Lethal Weapon – Double Shot Of Baileys

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By: Jessica Wolff



At a nightclub, a waitress, Jess Bailey (Alisha Wainwright) flirts with Jason Bristo (Abe Martell) and steals his wallet. She witnesses CJ (Mustafa Elzein) argue with Drexel (Juan Gil) and gives him the wallet. At the hotel, Jess and CJ drink in bed and Jess notices her necklace is no longer on her. CJ answers the door and is stabbed in the eye, causing Jess to hide under the bed. The Room Service Guy (Mayank Bhatter) comes in and runs when he sees CJ’s body.


Riana Murtaugh (Chandler Kinney) expresses frustration that her mom isn’t answering and Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) reminds her that Trish is at a work retreat. She says it’s an emergency, and Murtaugh offers his help, insisting that he is able to deal with feminine issues. Riana tells him her suspicions that Robbie McNeile (Mavrick Moreno) is cheating on her. Murtaugh doesn’t believe Robbie is a cheater, but Riana tells him she saw evidence on Instagram that he was with Charlotte (Daniela Nieves) the night before. He promises that he will use his resources at the LAPD to investigate.


Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford) wakes up in someone’s front yard holding a police notice and unable to find his truck. The team investigates the crime scene and Murtaugh declares it was a crime of passion. Murtaugh asks Zach Bowman (Andrew Creer) to look into Robbie, clarifying that it’s not connected to the current case. Riggs stumbles into the crime scene and tells them that truck trouble forced him to walk there. Murtaugh tries to ask him questions about the truck, but Riggs snaps at him and avoids the subject.


Riggs asks Sonya Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) about the case, and then for help with finding his truck. Sonya notices Jess’ necklace on the floor and attempts to discreetly pocket it. However, Riggs notices and questions her. She tells him that it belongs to her sister and that she needs to talk to her before anyone else does. Murtaugh holds up a glass with lipstick marks on it, and Riggs grabs it and intentionally smashes it in a way that looks like an accident. When Murtaugh yells at him, Riggs lies that his clumsiness is a result of his hike.


Murtaugh angrily tells Brooks Avery (Kevin Rahm) that Riggs destroyed their only evidence. Riggs comes in and tells Avery that he had to walk because Murtaugh wouldn’t give him a ride. Murtaugh tells Avery that Riggs lost his truck, but Avery tells him that he should have given his partner a ride. Riggs lies that his truck is being serviced, but is unable to answer where. Detecting hostility from Murtaugh, Riggs asks to work with Sonya.


Riggs and Murtaugh glare at each other as Riggs leaves with Sonya, and Bowman tells Murtaugh that CJ was seen arguing with Drexel that night. Murtaugh tells Bowman to come with him to investigate, and Riggs and Sonya climb over the fence of Drexel’s house. They see Jess arguing with Drexel inside, and they hear another drug dealer tells Drexel that two cops are sitting outside in a car. Riggs sees Murtaugh’s car and attempts to call him. However, Murtaugh ignores him and Riggs throws a rock at his window. Murtaugh calls Riggs and Riggs informs him of the situation.


The drug dealers start shooting at the car, and Murtaugh backs up the car and hits another car. Riggs shoots at the drug dealers and Sonya stops Jess as she attempts to escape. Riggs misses Drexel as he escapes on a motorcycle, but Murtaugh hits him with his car. Bowman arrests Drexel, and Murtaugh yells at Riggs for throwing a rock at him.


Sonya enters Jess’ information and they argue with each other. Jess is angry with her for never giving her the benefit of the doubt, but Sonya tells her that she doesn’t anymore. Jess insists that she’s changed, and Riggs tells them that Drexel’s alibi checked out. Murtaugh remarks that he sees a resemblance between Sonya and Jess and gets angry that nobody told him about Jess’ potential involvement.


Sonya asks if any other drug dealer wanted to kill CJ, and Jess is angry that Sonya assumes the worst. Sonya reminds her that CJ had cash in his hand when he was killed, and Jess responds that they were stealing wallets instead of dealing drugs. She tells them that they ordered champagne with the stolen credit card. Murtaugh asks why nobody told him about Jess, and Sonya explains that she was embarrassed and Riggs’ life is already a mess.


Avery asks Riggs why a bartender would take a restraining order against him, but Riggs has no memory of what happened. Riggs calls the bartender, Mikey (Jimmy Walker, Jr.), who is furious about the restraining order violation. Riggs asks what happened and Mikey tells him that they forced him into a cab. Despite Riggs’ attempts to apologize, Mikey yells at him for destroying his jukebox. Upon hearing what song was playing, Riggs flashes back to Nathan Riggs (Rex Linn) playing the song in a bar and an Aggressive Patron (Travis Lee Eller) harasses him for playing the song repeatedly. Young Martin Riggs (Chase Magnum) tells him that his mother’s funeral was today. Nathan hands him the keys and tells him to drive home.


Murtaugh tells Riana that he found no evidence of Robbie cheating on her, but she questions his evidence. Riana suggests that she try calling Trish again, but Murtaugh promises to take care of it and requests equipment from Bowman. Sonya demands that Jess cooperate with the investigation, and she identifies Bristo as the man whose wallet she stole. Avery tells them that Jess’ manager called telling them that Bristo asked when Jess’ shift was. Jess suggests using herself as bait to help catch Bristo.


