Lucifer – All About Her

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By: Paige Zinaman


Pierce (Tom Welling) is keeping tissue after tissue on the wound that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) inflected as Lucifer now pours him a drink telling him that it’s the least he could do. Lucifer tells him that they have so much to catch up on and asks if he prefers “Cain” or “Mr. Cain” to which he tells Lucifer to just stick with Pierce. Lucifer asks him why he is playing so many games to which Pierce replies that there were no games and that he’s the one that had him kidnapped and tied up. Lucifer brings up that everything else was just the Sinnerman then. Pierce tells him that the Sinnerman was his right-hand man and that he went rogue and that is why he had to take him out. Pierce tells Lucifer that he’s still human and can still feel pain, but the wounds heal and that it’s a sick sense of humor God has. Lucifer tells him that it’s why he’s surprised he’s working with him and tells Pierce he doesn’t have to lie about it. Lucifer tells him that he knows he is the one who gave him back his wings and that he’s the one who took his devil face and asks what God offered him in return.

The next morning Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) throws a knife at the wall as Chloe (Lauren German) walks in. Maze goes to the door and pulls the knife from it and tells her she is testing a new blade to make sure that it is kill ready. Chloe tells Maze that she just can’t throw knives at Trixie’s (Scarlett Estevez) door because it’s dangerous and they have to pay to have it fixed. Maze tells her not to worry about it because Trixie is working on it now another picture. Chloe realizes how Maze is covering up all the knife marks on the walls. This makes Chloe extremely upset and tells Maze that she lives in a house with people and asks if it’s too much to ask for a little consideration. Maze gets excited because she knows that the reason Chloe is upset with her is because she’s really upset about something else and is taking it out on her. Chloe apologizes and tells her that she’s still really upset over what happened with Lucifer. She says that Lucifer hasn’t even apologized so Maze starts to laugh as she is not shocked that this is Lucifer’s reaction. She tells Chloe that she gets that she is upset, but she needs to understand she’s never going to change Lucifer because he is who he is.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is taking statements from homeowners as Ella (Aimee Garcia) photographs the body of a dead surfer. Chloe arrives as Dan jogs over and lets her know what they know about the victim. They go talk to Ella who is acting very strange and hardly talking to anyone. Before Dan goes to leave Chloe tells him to try to keep this quiet and away from the press as long as they can. Lucifer comes down to the beach telling Chloe that he assumed she got caught up with Trixie and forgot to call him. It’s at this moment that Chloe informs him that she intentionally didn’t call him which throws him off for a minute before telling her that whatever reason that may be they will talk about in a minute because he has something important to share. He tells her that he needs her help to investigate someone, which angers Chloe even more.

Lucifer goes to Linda (Rachael Harris) as he informs her that Cain is alive and walking about Los Angeles. Linda asks if he’s dangerous to which Lucifer responds with, “Well, we are talking about the world’s first murderer.” He explains to her that if anyone can find out what he’s up to it’s Chloe and he doesn’t understand why she won’t help him. Linda reminds him that he broke her trust and kidnapped a man while working on a case with her. She tells him that it could help if he saw things from Chloe’s perspective because friendship is a two-way street. Lucifer tells her that right now his is clearly the more important lane so Linda rephrases her statement by telling Lucifer that if he thought about how his actions affected Chloe then she might be more receptive to Lucifer’s feelings. Lucifer then tells Linda that what she’s saying is he needs to make it all about Chloe for a change, which Linda tells him that is exactly what she meant only for him to say that then she can make it all about him afterwards.

At the police station, a video of the victim arguing with another surfer named “Dangerous Doug” Libby (Donny Boaz). Chloe looks to Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) who tells her that she has nothing on him and that no one is going to give her a warrant to bring him in. Chloe tells her that he’s supposed to be at a surf tournament and asks Ella if she got Doug to turn in his surf leash if she could match it to the marking around the victim’s neck to which Ella tells her yes. Charlotte looks back to Ella telling her that she’s not being her overly excessive cheery self and asks her what’s wrong. Ella tells her that Pierce yelled at her yesterday that she talked too much so she’s trying to talk less. Charlotte tells Ella, “If I fell apart every time a man told me he didn’t like what I was doing I’d be in a million pieces right now. But instead I rose through, pushed through the ranks, built my own firm and here I am.” Chloe goes to Pierce’s office and notices that he’s packing up his office. She asks him where he’s going when he tells her that he put in for a transfer and that he only has a few days there until he’s gone. Chloe asks if the reason he’s leaving is because of the Sinnerman to which he tells her his reason for leaving is a lot of things and he thought coming to LA would help him, but nothing changes.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is at the doctor’s office telling him he’s never had a human illness before, but now he has a sore throat and itchy eyes with a fever asking if it’s a cold or the flu. The doctor listens until he tells Amenadiel that he has Chlamydia which is an STD. Amenadiel tells him that he can’t have Chlamydia because he’s an angel. The doctor tells him to he needs to call everyone he’s slept with recently to get checked out. Meanwhile, Chloe goes to the beach for the surf tournament while also running into Lucifer. She asks him what he’s doing there which he explains he’s naming today Detective Day – a day all about her. She tells him that she’s too busy working a case. He stops her and tells her that he knows she has to get close to Doug but has no way of doing it without blowing her cover so he signed her up for the competition and holds up a bathing suit to which she turns down and heads to talk to Doug. They talk about his surf board as she asks if he hurt himself as she points out the blood on the surf board. Doug starts questioning who she is when the announcer calls for Chloe’s name and shows her picture. Doug makes a break for it not getting far as Lucifer grabs ahold of his surf board. Doug tells him to let go, but when he does it causes the board to fly back in Doug’s face successfully knocking him out.

