Lucifer – City of Angels

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By: Paige Zinaman



“Oh, take me back to the start” are lyrics to the song “The Scientist” by Coldplay, which fits the theme of this episode of “Lucifer.” Here, everything is a throwback to the very beginning. Starting in 2011 A.D. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is walking down the streets of Los Angeles in his white suit with all the swagger of a confident devil only stopping to spread his wings in front of a homeless man. A jogger stops and tells him her grandfather had a suit like that and then proceeds to ask if he was in town for business or pleasure. Lucifer states he’s there for all pleasure and she tells him he came to the right place and takes him to a penthouse where he drinks with ladies until Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) appears and freezes time causing Lucifer to be upset. Amenadiel starts covering up the women as he tells Lucifer that he’s there to take him back to Hell. Lucifer tells him that he will let Amenadiel take him back, which causes the brothers to debate who’s the strongest of God’s children. Amenadiel warns Lucifer that it is dangerous for the humans to be around the Divine and that he can either deal with him or he can deal with God. Amenadiel gives Lucifer ten minutes to say goodbye and waits outside. A jogger runs by him and insults his robe before turning the corner. Amenadiel hears gun shots as a masked man runs around the corner the jogger went to and shoots Amenadiel and grabs what he can and runs off.

Amenadiel comes running back into Lucifer’s room while stripping out of his robe and into normal clothing. He tells Lucifer to wait there for him to come back and leaves. Amenadiel is decked out in swim trunks and baseball cap goes to the police station where he meets Chloe (Lauren German), who at this time is not a detective. He tells her that he needs her help to find something that was stolen from him. Lightly amused at Amenadiel, Chloe reaches for a clipboard and starts to jot down the items that were stolen. He hands Chloe a “drawing” of the suspect that looks like a pumpkin. Chloe is starting to believe that this is nothing more than a joke and dismisses the report telling Amenadiel that it’s illegal to file a false report. They are interrupted by Chloe’s phone ringing as Dan (Kevin Alejandro) calls to inform her that he will not be making date night and that he will be home late. Amenadiel goes back to Lucifer telling him that a human shot him and stole his necklace and that going to the police failed. He asks Lucifer for his help because he’s spent more time with humanity so he knows them. Lucifer agrees to help him only if he agrees to follow him. Meanwhile, Chloe goes to the scene where Amenadiel told her he was shot and finds a bloody dog tag. She runs into Dan who kisses her, only to be reminded they can’t do that at work. She gives him the bloody tag. Lucifer and Amenadiel go to a little piano bar where he tells Amenadiel to get them a drink and he goes to play the piano while Amenadiel comes over telling him that stalling isn’t the answer. Lucifer tells him that he’s never going to find the necklace. Amenadiel notices the news and discovers the man who ran by him was an MMA fighter and was found shot and killed. Lucifer tells him that he can help him, but he’s going to need extra time on Earth.

Lucifer and Amenadiel arrive at a house where they are filming a porn movie when Amenadiel asks why they are there. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that in the photo they used on the news the victim was standing next to a woman named Misty Canyons (Taylor Black). Lucifer walks over to meet Misty and Amenadiel gets pulled to another part of the house where they were filming. Amenadiel is dressed and put into place where they are ready to film a scene. Amenadiel drops the fact that Aiden Scott (Stephen Adekolu) was killed. They talk to Misty about what Aiden was up to prior to the time he was killed where she tells him everything she knows. Meanwhile, Chloe goes to the gym where Aiden did his MMA training and talks to Gil (Chris Mulkey) about Aiden. It’s the place Gil tells her he would go.

