Lucifer – Deceptive Little Parasite

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By: Paige Zinaman

In an attempt to go back home, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) tells Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) that the key to getting to Heaven is Azrael’s blade that only Lucifer himself can ignite in flames. Amenadiel, ever the cautious one, asks Charlotte if she’s certain that it is the blade. Lucifer tells Charlotte he just wanted her to tell Amenadiel what she told him before he made a mess proceeding to punch a hole in his wall and pulling out the blade. Lucifer tells them he wanted the sword somewhere that he could keep an eye on it and not cause another stabbing fest. Charlotte tells them that it’s not her fault that “Humans can’t handle the divine.”  She then tells Lucifer if it weren’t for her he wouldn’t know what the blade really was. Lucifer tells them that it’s so small and not flamey and Charlotte explains Lucifer that only he can light it and to, “Think about your father. That should do it.” When Lucifer tries to light the sword nothing happens, which causes Charlotte to get upset when Amenadiel suggests he try to light it. Charlotte says only Lucifer can so Amenadiel punches Lucifer in the face stating it was worth a shot. Lucifer tells Amenadiel to hold it so he can kick in a certain area that causes Charlotte to intervene and separate the two and take the blade away.

Lucifer goes to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) who is recounting what Lucifer had just told her of the plans that he, Amenadiel and Charlotte have for the blade when she asks him about Heaven and guys in white robes. Lucifer makes the joke that his father is also Morgan Freeman that earns him an eye roll from Linda. Linda breaks the news that emotions can’t be controlled causing Lucifer ask about her entire job being based on how to control emotions. Linda explains that she can help him understand his emotions to understand what he’s feeling or trying to avoid feeling; this causes a pause between the two as Linda tells him that she thinks he got married to hide something or to hide from something.

Chloe (Lauren German) is staring out the kitchen window zoned out when Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) walks in asking where breakfast was. Chloe tells Maze that she forgot and apologizes. This is not sitting well with Maze how is in shock that Chloe forgot something. She asks Chloe is she’s okay causing Chloe to ask what happened to her roommate because she doesn’t care about feelings. Maze tells her that she was thinking brain tumor when Chloe tells her that she still can’t get her head around Lucifer getting married just when they were starting to get together. As Chloe is talking to Maze, she ends up sticking headphones in and just nodding along as Chloe expresses how she’s worried about Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) and asks if she’s noticed anything it was then that Chloe caught on and pulled the headphones out. Maze apologizes and tells Chloe that can’t deal with human emotions on an empty stomach because it makes her nauseous.

Chloe meets Lucifer outside the crime scene when Lucifer cracks a divorce joke that Chloe didn’t like and he tells her that they will be back to how they use to be in no time. When they get inside they are met with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia). Dan tells them that victim was Debbie Lang (Johanna Olson) who is the head of administrations at a very prestigious elementary school. Ella tells them that Debbie was stabbed in the back, which causes Dan to say figuratively as well because there was no sign of a break in indicating she knew who the killer was. Ella tells them that they would think a fat knife. Lucifer starts projecting his person feelings on the case causing Ella to admit that she got into it with her shrink a few weeks back. Lucifer asks her about it and she tells him that, “You wouldn’t think so because I’m so upbeat all the time but up here a lot of darkness.” Chloe draws their attention to a plaque that showed missing commemorative scissors which Ella said they found their murder weapon.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Starford Elementary School and meet up with the Headmaster (Geoffery Owens) who tells them Debbie was the heart and soul of the Starford Elementary. When Lucifer says that the school is weird, the headmaster said that it’s unique and that they focus on emotional self-control and that their children learn to manage their emotions one step at a time leading Lucifer to get very excited. The Headmaster tells Chloe that the faculty uses the same resolutions that the children do to lessen the chances of conflict. Chloe asks about any troubles with parents, which is quickly dismissed by the Headmaster saying that nothing like that would every happen at Starford.  Chloe manages to get the Headmaster to slip up and admit that Debbie got into it verbally with the parents of a child who got denied admission into Starford. The Headmaster brings in the dads. Craig, one of the fathers, stated that he would “kill you,” but that he was upset because she rejected their son. His other father Johnny (Marco Soriano) told Chloe that they made the contribution Starford wanted, but was still rejected. They felt robbed and when they tried to bring it up to Debbie she said the school never received the money, but the check had cleared their account. Dan comes in handing Chloe a folder when the father says that his husband’s temper may suggest something different, but they are handling this the civilized way and using their lawyer. He says they could never kill anyone, which leads Chloe to ask why the murder weapon was found in their pool house.

