Lethal Weapon – Diggin’ Up Dirt

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By: Jessica Wolff


In a flashback, Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford) lies in bed with Miranda Riggs (Floriana Lima). Miranda gets a call from her father, Ronnie Delgado (Tony Plana), but decides to ignore it. She asks Riggs about his father, and Riggs tells a story about him that Miranda recognizes as a character from a Sylvester Stallone movie. They agree that the movie is an underrated classic, but she asks why he’s lying. Riggs lies that his father died a couple of years ago, and she expresses her condolences before making him promise that he won’t lie to her again.


Trish Murtaugh (Keesha Sharp) meets Gene Nakahara (C.S. Lee) for lunch. They catch up and Gene tells her about his desire to run for mayor. She is excited for him, but asks about his competition, “golden boy” Councilman Sean O’Brien (Michael Reilly Burke). As Gene makes a comment that O’Brien isn’t so golden, Leo Getz (Thomas Lennon) calls out to them from across the room. Gene mentions that Leo has been calling him all day, and Leo tries to talk Gene into giving him a job. His request is turned down, and Leo says goodbye before trying to talk to another lawyer.


Brooks Avery (Kevin Rahm) tells Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) that he plans to run for O’Brien’s council seat, and asks for a list of potential candidates to replace him. Murtaugh is offended that Avery isn’t considering him, and Avery points out that he likes being a detective. He agrees, but says that working with Riggs and getting wiser has caused him to reevaluate his options. Avery tells him to prove himself, and Murtaugh is determined. Trish and Gene exit the restaurant, and he mentions that he’s working on a cartel case at the moment. Leo interrupts their conversation and asks Gene for a ride. Gene refuses, and Leo admits his car is parked on the street when Trish offers him a ride. As Gene gets into his car, it explodes. Leo and Trish fall on top of each other in the chaos.


Riggs examines the scene as Murtaugh consoles Trish. He offers to take her home, but Trish refuses to leave until she gives her witness statement. Riggs checks on Trish, who mentions what Gene said about his cartel case. He hands Trish a comb, which she recognizes as Leo’s. In the interrogation room, Leo complains about his treatment and is relieved when Murtaugh walks in with Avery. They tell him that he is a suspect for fleeing the murder scene, and that his comb is now considered evidence. Leo lies that he was close to Gene’s car because his parking meter expired, but Murtaugh accuses him of being a stalker. He explains that he was hoping that Gene could help him find work as his former colleague, and mentions that Gene cancelled a meeting to visit an inmate at a prison.


Sonya Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) informs Murtaugh that the inmate Gene was visiting was Delgado. He tells her he’ll handle it, and tells Riggs, suggesting that he stay behind. However, Riggs insists on going and laughs when Murtaugh tries to demand he stay. Arriving at the prison, Murtaugh asks Riggs to view him as a figure of authority. Delgado is brought into the prison yard and a fright breaks out among the inmates. One of the inmates, Tiny (Marcus Brown) attacks Delgado, stabbing him multiple times. Riggs pulls him off, and Delgado tells him that he should have let Tiny kill him.


In the prison hospital, Riggs asks Delgado if the cartel tried to kill him. He replies that he doesn’t know, and Riggs informs him of Gene’s murder. Delgado tells him that Gene wanted to talk to him about the past and his house, where Riggs and Miranda had their wedding. Delgado apologizes for destroying their family, but Riggs insists that he and Delgado are not family. He tells Riggs that he sees him as a son, and that he knows that his father is alive. Riggs asks how he knows, and if Miranda knew. Delgado tells him they wanted to help, and Riggs calls him out for his role in Miranda’s death.


Leo hands out business cards at Gene’s funeral, and Murtaugh is horrified by his networking methods. Avery calls Murtaugh over to introduce him to O’Brien, and Trish and Leo recognize a man, Mike Serrano (Tim Kang), that they saw at the restaurant before Gene’s car exploded. Leo gets Murtaugh’s attention, and Trish tells him about the man, snapping a picture of his license plate as he drives away. Murtaugh promises to run the plates, but Leo convinces Trish that they should do their own investigation of Gene’s murder.


At the station, Murtaugh presents what they know about Mike to Avery and Sonya. Avery mentions his reputation as a fixer for politicians and suggests that they tread lightly. Murtaugh yells at Sonya for problems with her PowerPoint, and Avery explains that Murtaugh is being bossy because he is trying to prove himself as a worthy replacement. Sonya requests to be considered for the job, but Murtaugh insists he is the only candidate.


Riggs and Murtaugh visit a Chinese restaurant Mike frequents and they find him sitting at a booth. Murtaugh tells Riggs to let him handle Mike as they approach him. Mike suggests they order the spring rolls and reminds that that he doesn’t have to answer questions without a warrant. Riggs asks where they can order car bombs and prison shankings, but Mike insists that he is just a P.I. Sliding a couple of bills on the table, Riggs asks Mike who asked him to kill Gene and Delgado. Mike comments that Miranda was a client of his, who asked him to investigate Riggs. He tries to call Mike’s bluff, but Mike continues to taunt him. Riggs slams Mike’s head into the table, and Murtaugh ushers him out of the restaurant. Mike continues to taunt Riggs, who points a gun at him before shooting the restaurant’s fish tank.


