Life in Pieces – Poison Fire Teats Universe

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By: Julie ManteL


Story One: Baking a Murderer


Greg (Colin Hanks) asks Clancy (Todd Sherry) for information about Max (Mark Beltzman), the man he accidentally hurt by giving him a cookie he was allergic to. Jen (Zoe Lister-Jones) tries to tell Greg that Max is fine, but Greg feels guilty and wants to apologize. Clancy tells Greg the name of the hospital where Max is. When they enter the room, Greg is devastated when he looks at the monitor and sees that Max died. It does not take him long to realize that Max did not actually die. Greg apologizes and hands Max a box of chocolates. Max introduces the couple to Art Sturgeon (Frank Crim). Art informs them that he is a lawyer and they will be suing Greg for causing Max pain and suffering. When Art says that he recorded Greg’s confession, Jen puts her lawyer hat on and counters that it is illegal to record a conversation in California if one of the parties has not agreed to be recorded. Jen wants to leave as Greg keeps saying more incriminating things. When they leave the room, Jen is annoyed and Greg tells her that he felt guilty about the situation and felt that visiting would make things right. Jen understands that Greg has a good heart but tells him that he has to be more careful. Greg says that he should have let his card do the speaking for him. When Jen asks if there is anything incriminating in it, Greg races back to the room to get it. When he gets there, Art already put the card in a plastic evidence bag.


Story Two: The Hughes, The Hughes, The Hughes is on Fire


As the Hughes family walks home without their luggage, they wonder how they will be able to go to Mexico for the wedding. When they arrive, they are stunned to see firefighters at their house. When Heather (Betsy Brandt) asks why the water sprinklers did not go off, the firefighter tells her that the water main was turned off. Heather decides to text Matt (Thomas Sadoski) to tell that they cannot make it to Mexico today. When Tim (Dan Bakkedahl) suggests they book a hotel near the airport, Tyler (Niall Cunningham) invites his family to stay at his and Clementine (Hunter King)’s tiny house. Squeezing six people in a house made for two is quite the challenge. The close quarters prove to be taxing when Tyler has guitar practice and sings the word Clementine over and over. Heather tries to remind everyone that their house almost burned down and they should be grateful that they are all safe and together. When it is time for bed, Sophia (Giselle Eisenberg) and Sam (Holly J. Barrett) are sharing the bottom bunk while Tim, Heather, Tyler and Clementine are sharing the top. The top bunkers have to keep switching sides so everyone is comfortable. The noise bugs Sophia and she starts arguing with Tyler and her father. Tim refuses to take the blame for the fire when the firefighter arrives to explain that fire started because the dryer overheated as there was a chocolate wrapper jammed in it. The fire was Tim’s fault.


Story Three: Alas, Poor Yorkie


When John (James Brolin) and Joan (Dianne Wiest) arrive at the veterinary hospital John is a panic because he is worried about their dog Tank. She swallowed Colleen’s (Angelique Cabral) ring and he wants it to be removed immediately. John meets Neils (Leslie Jordan) who believes that Tank has the right look to start entering dog shows. Neils knows what he is talking about because he has been showing dogs for over thirty years. When Joan gives John an update on when Tank will be seen, John is more interested in continuing his talk with Neils. When Dr. Nopunn (Michael Lanahan) arrives, he tells them that he will have to make a small incision to remove the ring. Now that John knows that Tank has a future in dog shows, he is worried about the procedure. The vet tells him that if he does the surgery Tank will not be winning any awards because she will have a scar. After hearing that, John wants to know more options. The vet tells him that they could wait for Tank to pass the ring through her system, but warns the surgery gets more complicated if the ring moves to Tank’s colon. Joan wants to talk with John privately, but is having difficulty as he drives around the parking lot at 50 mph hoping that he can make Tank sick so she will pass the ring. He wants to avoid surgery at all costs. Joan does not understand John’s obsession with dog shows and John explains that he has lost his purpose since he retired. He wants something to be excited about. After he dismisses her attempts of assuring him that they will find something they can do together, he stops the car as he remembers that he, not Tank, gets sick from speedy car rides. When they go back inside the hospital, John decides to go ahead with the surgery. After having a change of heart, Joan tells John that she supports his dog show dreams and she stops the vet from performing the surgery. At the same time, Tank has pooped out the ring so no surgery needed.


Story Four: For Better or For Worse


While Matt is lamenting missing their rehearsal dinner in Mexico, Colleen is trying to be positive. They missed all their flights so now they are stuck in a hotel. The next day, Colleen tells Matt that the airline is overbooked so they will not be traveling to Mexico. Colleen’s parents got back together and are causing problems at the resort. No one in Matt’s family even made it to Mexico. Matt is still shocked that Colleen has managed to be positive after all this bad news. However, Colleen’s wall of sunshine has cracked and in a moment of rage, she throws her wedding dress out the window into the pool. She says, “We’re not getting married Matt. Look at the signs. They are all around us. The universe doesn’t want us to get married.” Matt pleads with her to keep being positive but she gives up. Matt is alone at the table and the musician Buddy Daiquiri (Richard Marx) can see that he is upset. Buddy is wondering why Matt and Colleen are not in Mexico. Matt tells him that the universe wants them here and not in Mexico. Buddy reminds him that he can still be married here. Back in their room, Colleen sees a note from Matt that says, “Waiting in lobby.” As she follows a trail of sugar packets, Colleen is shocked to find all the members of Matt’s family dressed for their wedding. Matt looks dapper at the alter in his tux.  As “Right Here Waiting” plays in the background, Colleen is overwhelmed as Matt walks towards her and says, “Nothing is gonna stop me from marrying the love of my life.” He had the hotel staff get her dress out of the pool, but Colleen does not want to risk it so she decides to get married in her sweats. As Matt is saying his vows to Colleen, he is interrupted by Greg who is officiating the wedding, which annoys Matt. When Colleen says her vows, she makes sure to tell Greg she is finished so he will not interrupt her. When Greg announces they are “man and wife” he hugs Matt and interrupts their kiss, but Matt reminds him that he has a wife to kiss as the whole family cheers. As they walk hand in hand, as husband and wife, the family throws sugar packets at them. Later, Colleen and Matt are celebrating with champagne while standing outside the balcony. As Matt leans in to kiss Colleen, the rail breaks and she falls into the pool.

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