At LUX, Lucifer sits at the bar reading a book about emotions when a lady comes up to the bar followed by two other ladies saying he was under arrest. Lucifer realizes what’s happening and tells them that he can’t enjoy it when it has his mom’s hands on it. Lucifer tells Charlotte that it is only a matter of time before he gets a handle on the emotions. Charlotte says that she wants to see her kids, which gives Lucifer the idea that he needs to have a child. Lucifer shows up to Chloe’s apartment scaring her when she gets things ready and goes over the case. She goes in to Trixie who is still in her PJs. Lucifer offers to take her to school only for them to show up to Starford and pretend that he is Trixie’s father. As Lucifer, Trixie and Mr. Taylor (Ryan Bittle) tour the school Lucifer asks questions about when the child starts learning to control their emotions which confuses Mr. Taylor. Lucifer tells Mr. Taylor to lead them to the class where they focus on the emotions. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan talk to the Headmaster who admits he pocketed the money to fit in. Debbie found out and said Debbie assumed the parents didn’t write the check. They called her a liar and said that Johnny and Craig killed her. Mr. Taylor comes into the Headmaster’s office asking if everything is okay only to be introduced to Chloe, which he recognizes and says that Trixie is a wonderful kid. Chloe asks how he knows her daughter and he tells her that Trixie’s father brought her in.

Chloe goes to check on Trixie where she finds Trixie and Lucifer in a circle group talking about how bad feelings can be turned into good actions. Madison (Alison Becker) asks if anyone wants to try Lucifer raises his hand, but Madison asks for the kids to share. Lucifer raises Trixie’s hand. Chloe walks in right as Trixie starts talking about what happened to Chloe and how she feels sad and how her job is scary while also admitting that she doesn’t want Chloe to worry about her problems when she worries about everyone else’s problems so she pretends she is okay. Lucifer asks how Trixie can channel all that angst to which Madison says Trixie can put her feelings into something productive like writing a poem. When Lucifer looks over to a little boy drawing the little boy named Ethan (Christian Convery) tells Lucifer that it’s a picture of his mommy stabbing Debbie. Chloe gives Dan the contact info for Ethan’s mom Joy (Emily Holmes) as he tells her he will look into it. Chloe and Trixie talk about how she can talk to Chloe no matter what and tells Chloe she wants to ride with Lucifer but stops Lucifer from letting Trixie drive. When Lucifer arrives back to his parking garage someone is there to mug him. Lucifer tells the person to bring it on so the mugger punches Lucifer.

When the Lucifer gets up he realizes the mugger was Charlotte who was trying to get certain emotions stirred up. Lucifer tells her that if she wanted to make him mad she should have thrown him into the Corvette. When she goes to do it he tells her not to. She tells him they need to get home now. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Dan Trixie was considered to be accepted into Starford and that she’s considering it. They go to talk to Joy who says that Ethan was listening to her and never listens to her. Joy tells them that she was with Mr. Taylor only on Tuesday nights when they would hook up. She explains that a lot of people didn’t like the “Wicked Witch of the Westside.” Maze walks in on Chloe getting ready for the gathering at Starford when Maze says that the school would be great for Trixie. Maze meets Chloe at the checkin at the school gathering where she pretends to be Trixie’s other mom.

Maze and Chloe start analyzing and look around when Maze tells her that everyone is waiting to tear each other apart. They agree to give them something to talk about. Lucifer comes up to his apartment to find Amenadiel messing with the blade while he tells Lucifer that Charlotte is focusing all her time on him instead of being around him like she had been. Amenadiel tells Lucifer to stop fighting them and get the sword to work because he’s the only one who can do it. Maze tells another parent that Chloe is close to making arrest because she found evidence as they watch everyone start talking. Lucifer discovers Madison about to break Chloe’s car window when he asks if she needs something and unlocks Chloe’s car. Chloe shows up to find Madison grabbing Chloe’s gun that was in the car. Madison tells them that everything was Mr. Taylor’s fault and that her son Ranger (Luke Kilvert) was really his son. She explains that her husband would have left her if he found out when Debbie found out.

Lucifer goes to Dr. Linda telling her she was right. She asks if he’s ready to be more forthcoming and tells Linda what his plan is and how he hopes God and Charlotte tear each other apart for using him the way that they have. When he admits that he doesn’t want to feel the pain Linda tells him that’s what he’s been suppressing and that is what he needs to embrace it and to go through it and overcome it. Lucifer meets with Amenadiel and Charlotte and channels the anger causing the flame to ignite as he tries to not cry. When the flame goes out Charlotte gets upset when Amenadiel causes her to back off saying they have time. She agrees with Amenadiel and leaves, but once in the elevator she pulls off the Band-Aid to reveal light coming through her skin.

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