Lucifer – My Brother’s Keeper

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By: Paige Zinaman



Diamonds and dirty business deals galore. The episode starts out with Jay Lopez (Rey Valentin) coming to collect diamonds from a man who pulls a gun out when Jay’s phone starts ringing and shows the LAPD. Jay explains that his sister works for the LAPD forensics. When Jay doesn’t answer, Ella (Aimee Garcia) leaves a message telling him that she’s his sister and she’s not supposed to leave a message. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) comes walking into Pierce’s (Tom Welling) office and tells him to take off his shirt. He tells Pierce that in the quest to kill Pierce he’s done research and he thinks the answer lies in the mark that God placed on him.  Pierce tells him that he’s already tried to figure out what it means and that he’s looked through every book and he’s analyzed every language and he has turned up with nothing. When Pierce tells Lucifer that maybe it’s not in his wheel house to figure it out, Lucifer tells him that he’s right and that Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is the brainy one and that he’ll ask him.

Ella knocks on a door to reveal Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) welding Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) blades. Ella plays along and begs for Trixie to not hurt her. Trixie notices she and Ella are wearing the same shirt and they high five. Maze yells to them that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but he hates it as she attacks a dummy. Maze tells her that Chloe (Lauren German) isn’t home to which Ella tells her that she’s there to see her. Ella tells Maze about how she can’t find her brother and that she has a bad feeling and that she’s willing to pay for her help. Meanwhile, Lucifer asks for Amenadiel’s help with killing Pierce as Amenadiel tells him he won’t help him. He tells Lucifer that God cursed Cain because he killed his own brother. Lucifer tells him that it’s important to him and that he wants him to look at the mark. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that if God wanted him to understand Cain’s mark he would have made it easy for him. Maze and Ella end up at the room where Jay and the diamond dealer were as Maze tells her that Jay’s job is to authenticate diamonds and that it makes since that Jay was there. They go inside the room and find the body of the diamond dealer as Maze points out that her brother isn’t dead, but he might be the killer.

Ella is dusting for prints as Maze sits at the desk with her feet propped up upset because Ella called Chloe and Lucifer. Chloe tells Maze to stop telling people to not call the cops as Ella adds if Jay was there he’s innocent and he may have seen who did it. She realizes that he may be in danger as Chloe asks if this is the brother that steals cars, Ella explains that Jay is the good one and the one that they all looked up too. Ella keeps telling them that they don’t know that Jay was there when Maze who is going through a wallet says that he was there. Ella tells her that she knows she has her sources that’s when Maze cuts her off saying she found his wallet. Chloe tells Ella that they will look for the possible left-handed shooter and that for the time being it maybe better for Ella to take a step back from the investigation. Ella tells her that she understands, but she and Maze are going to find Jay and that she will call them if she finds anything.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is talking to Linda (Rachael Harris) about everything she’s been through lately and how she hopes Linda can help her after Lucifer told her Linda worked wonders with him. Linda, who still has some fear from when Charlotte was the Goddess of all Creation, tells Charlotte that she can not help her and that she needs to leave. Before Charlotte walks out the door she turns around and asks Linda if she beyond help. When Lucifer gets back to the station, he goes to see Pierce and tells him that Amenadiel won’t help. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) tells Chloe and Lucifer about who the victim was as Lucifer asks if he will help them track down Ella’s lying brother. Chloe gets everyone back on track and makes a game plan to go to the jewelry store where the victim worked. She and Lucifer go inside as Chloe suddenly starts a game plan and tells the clerk they are there to get a ring. Chloe looks at the rings and starts dissing the rings as the clerk goes to get more rings for her to look at. Chloe tells Lucifer about the camera as the clerk comes back and they make scene resulting in the owner Tiffany James (Jackie Geary) comes over telling the clerk there’s no need to get the cops involved for the diamond that was stolen and that if they come with her she will help them find the perfect ring. Tiffany leads them back to her office and proceeds to ask them what exactly they are looking for. Chloe tells her she was waiting for a clerk to make a run for it or a security guard to start sweating but for the owner of the store to intervene, Chloe asks Tiffany why she would rob her own store. Lucifer gets off track resulting in Chloe asking for a moment and telling Lucifer she knows he has something going on with Amenadiel telling him he has to put it aside and focus on the case. Lucifer uses his mojo on Tiffany to speed things along when she reveals her greatest desire is to punch every millennial in the face. She tells Chloe that no one was supposed to get hurt and that they just wanted to get the insurance money.

Maze and Ella go inside a hotel where they show a picture of Jay to the desk manager who refuses to answer their questions until Maze reaches through the bar and slams his face into it. He hands Ella the reservation book as she quickly turns away and starts flipping through it. She gets excited when she doesn’t see a Jay Lopez listened until she sees the name Michael Knight pointing out to Maze that it’s a character from Jay’s favorite show. Lucifer comes to Linda telling her he got her text and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that Charlotte came to see her as a client. Lucifer is happy saying it’s good that she took his advice. Linda asks why he would send her to him to which he simply responds, “You’re the best.” Linda tells him she tried to kill her and that when Charlotte stepped into her office everything came back. Lucifer tells Linda that his mother is gone, and that Charlotte has done nothing to her, that she’s an innocent woman who needs help. He opens his flask and pours some inside her already alcohol filled glass. At the station, Dan introduces Chloe to Don Zeikel (Edward Kerr). Don tells Chloe that he is in her debt and it’s rare they catch insurance fraud making him miss being a cop. He tells Dan and Chloe that it’s hard especially if they got a cleaner, someone who can replace the microscopic serial numbers on the diamonds. When Don walks away, Chloe tells Dan that they need to find Ella’s brother. As Maze and Ella walk to the room Jay is in, Ella asks Maze if she has any siblings to which Maze responds with thousands. When they reach the room, Ella stops Maze from kicking in the door and instead picks the locks. When Maze steps inside she ducks as a man swings a baseball bat at her, she pins him to the wall and uses the bat against him holding it to his throat and making him face Ella who is suddenly face to face with Jay.

