Lucifer – Off The Record

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By: Paige Zinaman


Disoriented, Reese (Patrick Fabian) wakes up in the hospital asking if his wife had come to see him yet. The nurse (Fiona Vroom) tells him he’s had no visitors. A flash back ensues, Reese is out of the hospital and goes to his wife’s place to find Lucifer (Tom Ellis) coming out of there. He follows him back to LUX where Lucifer notices him looking at him and tells him that he won’t sleep with him and that he would be more than happy to hook him up. Reese tells him that his wife is sleeping with another man to which Lucifer gives him advice on what he could do to get back at the man sleeping with his wife. He notices Chloe (Lauren German) come in and tells him that he’d be happy to help, but he’s picked up a new hobby in working the LAPD as a consultant. Chloe comes over and takes the drink from Lucifer’s hand and tells him she needs her consultant to sober up and join her at a crime scene. Reese goes to his editor (Shelley Robertson) and tells her he’s working on a new story about a shady night club owner and how he’s a conman telling everyone he’s the devil and works with the LAPD. He goes on to tell his editor Lucifer is hiding something and the people deserve to know the truth and that there is no personal reason behind it.

Reese arrives at the LAPD and finds Lucifer telling him that after last night he pitched an article to his editor who agreed to let him do a piece on Lucifer. Reese goes around with his tape recorder asking different staff and officers about what they think of Lucifer. Everyone has all good things to say about him except for Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who is still upset that Lucifer steals his pudding cups and how he doesn’t like how his “wife” is always putting her life in danger so Lucifer could play cop. The news of Chloe being Dan’s wife peeks Reese’s interest when Dan clarifies that they are separated and tells Dan that off the record that separated is not a divorce and that there’s time. Chloe shows up and Reese tells her that he’s there to write an article on her and that they can do it the easy way or the hard way.  Chloe tells him that she prefers the hard way. At the scene, they find the victim surrounded by breast implants to which he starts juggling and telling Chloe that no surgeon in LA would use these implants because they are outdated. At the station, Chloe, Lucifer and Reese go over older cases from the same killer. Lucifer walks out and hands a cop some money, which Reese catches and asks Chloe what Lucifer gets out of working with her.

Lucifer goes to a warehouse where Reese is watching him while also on the phone leaving a message for his ex-wife. He watches Lucifer make an exchange before taking off when he’s suddenly thrown against some crates by Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who threatens him to stay away from Lucifer or he’ll regret it. Reese goes back to his offices where he tells a colleague to look up an address for him only to be told that his wife is in his office. He makes himself presentable and finds Linda (Rachael Harris) waiting for him, telling him they need to talk. Linda wants to know why people in his office are calling her his wife and that it’s been two years telling him to sign the divorce papers. Reese asks her if it’s because she’s seeing someone else. Linda tells him that they are over and to sign them when he tells her that he’s working on something requesting twenty-four hours and that he’ll sign the papers then. After Linda leaves, Reese goes to LUX where he waits for Lucifer to go downstairs to the club and then sneaks his way up to the penthouse where he finds a woman tied up to the bed. He starts to untie her when Lucifer shows back up. Veronica (Bree Condon), the woman tied up, tells Reese she’s into the role playing. Lucifer lets Reese go through his bag where he finds sex toys you can eat. Lucifer tells Reese to come with him because Chloe called about the case. Reese begins to zone out as Chloe calls for him when he tells her that she was right and admits to why he was originally writing the paper. He explains to her that she and Lucifer work well together. When Chloe is notified that the Lieutenant wants to see her she excuses herself, leaving Reese in the observation room when Lucifer goes into interrogation and does his thing into confessing. As Lucifer drops the suspect and faces the mirror, Reese is able to see Lucifer’s true face.