Chloe tells him that she knows what he’s doing and that he’s only helping her so she will in return help him. He tells him that it is worse than not helping her at all. Dan goes into the interrogation room with Chloe when Doug asks if he’s dead and that they don’t understand as he came out of nowhere. Dan tells Doug that he understands and tells him to calm down and take them through everything. Doug thinks that they arrested him because he killed a seal and when they show him a picture of Manny (Justin Johnson Cortez) he is shocked to find out he’s dead. Charlotte bumps into Pierce at the coffee maker and asks if he wants cream and sugar or if he takes it “dark and bitter like your soul.” Pierce is caught off guard as she asks him if he enjoys beating up on his subordinates asking if that’s why he became a lieutenant. Pierce stops and thinks as he asks Charlotte if they’ve met before. Charlotte introduces herself as his new prosecutor while also telling him that he’s the type of guy who makes her miss her old self while also saying if she wasn’t on the road to virtue and righteousness she would crush him like a cockroach. Pierce tells Charlotte that he believes her, but he doesn’t know what the whole thing is about and that he’s sorry if he’s offended her somehow. Lucifer waits for Chloe and Dan to come out of the room as Chloe walks right past him. He asks Dan for advice on what to do. Dan tells her that he needs to find a way to be thoughtful without being in Chloe’s face.

Maze is talking to Linda about the knife that she has that is the deadliest hunting knife and tells Linda that she wants her to get what she deserves and tells Linda that it’s a gift for being such a great friend. Linda tells Maze she needs to tell her something, but the ringing of Maze’s phone tells her Amenadiel is calling. She answers and keeps it short and simple. When Linda asks if everything is okay Maze tells her that he’s just whining about have Chlamydia causing Linda to spew her wine across the counter top and Maze’s face. Maze wipes her eye as she tells Linda she dodged that bullet. Chloe goes to Dan and tells him that forensics came back and that she can’t believe she’s saying it but the blood on the board is seal blood. Dan tells her he was researching himself and found out that there’s a surf gang who is running around and that their tag has been spotted all over the place. Chloe tells him that their graffiti doesn’t mean they’ve committed murder. Dan tells her that they need to force one of the Orca’s to talk but they don’t know how because the surfers are like a tribe. Chloe tells him she has an idea; she and Pierce end up inside a van keeping watch on the beach as Dan goes undercover as a surfer.

Chloe tells Dan that Wild Child (Sonya Balmores) just arrived and will be coming for him any minute. Pierce asks if she’s sure Dan is up for this task, which Chloe tells him all he’s got to do is get the Orcas all riled up and that he knows the safe word. Lucifer who is at the station, ends up straightening up Chloe’s desk while she’s gone. He goes to see Ella for ideas on how to be helpful to Chloe. Ella tries to be tough and ends up deflating telling Lucifer she is trying to stand up for herself against Pierce, but she’s running out of time and tells him he’s transferring. At the beach, Dan is surfing and ticking Wild Child off in the process. As Chloe and Pierce watch they talk about him leaving as Lucifer opens the door surprising Chloe. He says he’s not letting Pierce leave town without finishing their conversation. Pierce asks Chloe to give them a minute so that he and Lucifer can talk. Lucifer tells him he wants answers. Pierce tells Lucifer to use his abilities on him and when he does he confesses to Lucifer that he wants to die. That it had nothing to do with Lucifer and everything to do with Chloe causing more questions for Lucifer. Pierce admits that he’s walked this Earth forever and that he’s been searching for a way out and that when he finds out a detective made the devil bleed. He had hopes she could do the same thing for him. He admits everything to Lucifer including the shooter at the ranch making Lucifer even more angry at Pierce for putting Chloe in danger.

Dan is approached by the Orcas as Wild Child decks him in the face. When Dan uses the safe word and no one comes, Wild Child is handed a surf leash and he brings up Manny. Chloe opens the doors to the van telling Pierce and Lucifer something is wrong with Dan as they notice the Orcas and Dan going back out to the water and they run to the beach. They see the Orcas and Dan do a paddle out ceremony. When they get back to the station, Dan tells Chloe and Lucifer that he believes the Orcas because they didn’t know he was a cop and their motives vanished. Chloe arrives at her desk and goes off on Lucifer again when she sees his filing system. She tells Lucifer he can stop because she is never going to help on his investigation. He tells her he doesn’t need her help anymore so she breaks and asks why he’s still here. He tells her that the case matters to her and therefore it matters to him and that they’re partners. Lucifer manages to help Chloe by looking at one of his folders for graffiti. She tells him California has no private beaches and only one person has been cited for it. They go and set out on the beach when Justine (Kate Beahan) comes storming down yelling at them for being there. As she’s talking to them the police are searching her house and find the surf leash used to kill Manny.

Linda and Amenadiel talk about how they can’t keep their relationship. Amenadiel thinks it’s because of his STD, but Linda tells him it’s not because of that and as they go back and forth over who could have given who the STD. Amenadiel’s phone vibrates as his doctor lets him know it was a false positive on the STD. They kiss as Maze watches from the outside. She is upset and stabs her knife into the table. Pierce goes to leave for the night as he apologizes to Ella for how he acted. She hugs him after he explains he was in a bad place. He leaves for the parking lot where Lucifer tells him that he’s never made a deal with the devil and that if he stays Lucifer will find a way for him to die.

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