subject matter that I don’t think I’ve seen addressed in a lot of films.  So, that should be fun, I’m looking forward to that one!

Q.  Can you tell us a bit about your character in the show “In Justice”?

A.  Her name is Tina Descantes and she’s a recent law graduate, she’s struggling to be hirable and deferential and kind of get out of the shadow of her father who is a very well known political activist.  That works to her advantage and not to her advantage at some points, she’s trying to prove herself and so she comes on board with the justice project.  She basically is very instrumental, she’s I think she is much more intelligent than a lot of people would expect for a recent law graduate.  That she’s actually, in this pilot, the one who ends up solving the case and it is just a great representation for a Latin character as well, a strong female character.

Q.  What made you want to be a part of the show “In Justice”?

A.  As soon as I read the script, I was like “I need to play this part, this part is mine,” I have my own convictions too when it comes to injustices and I’m a part of many different groups that work towards petitioning for human rights and peace around the world.  I have a background in criminology too, so it was very interesting to me to see that in fact, just days before finding out about the project I spoke with a friend of mine and his father is actually incarcerated and has been for twenty years.  So, I was able to have a really nice and long conversation about all the things that he’s been through and you know.  It’s interesting now with DNA evidence to see what you can uncover that we couldn’t ten years ago even.  It’s such an incredibly interesting subject matter that deserves to be out there in the mainstream.  Just for so many reasons I was drawn to the project. 

Q.  What has it been like getting to work with such great actors like Kyle MacLachlan and Constance Zimmer?

A.  Oh it’s amazing, so much fun, they made me feel comfortable from day one and I think that everyone understood that this project has a very eclectic group of characters.  We were all bringing something very different to the table as far as what our characters were like.  I think we all knew what it was going to be and it was just going to make everything run smoothly.  We got along from day one, it was really, really great to work with them and I admire their work. 

Q.  How many shows has ABC slotted “In Justice” for?

A.  I believe for six or seven episodes, it’s a midseason pickup, I know that the writers and producers are making some changes to the show.  I am not sure where things end right now.

Q.  Do you have a most memorable moment from filming?

A.  I would have to say there was a time where all of us had all the cameras rolling and we were doing a few takes where we had some moments of adlibbing that were just completely hilarious.  I would hope that they would make it on to some sort of gag reel in the future.  I think what was really memorable was that every one of us was willing to keep the humor throughout shooting because we were dealing with such heavy subject matter all the time.  It was nice to lighten it up some times!

Q.  Is there a summer movie that you’re really interested in checking out?

A.  I haven’t seen Batman yet, I do want to see Batman, I’m not quite sure what I’ve seen recently.  I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I’m definitely going to see Batman, I think there’s one out in the theater now that I want to see called Layer Cake that I’ve heard a lot about.  I’ll have to check it out, I haven’t really had a chance yet to go out and see a lot of movies lately.  I’m renting them like crazy but I’m not going to see them in the theater.

Q.  Do you have a latest obsession, are you into any particular book, sport or activity?

A.  Well, I would probably have to say that I’m reading this book called Camera Politica, it’s called of like an old film textbook that I just pulled out from out of interest.  I’m not really obsessed with it but it’s an interesting read and I’ve always been writing so I am still working on another script right now.  I’m starting to feel the tingles of obsession coming on, which sort of means it’s sort of been incubating in my mind for weeks.  I’ve got the outline and everything ready to write and when I have the time to sit down I know it’ll just be an entire weekend of working on it.  Getting it out, I’m really excited about that one, it’s sort of a suspense thriller in Hitchcock style, so I’m kind of obsessed with that, writing away.

Q.  Is there anything that you would like to say to fans and supporters of your career?

A.  Oh I am just so appreciative of their interest, it means a lot to have that kind of support.  I hope that they enjoy the show!

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