Lethal Weapon – Born to Run

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By: Jessica Wolff


As Shaye (Joanna Levesque) makes her way through the crowd of reporters to her car, a man records her from his car.  He follows her to a secluded are where Shaye hooks up with Michael (Brian Jimenez).  The driver rams his car into Shaye’s as he pulls out a gun and shoots.  A Teen (Lorenz Arnell) is shocked when the car lands in his backyard and Shaye steps out.


Karen Palmer (Hilarie Burton) gives Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford) a pep talk while Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) expresses to Trish Murtaugh (Keesha Sharp) that this is a bad idea.  Riggs and Palmer go up to the Murtaugh house and the four of them sit down for brunch.  They make small talk as Murtaugh and Palmer tease Riggs.  Murtaugh asks what they’re doing and Trish tells him that this is what adults do.


Palmer talks about her commute to and from DC and mentions that she might be staying for longer periods of time.  Riggs is surprised, but then says it’d be good to have her live at the beach.  Murtaugh confirms that he just asked her to move in with him, but Riggs tries to deny it.  Riggs and Murtaugh get notification of a case and Palmer denies Riggs’ offer for her to tag along.


Sonya Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) fills Riggs and Murtaugh on the case.  Murtaugh immediately knows who Shaye is, while Riggs has no idea.  While singing one of Shaye’s songs, Zach Bowman (Andrew Creer) calls out ‘Active Shooter’.  Riggs and Murtaugh reach for their guns and Bowman explains that it’s the name of the song before introducing himself as a newly transferred detective.  They are confused that he is carrying containers of soup and Bowman explains that it’s how he makes a good first impression.  The soup excites Riggs and Sonya, but Murtaugh is still suspicious of him.


Murtaugh and Riggs interview Shaye, but she isn’t helpful.  Shaye tries to leave the interview but Phil (John Ales) tells her to rest from the studio before introducing himself as Shaye’s manager.  Riggs asks about the affair again, and Shaye tells them that her boyfriend Ray LeRoy (Isiah Adams) is not a killer.  They ask where they can find him and Shaye tells them he’s working as usual.  Shaye asks if she can go with them, but they deny her request.


Palmer tells Trish that she thinks she and Riggs work well together.  Trish remarks that this is the first time Riggs has washed his hair.  Murtaugh asks Riggs if he wants him to let Palmer know that they are still working on the case, but Riggs doesn’t think it’s necessary.  Murtaugh explains the importance of checking in and accuses Riggs of not knowing how relationships work.  Riggs ignores him and requests to speak to Ray.


A woman tells them that Ray is with the maid of honor and they find him in bed with her.  He tells them that he’s working, and they ask him about his girlfriend.  Ray says that he’s horrified by the attempted murder, and Shaye bursts in and slaps him for cheating on her.  Riggs and Murtaugh try to restrain Shaye, and Ray falls off the balcony in the struggle.


Murtaugh defends Riggs and himself to Gina Santos (Michelle Hurd) and he and Riggs suggest that she sandwich her criticisms with compliments.  As she talks, Murtaugh spots a recruitment poster with Bowman’s face on it.  He accuses Bowman of being a model, but Santos argues that Bowman is a real cop.  She tells them that their priority is 24/7 protections on Shaye, and asks Riggs to take the first shift.


Murtaugh finds his daughter, Riana Murtaugh (Chandler Kinney) listening to Shaye’s music.  She laughs that he doesn’t know her, but is excited when he tells her that he was at her house earlier.  Riana asks if she can meet her, but Murtaugh tells her that she can’t.  She mentions that the clip is on Shaye’s fan site and Murtaugh asks to see it.  Palmer calls Riggs and jokes about him not calling her before assuring that he didn’t have to.  He tells her that he is babysitting Shaye and asks her to meet for a burger later.  Riggs sees Shaye examining her wounds and hangs up on Palmer.


Riana shows Murtaugh video from the shooting and Bowman giving a statement to the press.  She mentions an incident with Shaye at a restaurant, but Trish comes home and comments that she was just there.  Riana asks if she was there when Shaye and her manager got into a fight, but Trish says that she missed it.  Riggs gives Shaye a bag of frozen food for her neck.  When she mentions that the wounds are from the crash, Riggs tells her that he knows she’s lying.  She refuses to say where they’re from and Riggs recommends that she avoid the people that gave them to her.  She tells him that the people know that her career depends on them.


Murtaugh confronts Phil about his alleged assault of Shaye, but Phil denies it.  Riggs comes in and asks Phil if he put the bruises on Shaye’s neck.  He questions if Shaye told him that and Riggs punches him when he suggests that Shaye knows better.  Santos reprimands Riggs for punching Phil, and calls him out on his attempt to bend the truth.  She asks him if his nature is all an act, and warns him that he might not always survive dangerous stunts.  Santos tells him to take the rest of the day off and find a new act.  Murtaugh confronts Riggs about assaulting Phil, and Riggs promises that it won’t happen again.