At the club, Murtaugh talks to Sonya via earpiece and she complains about the waitress uniform Jess forced her to wear. Murtaugh sees Riggs tending bar and yells at him for his choice of vantage point. Riggs doesn’t see the problem and Murtaugh complains about his drinking on the job. After taking a shot, Riggs pulls out his earpiece and drops it into a glass of whiskey. Sonya tells Jess that she’s watching her, but Jess summons a group in front of her, allowing her to escape in the chaos.


Sonya informs Murtaugh she lost Jess and Murtaugh tries to signal to Riggs. Climbing on top of the bar, Riggs looks for Jess as Jess crawls on the dance floor. Gary (Graham Miller) demands that Bristo tell him where his money is, but Bristo points at Jess and tells him she has it. Gary drags Jess out of the club, but Riggs stops them. Murtaugh approaches Bristo and finds that he has been stabbed. Riggs sees that Gary has a twin (Alex Miller) who shoots. Murtaugh runs upon hearing the gunshot and finds Riggs on the ground. He thinks Riggs is dead, but Riggs sits up and shows him that the bullet went through his flask.


Murtaugh tells Avery that Riggs was drinking on the job, and believes Riggs only saw a reflection of Gary and no twin. Sonya takes responsibility for losing Jess, and both Riggs and Murtaugh tell her that she’s supposed to blame somebody else. Avery tells them that Bristo embezzled money from the Minnesota mob, and CJ was killed because the mob came after him after he used Bristo’s credit card. Sonya begins to say something, but Riggs ushers her out and promises Avery that they’ll look into the leads. Bowman arrives with Murtaugh’s requested equipment and Murtaugh lie that it’s for the investigation.


Murtaugh and Riana stakeout Charlotte’s workplace where Robbie is sitting, Riana watches as Robbie kisses Charlotte, storms out of the car and pours Robbie’s drink on him. As she returns to the car, Riana breaks down and Murtaugh suggests they call Trish. As they search for Jess, Sonya expresses her regret of abandoning her. Bowman texts Riggs that he has a potential lead on his truck, and Riggs questions the cab driver, Fred (Peter Banifaz). Fred calls him crazy and tells him that he drove him to a car wash where he washed himself, claiming that he had to get himself right.


Riggs flashes back to himself hosing Nathan in an attempt to sober him up. A social worker, Helen (Audrey Wasilewski), visits the house and expresses concern for Riggs, but Nathan insists he’s just dealing with his mother’s death. As she gets in her car, Jess notices a key to a public locker sticking out of Bristo’s wallet. Opening the locker, she finds a bag of money inside.


Sonya requests a leave of absence, and Avery tries to convince her to stay. Riggs and Murtaugh observe the conversation and speculate on it, leading to another argument. Bowman shows Riggs that Gary’s car was found near Jess’ place, and Riggs asks for his car keys. Sonya goes home and finds Jess waiting for her. Jess shows her the locker key, and Sonya is proud of her for doing the right thing.


Murtaugh visits Sonya and confronts her about quitting, and Sonya tells him that Jess is inside. Murtaugh is angry about her not telling him and blames Riggs. Meanwhile, Riggs goes to Jess’ house and finds Gary ransacking it. He tackles Riggs, but the twin hits him and ties him up in the house.  The twin points his gun at Murtaugh and Sonya and demands they come with him as Jess watches from the house.


In the trunk, Murtaugh calms Sonya by having her focus on a description of their kidnapper, and she mentions the man had a mustache. The trunk opens and a clean-shaven man throws in a shovel, causing Murtaugh to be confused. The trunk opens again and a mustached man throws something inside. The trunk opens again and they see three triplets looking back at them, telling them that they have Riggs inside.


Two of the triplets try to pull Sonya out, but Murtaugh requests that he go first instead. Meanwhile, Riggs asks questions of the triplet standing over at him as he sticks metal into an electrical outlet and uses the distraction to attack the triplet. Once he is knocked out, Riggs breaks free of his restraints and answers his phone. The call is from Jess, who tells him about the kidnapping.


One of the triplets forces Sonya to open the locker, but Sonya stabs him with the key and fights him. Murtaugh breaks free of his restraints, climbs through the backseat and attacks the driver. Riggs arrives as the driver drives with Murtaugh trying to strangle him. After Riggs shoots at the car, Sonya tells him that Murtaugh is inside and Riggs is horrified as it crashes into a construction site and explodes. Murtaugh yells at him for just standing there as he watches the wreckage, expecting him to show more emotion at his demise.


As Jess is released, Sonya offers to help with the felony charges. However, Jess decides to take responsibility for her actions and Sonya gives her back her necklace. Jess suggests they reconcile once she’s released, and Sonya agrees. Murtaugh attempts to console Riana, but she asks him if this heartbreak is as bad as it gets. He explains that there are a lot of heartbreaks along her way to prepare her for when the right person comes along, confessing that he experienced a lot of heartbreak before he met Trish. Riana answers a call from Trish and she tells her what happened, and how helpful Murtaugh was.


Riggs shows Maureen Cahill (Jordana Brewster) the police notice asking him to speak on behalf of Nathan’s release. He asks her why he cares so much, and she reminds him he’s still his dad. Riggs tells her that Helen offered him a chance to leave his dad, but he didn’t take it. Cahill tells him that he still has that chance, and Riggs visits Murtaugh, admitting that he needs help. Murtaugh tells him he’s been waiting for him to ask, and shows him that he’s had his truck in the garage. He explains that they called him after his bar incident, and Riggs is thankful that he looked out for him.

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