Reese comes barging into Linda’s office telling him that she needs to stop seeing Lucifer and tells her that he is the Devil. Linda tells him it’s none of his business who she “sleeps” with and defends Lucifer telling him that being with Lucifer has been the most liberating experience of her life. She once again tells Reese to sign the divorce papers, which he does and leaves Linda’s office. He goes straight to his office and starts making a board about Lucifer, digging up whatever he can while also drinking himself into a stupor. Suddenly, there’s a time jump to a year later and Reese is still bent on getting revenge on Lucifer when Chloe and Lucifer shows up asking about a case they were looking at when he worked with them and Reese tells Chloe to give the info to his assistant and he’ll get her what she needs. Lucifer asks if he still hasn’t got back at the guy who slept with his wife, telling him he’s late for his own therapy. Lucifer and Linda are in the middle of their session when Reese shows up and pushes Linda back and turns to Lucifer with a gun and shoots him. Lucifer stands back up and tells him that he just ruined a perfectly good Burberry suit. Reese tells Linda that he’s truly the Devil to which Lucifer tells him he’s lucky the detective wasn’t there otherwise they would be cleaning blood off Linda’s couch. Reese turns his attention back to Linda who tells him she knew he was the Devil when he tells Linda he saw Lucifer’s real face and if she sees it too she’ll understand. Linda tells Reese that she has seen it and it doesn’t change anything. She tells him that when she first realized who Lucifer really was it turned her world upside down telling Reese that Lucifer is a good man and her friend. Reese is clearly upset and leaves and goes back to his office. His editor turns up telling him that he needs to stop and that he has nothing to show for all his work and that the guy has won and if he doesn’t let it go his career is over. Reese gets upset and starts throwing papers and pictures all around his office before looking at the picture of Chloe in his hand and remembers what Lucifer said about Chloe being his weakness. Reese goes to Alvin (John Billingsley) who is “Truthdog21.” Alvin surrenders when he thinks Reese is a cop. Reese tells him that he’s a reporter and it’s his job to dig up the truth. Alvin tells him that he’s back on his meds and being good is hard but he’s trying. Reese tells him about Lucifer and how he won, drawing Alvin in by asking him to do something. Back at LUX, Chloe meets Reese with the redacted files she requested. As he watches Lucifer, he stalls Chloe by wanting to interview her which keeps her distracted long enough for Alvin to drug Lucifer’s drink. Lucifer reaches for the drink and talks to Alvin and introduces him to the ladies he was talking to. As Lucifer goes to take a drink, Alvin switches the drinks at the last second. The girl he was talking to grabs Lucifer’s drink and immediately collapses. Lucifer calls for help Chloe runs over and confirms that she is dead. Ella (Aimee Garcia) confirms that it’s the poison they are after, which angers Lucifer as he walks away. Chloe thinks it over and points at Reese telling him the killer was there for him because he knew Reese would be passing information along to her.

Reese grabs a knife and goes to the penthouse and holds him at knife point, telling him that he drove him to do things he never wanted to do. Lucifer asks him why humans always blame him for what they do telling Reese he doesn’t make them do anything. Lucifer tells Reese a story about how he takes no part in who goes to Hell and that it’s the humans who do, Lucifer tells him that the doors aren’t locked and that they could leave anytime telling him that he’s not to blame and that he didn’t kill anyone. Lucifer uses his mojo on Reese wanting to know what he truly desires which Reese admits he just wants Linda to love him and that Linda will always be his wife when Lucifer makes the connection that the man Reese was angry about was him. Reese goes to Linda and admits that he was a bad husband and apologizes for what he did saying she deserves better, Linda takes half the blame and tells him it’s good they are going their separate ways. Reese is confused as to why she can forgive the Devil but can’t forgive him, Reese gets upset and admits to what happened with Alvin and the girl at the bar. Linda goes to call the police when he pulls the phone from her causing her to fall and cut her head. He tells Linda to call Chloe and tell her he’ll be at his office and he will turn everything over to her, when he makes it back to his office to be met by Alvin who had poisoned his drink saying he deserves to be next and run when he hears the sirens not making it far as Chloe tackles him.

Lucifer notices Reese on the ground and discovers he was poisoned. Reese tells him that he set things right and maybe it would turn things around with Linda before he passes out. He wakes up in the hospital asking the nurse if his wife had been to visit, which she responds that he hasn’t had visitors. When he says that it may not be too late to turn things around the episodes ends showing Reese is in Hell behind one of the doors Lucifer spoke about.

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