Bowman informs Murtaugh that their request for video from the restaurant incident was denied.  Murtaugh tells Bowman that he’ll show him how it’s done.  They go to the restaurant and talk to the restaurant’s attorney.  Trish is in the middle of a meeting, but he demands to speak to her.  After Murtaugh requests the security video, Trish asks for his subpoena.  When he is unable to produce one, she tells him that she won’t break company policy for him.  Murtaugh is furious when he finds out that the Hostess (Jasmine Leyva) handed Bowman the footage due to his attractiveness.


In bed, Palmer notices a bruise on Riggs’ hand and he lies that he punched a vending machine.  She comments that their relationship is nothing but hotel hookups and lies.  He asks her if she’s unhappy, and she says that she isn’t.  Riggs tells her the truth, and she asks if he wants to talk about it.  He gets offended and goes on a rant of people wanting to dissect his thoughts.  Riggs storms off to take a shower and calls Murtaugh requesting help with Palmer.  Murtaugh informs him that the security video shows Phil trying to protect Shaye from an unknown man.  Riggs tells Palmer that he has to go, but she is upset that he’s leaving so quickly.


Riggs and Murtaugh show Phil the security footage, but he claims to not know who the man is.  When Riggs points out that he seems to know him in the video, Phil tells him that he has witnesses this time if he tries to punch him again.  Riggs tells him to punch him to make it even, but Murtaugh pulls him away.  Shaye comes in and asks what’s going on.  Murtaugh and Riggs show her the video, and she tenses at the sight of the man.  However, she tells them that she’s never seen him before.  Riggs pleads with her to let them help her, but she continues lying.  Phil tells them not to come back without a warrant and Murtaugh restrains Riggs before telling Phil not to push it.


Sonya reports that the facial recognition software can’t identify the man.  Murtaugh asks Sonya to replay the video and sees the man bought a drink with a credit card.  He doesn’t heed Bowman’s warnings, and Trish makes her presence known.  She apologizes for snapping at him earlier, and is about to hand him the tape when she notices that it’s playing on the screen.  She tells Sonya and Bowman to clear the room to yell at him.


Riggs gets a call from Palmer, and tries to talk about their earlier fight.  She realizes that he doesn’t want to talk about it and he asks her to run a photo through the DEA’s database.  Riggs calls Shaye and asks if she knows Bobby Claypool (Toby Hemingway), but she denies it.  He reminds her that he targeted her after she got out of prison, and she says that Phil promised to deal with him.  Riggs demands to know who he is, and Shaye admits that he was her first boyfriend.  He asks who Bobby killed, and she confesses that he went to prison for her.  Phil demands she get off the phone, but Riggs tells her to stay on.  Bobby comes up behind Phil and knocks him out, causing Shaye to drop her phone.  He points a gun at Shaye and announces he’s back.


Murtaugh and Riggs arrive at the house and find that Shaye is gone.  Riana calls Murtaugh and tells him to watch the periscope on Shaye’s fan site.  He opens it to find a video of Bobby holding a gun to Shaye.  She pleads with him, but he presses the accelerator as her hands are taped to the steering wheel.  He steers them through traffic and addresses the camera as Riggs and Murtaugh drive to find the car.  Bobby tells the camera that Shaye killed someone, and gets her to confirm it.  He tells the camera that he went to jail for it, and she says they had a deal.  Bobby yells at her for not taking care of him.  Shaye tells him that Phil wouldn’t allow it, and he tells her that Phil is going to die too.


She tries to stop the car, but he put the gun to her head and slams on the accelerator.  Murtaugh and Riggs find them, and Murtaugh realizes that Bobby’s going to drive them off a cliff’s edge.  Riggs takes them off road and they catch up to Bobby’s car, hitting it in order to stop it.  Their car ends up on the edge of the cliff and Shaye screams for help.  Riggs and Murtaugh run to them and Riggs fights Bobby as Murtaugh rescues Shaye.  He pulls her out in time, but she screams that Phil is in the trunk.  Riggs climbs into the car and pulls the seat out before taunting Phil as he pleads for help.  He asks him if he hurt Shaye as the car slips further off the cliff.  He confesses and Riggs pulls him out just in time before the car falls off the cliff.


Sonya and Bowman make Murtaugh a police ad with his face on it, and Santos comments that their recruiting numbers are up because of the video.  She comments how questionable the methods were, but compliments the outcome.  Santos asks if he can retire early and take Riggs with him, but Murtaugh responds that he can’t now that he’s the face of the department.  Riggs talks to Shaye at the prison and asks how she’s holding up.  She tells him that she’ll lose everything, but she is okay with it.  Shaye tells him she fired Phil, and Riggs assure her she didn’t deserve what he did to her.


Riana tells Murtaugh that everyone is talking about him.  When he asks if they’re talking about his heroics, she tells him that he ruined Shaye’s career.  Murtaugh asks if Trish is still mad at him, she tells him she’s not and calls him heroic.  Riggs offers to take Palmer for a burger before she leaves, but she tells him that she took an earlier flight.  He sees her waiting for a cab, and admits that she won’t be back for a while.  She tells him that him leaving the hotel bothered her and he apologizes.  She thanks him for helping her realize that she wants someone who will be there for her, and that Riggs isn’t that guy.  He watches her get into the cab as he glances at the bouquet of flowers he brought for her.

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