Riggs flashes back to wedding planning with Miranda. She asks him if he wants to invite any family, but Riggs replies that he doesn’t have any. Miranda asks if he wants to say a couple of words in honor of his late father, and Riggs comments how sweet she is. In the present, Riggs wakes up to a knock on his trailer and points his gun at Murtaugh. He tries to comfort Riggs, but Riggs feels guilty for lying to Miranda. Murtaugh reminds Riggs that Miranda still married him, and that he would have ran if he was in her situation. Riggs asks Murtaugh why he’s really there, and he replies that they are going on a stakeout to follow Mike.


Trish and Leo look through Gene’s old case files for clues and reminisce about old times. Leo sees an old picture of a woman named Monica Jones and comments that she stole his job as well as O’Brien’s heart. He presents his theory that Jones was having an affair with O’Brien, and Trish realizes that the file is opposition research on O’Brien. Trish questions if O’Brien killed Gene to silence him about the affair, and suggest they go to O’Brien’s campaign office to question him. As Riggs talks about Murtaugh’s potential promotion, Murtaugh spots Mike meeting with O’Brien. Their car is rear-ended, drawing Mike and O’Brien’s attention and causing them to run. Murtaugh gets out of the car to find that Leo and Trish are in the other car.


At the station, Murtaugh, Leo, Trish, and Riggs argue in front of Avery. Trish explains that they were there to question O’Brien and Murtaugh yells at her that it’s the police’s job. Avery yells at them to stop, and refocuses them on the investigation. The two teams present their evidence in the case, and Riggs notices that the photograph of Jones and O’Brien was taken at Delgado’s house where he married Miranda. He grabs the photo and walks out without another word. Avery tells the others to go home, and Leo threatens to sue the LAPD for damages. He tells Leo to get out and Leo pulls off his neck brace.


Riggs shows Delgado the photo, and Delgado mentions that he would let O’Brien stay there sometime. Riggs asks about Gene’s investigation, and then asks why Delgado sent Miranda to Mike. Delgado insisted that Miranda asked, and tells Riggs that he vouched for him once Miranda found out the truth his father. Riggs asks if he talked Miranda into marrying him, but Delgado insists that Miranda made the decision herself and that she loved him.


Murtaugh yells at Trish for impeding his investigation, and she admits she got carried away. She admits that it’s been a while since she worked on something important to her, and Murtaugh admits that he feel the same way about the captain position. They hear rocks being thrown at the window and open it to see Leo on their lawn. Despite Murtaugh and Trish’s complaints, Leo insists that he needs to talk to them. They let him inside and he uses Harper’s baby easel to present evidence that Jones went missing and his theory that O’Brien was covering up her murder.


Riggs goes to Delgado’s house and flashes back to his and Miranda’s wedding. Surveying the lawn, he digs a hole and misses a call from Murtaugh telling him what they discovered. Riggs finds a skeleton buried and finds Mike and two of his men pointing guns at him as he stands up. Riggs remarks that he’s dug his own grave, and Trish and Leo tells Avery their theory. O’Brien walks into the office, and confronts Avery about the stakeout in front of his campaign office. Trish and Leo confront O’Brien about Jones. O’Brien tries to evade the question, but demands a lawyer when Avery demands he answer.


Mike taunts Riggs as his men tie a noose about Riggs’ neck. He asks if Riggs has any last words, and Riggs quips that he’d like to try the spring rolls he recommended. The men pull Riggs up and his life flashes before his eyes as he remembers Miranda telling him on their wedding day that she had cold feet, but realized that she couldn’t imagine a life without him. Murtaugh arrives at the house and drives into the men holding Riggs up. Riggs falls to the ground and Murtaugh takes out one of Mike’s men while Riggs chokes the other. Mike points his gun at them, but Riggs shoots him, causing him to fall into the hole that Riggs dug.


Avery and Murtaugh watch O’Brien be led away in handcuffs, and Avery admits that he will remain captain for the time being and that he was grooming someone who would make a great captain. Leo asks Trish for her help in getting him a job with Dan Reiser (Edward Singletary). She reluctantly agrees and Leo gives her instructions. Leo goes to talk to Reiser, and Trish comes over and pretends to give Leo a settlement check. He refuses it and tears it up, but gives her a wink of appreciation.


Riggs tells Maureen Cahill (Jordana Brewster) about Miranda’s secret, admitting that she still married him despite knowing the truth. Cahill asks if there’s more, and Riggs admits that he wish that he had been the one to tell her to get a chance for forgiveness. She comments that Miranda seemed to forgive him, and that he should work on forgiving himself. Murtaugh apologizes to Trish for getting mad at her and thanks her for her help. Trish admits that the case reminded her that she became a lawyer to get justice for people, and decides to do pro bono work on the side. Riggs goes to visit Delgado, but the Nurse (Brandee Evans) tells him that Delgado died during surgery. She asks if Riggs was family, and Riggs answers that he was.

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