At LUX, Amenadiel is sitting at the bar when Pierce arrives and sits down next to him. Amenadiel tells him he knows who he is and what he wants but he can’t help him, Pierce tells him he just wants to chat then asks if he knows what it’s like to be an immortal human being. He tells Amenadiel that you have to watch everyone you ever love die repeatedly and that it’s boring. He tells Amenadiel he’s been everywhere there is to go and that nothing surprises him anymore. Pierce tells Amenadiel that he always wonders who God would give the task to and that maybe it would be his favorite son. This catches Amenadiel’s attention as he looks Pierce in the eyes. Amenadiel admits to marking Pierce and that he deserves it. Pierce pulls out a gun and tells him that it can hurt him now and then says that since he put the mark on him Amenadiel is going to help him get it off. Jay tells Ella that he didn’t hurt anyone, which Maze tells him swinging a bat at someone isn’t the way to prove that. Jay tells Ella that their victim is someone he’s worked with in the past and that he hired them to authenticate some diamonds. He tells them that if the diamonds were stolen he had no idea, he tells them that he was jumpy, so he went to the bathroom and heard arguing and when he came out Fahrid (Vaz Andreas) was dead and he ran. Ella takes off her shoe and starts whacking her brother with it as she yells at him in Spanish. She tells him that she works for the cops and that she could have helped him. Maze puts the baseball bat between them and tells them to be civilized as Ella puts back on her shoe. Jay tells them that he knows it looks bad, but he didn’t kill anyone, they are pulled from their conversation as Ella’s phone rings and Chloe asks if she’s had any luck finding Jay which she denies. When they hang up they knew she was lying and start thinking about where Ella would take Jay.

Pierce and Amenadiel talk when Pierce threatens an innocent person for him. Amenadiel tells him that he put the mark on him, but he doesn’t know how to remove it. Pierce points the gun to the roof and fires yelling for everyone to get out, once LUX is clear Amenadiel asks what happens next to which Pierce tells him that now he gets to kick his “Angelic ass” and punches Amenadiel in the stomach. This leads to an all-out epic biblical fight between Amenadiel and Pierce as they fight Amenadiel tells Pierce that it won’t end well for him. Amenadiel grabs the gun from the bar and fires it into Pierce’s stomach as he sits down and takes a drink, Pierce gets back up and they continue to fight. Ella and Maze take Jay back to the crime scene and tells him to walk her through it, Ella points the flaws out in Jay’s bathroom story as Maze finds the stash room. Chloe and Lucifer arrive and tells Ella what Don said about the diamonds. Jay admits it was a one-time thing before he pulls a gun on them resulting in a gun draw between him and Chloe until Ella steps in front of him and he runs. Maze who still can’t get Ella’s name right goes to leave when Ella stops her and asks for her help again. Maze helps Ella to slowly understand that Jay has been lying to her as she leaves, and Lucifer and Chloe come back to Ella breaking down. Jay holds a gun on Don who was the one who killed Fahrid, Don turns the gun on Jay telling him to clean the diamonds first before he kills him. Chloe makes Ella stay outside the while she and Lucifer go inside. Amenadiel and Pierce still fight as Amenadiel breaks a bottle and stabs Pierce with it, Amenadiel tosses him over the railing onto another rail that stabs Pierce.

Ella notices Don leading Jay and goes to him where Don turns the gun to her. Ella taunts Don and gets him to confess what happened between he and Fahrid, Jay tells Don that he’ll do whatever he wants if he leaves Ella alone. Don tells them that he can’t do that and goes to pull the trigger when a knife hits him straight in the chest as Ella turns to find Maze. Lucifer tells Chloe that the whole case started with a bag of stolen diamonds and asks where they were. Linda shows up at Charlotte’s office and tells her that she was holding her accountable for things she didn’t do and that no matter what happened it wasn’t her. Linda tells her that she has to treat her for the both of them and tells Charlotte she has to check one thing and stabs her with a safety pin and is relieved to see blood. Lucifer slow claps as Jay has the diamonds, he gives Lucifer a speech about having to take care of his family. Lucifer tells Jay he’s not going to tell Ella anything and neither is he and he won’t allow the faith in Ella to break. Jay gives the diamonds to Lucifer who tells him if he ever disappoints Ella again he is going to come for him. Lucifer arrives back at LUX to see it destroyed where Amenadiel tells Lucifer he’s the one who gave Pierce the mark and that he can’t remove it even if he wanted to. He warns Lucifer that working with Pierce is going to bring God’s wrath upon him. Lucifer tells Amenadiel if he continues to meddle he will be in his way to which Amenadiel tells him that he will be in his way and leaves.

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