It turns out the place Gil led Chloe to is the same place as Lucifer and Amenadiel. As she makes a call out that she’s part of the LAPD, Amenadiel and Lucifer get a drink. They also get pointed to Tio (John Charles Meyer) who thinks Lucifer wants him to book Amenadiel only to turn them down before watching Amenadiel knock out the heavy weight champion. So, Tio must therefore book Amenadiel. Lucifer and Amenadiel train and discuss the plan Lucifer has. Lucifer then explains that Amenadiel raised too many eyebrows at the one punch out and tells him he needs to train as a human and learn to control his strength to be more normal. Tio tells Lucifer that Amenadiel looks good to which Lucifer tells him he hopes so because he’s all about the cash. This causes Tio to offer up a proposition to Lucifer. Chloe brings back one of Tio’s thugs and talks to Dan about him about what she found out while she was working the scene. Dan shoots down what Chloe wants to do next by telling her she doesn’t have proof to talk to anyone.

Amenadiel arrives back to Lucifer’s hotel and tells him that the guy denies knowing anything, but he doesn’t believe him and needs Lucifer to go torture him. Lucifer tells him to hold on and that just because he’s the “King of Hell” doesn’t mean he does the torturing. He then tells Amenadiel that he knew something like this would happen so when Amenadiel was gone he went back down and brought back the best – nodding to Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Maze goes to Tio who is strapped down on the bed. She taunts him with all the devices she uses to torture people. Instead of torturing him, Maze uses sexual methods to get answers. She then explains to Lucifer and Amenadiel that when she did he wouldn’t shut up. Maze relays what Tio said to her about how he would communicate through anonymous messenger. Amenadiel and Lucifer make a plan and asks Maze to get Tio to agree to the deal.

Chloe goes to talk to Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) about Tio telling her that she’s there to offer her help. Charlotte asks Chloe what made her think she needed help with her client when Chloe explains they know he’s implicated in the murder of Aiden Scott. Charlotte tells Chloe that what she just brought to her wasn’t proof of anything and to intimidate her. Chloe the goes back to what Charlotte said about two of the families she represents and brings up the fact they are at war with each other. She goes on to ask how they would feel to find out their lawyer was representing both families at once. This gets Charlotte to smile and offer Chloe a seat so they could talk. Lucifer and Amenadiel walk out of the cleaning room discussing how Amenadiel was so happy to lose his first fight. As they talk Amenadiel thanks Lucifer for his help in getting back his necklace. Amenadiel makes the comment about Lucifer being evil and states, “Come on Luci, you are the Devil after all.” Lucifer, who is angry at Amenadiel, takes to the ring to fight his brother. Lucifer and Amenadiel fight. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he will tell everyone in Heaven and Hell how he beat his big brother causing Amenadiel to fight back. Lucifer tells him that he is just like him and that pride is his sin, too. The two continue to throw punches until Amenadiel stops and tells Lucifer he won’t stoop down to his level because he is better than Lucifer. As he turns to walk away, Lucifer grabs him in a choke hold only to win because Amenadiel gives up.

Chloe and Dan are going about what she planned with help from Charlotte and Tio. Dan tells her that no one is going to show. Chloe tells Dan that Tio swore to Charlotte that he had nothing to do with murder and that he will help them find the killer. They are waiting for Tio to drop off the money so that they can arrest whoever picks it up. Dan tells her that going to see Charlotte was a big gamble and that he’s afraid it’s going to set her back in making detective. Lucifer and Amenadiel watch as Tio makes the drop and see Gil take the money. Chloe tells Dan that she’ll take Gil and tells him to take Tio. Unfortunately, before Chloe can get to Gil he vanishes. Lucifer and Amenadiel bring Gil back to the room and start questioning him about the necklace making Gil open up about how he shot Aiden to make it look like a robbery, apologizing to Amenadiel and tells them where the necklace is. Lucifer uses his Devil face and they drop Gil back at the beach as he runs up to Dan and Chloe confessing he killed Aiden. Lucifer and Amenadiel go back to the bar as he tells Amenadiel that he is no longer playing a part in God’s play and becoming a rebel.

The favor they made before is something Lucifer cashes in on – telling him he wants to be left in LA. Amenadiel tells him that God will be furious and that he will feel the wrath to which Lucifer tells him God knows where to find him. Lucifer goes to the beach with Maze and spreads his wings out, allowing Maze access to cut them off much to the pain of both of them. Afterwards, Lucifer smiles up into the sky.

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